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Everyone loses.

Nurses and midwives at John Hunter Hospital have introduced bans until safe staffing is addressed: when wards are short-staffed everyone suffers.

Can I just say that generally we manage and the patients usually don't suffer ... but we do! Not being flippant. We manage all the time and our patients always say how hard we work to make their experience a positive one. But we go home and fall in a heap and it's our families that bear the brunt ... I'm proud of the fact we manage. But it makes my blood boil that we have to!

Management don't care, nurses are burning out, patient safety at risk; are they prepared for a law suit? It's absurd and it's only going to get worse with an increase in population.

It's the staff picking up the slack that suffer.

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Title Annotation:SOCIAL MEDIA: your Say
Publication:The Lamp
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Date:Dec 1, 2017
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