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Everyone a Gwyner; Celebrity fitness trainer Tracy Anderson helped Ms Paltrow lose 14 inches in 10 days - now you can shape up too.

It's fast approaching awards season - but the cameras are firmly fixed on who will pick up the Oscar for the best body.

One celebrity famous for her fabulous shape is Gwyneth Paltrow. Three years ago, the mother-of-two drew admiring gasps when she appeared on the red carpet for the premiere of Iron Man in a tiny mini dress and sky-high heels.

The actress has maintained her shape while looking healthy - and it's all down to celebrity fitness trainer Tracy Anderson.

Tracy grew up in a small town in Indiana and claims her shape is not down to good genes - her mother was a dancer and ran a dance studio but she says her father was built like Danny DeVito.

Tracy moved to New York to train as a dancer but gained weight and couldn't make the grade.

After extreme dieting and a punishing exercise regime, she was left with no energy and left dance aged 22. She then married basketball player Eric Anderson and had a son, Sam, now 11. They are divorced but it was due to Eric getting treatment for injuries that she became obsessed with studying muscle structures.

She has spent a decade developing her Tracy Anderson Method, gaining fans from Jennifer Aniston to Shakira.

Now Tracy has devised a 30-Day Method - an intense, at-home boot camp. It's detailed in a book and a DVD is included showing 48 exercises along with two 10-minute dance cardio workouts.

She has also released a DVD called Total Cardio Workout. If followed, she promises great results. Paltrow lost 14 inches in the first 10 days.

There are three parts to her 30-day Method - muscle design work, cardio complement and an eating plan. She wants you to exercise for at least an hour a day and follow the eating plan as it's an intensive 30-day course.

If Tracy was training someone for a longer period, she would recommend a day off - Gwyneth works out six days a week.

Tracy says: "You can change your body shape. I just feel blessed I have so many ambassadors out there doing it, who understand what I have created, respect me as an expert and also follow me as a teacher.

"Everyone has a problem area - you do your best. It is just my job and what I do."



Component 1: Muscle Design Work The key to Tracy's work is the training and awakening of "accessory muscles", smaller muscle groups, which often lie dormant. Tracy says most forms of exercise work the major muscle groups like biceps, quads and hamstrings, making them bigger and adding bulk. Tracy's method awakens and develops the smaller muscles around the bigger ones, pulling them in and tightening them, ultimately creating a smaller body structure, a lean, long and feminine figure that is not bulky. The movements are tightly controlled with a lot of repetitions. She talks about "knitting", an analogy for tightening and toning muscles, and "bolting", gathering a collection of muscles around a joint. Everything works together to pull you up and in.


Component 2: Cardio Complement Tracy calls this section the "complement" because it works with the muscle design work. She says repetitive aerobic activities like running or spinning bulk up the major muscle groups and that a lot of aerobics dance classes can be stop-and-go, whereas you really need continuous movement to burn calories. The book's DVD has two, 10-minute dance cardio sessions with continuous flowing dance-based movements, which aren't complicated, more a series of stepping, hopping, twisting and kicking but constantly flowing and it's all about getting your body comfortable with movement.


Component 3: Menu Plan The final part is Tracy's fat-losspromoting eating plan. The emphasis is on foods high in nutrients and fibre and on eliminating foods that cause weight gain and bloating. Tracy recommends following the dynamic eating plan to kick-start your metabolism and optimise fat burning. The first 25 days is a lifestyle plan of easy-to-prepare foods and the final five days is a power-up "Cleanse Menu". All recipes are included and were developed with the help of John Byrne, the executive chef for the Tracy Anderson Method. After the 30 days, Tracy says you can turn to the menus as needed to keep your weight zone and as long as you are consistently doing the workouts, your body will be changed and used to working in a different way. Tracy loves her food and recommends the 80/20 rule - 80 per cent commitment to targeted nutrition and 20 per cent guilt-free enjoyment.

She says: "Who can love life if you're always counting food points?" Casebook Cancer the body and is called the primary tumour. Depending on the tissue, the cancer can be slow or fastgrowing.



A lot of people think cancer means death but most types can be treated very effectively. It's caused by normal cells in the body changing. The body makes millions of new cells daily to replace damaged ones. In cancer, something goes wrong inside these new cells and they don't stop multiplying. This causes a "new growth" or neoplasm. This can happen to any type of cell in It can spread into surrounding structures or to other parts of the body through the blood or lymphatic system. Treatment involves removal of the primary tumour and treating any spread with radio or chemotherapy, which kills rapidly-growing cells.

Sample day

An example menu from the 25-day plan

BREAKFAST: Berry Compote

LUNCH: Chicken Protein Soup

SNACK: Kiwi dessert

DINNER: Grilled chicken with mango and spring onion



INGREDIENTS serves one

1x175g (6oz) boneless chicken breast 2 teaspoons sherry wine vinegar 2 teaspoons honey 1 teaspoon chopped coriander Fresh cracked pepper 1/2 mango, peeled and diced 1 tablespoon sliced spring onions 1/4 tomato dices.


Grill the chicken for three minutes on each side over a medium heat. Remove from the heat. (A meat thermometer inserted in the breast should read 74C/165F). Make a dressing by whisking together a teaspoon of water with the vinegar, honey, coriander and pepper. Cut the chicken into strips and toss well with the mango, spring onions, tomato and dressing.


LIVING PROOF... Tracy shows off the results of her fitness Method CELEB CLIENT... Gwyn
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