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Everyone's talking about... Desperate Housewives.

Byline: ru green

I'M WRITING this column with my eyes propped up with matchsticks, after staying up until midnight to watch the finale of Desperate Housewives.

This would be gruelling for anyone on a school/work night, but as I get up at about 4am it's proved to be my sleep deprivation Everest.

It says a lot about the appeal of the series that most women I know are going into work with suitcases under their eyes (bags are for the wimps going to bed before 10pm with the video set) determined to see the conclusion of one of America's finest TV exports.

For many, the show has filled the void left by Carrie and co when Sex and the City ended.

We loved the female camaraderie between quite disparate characters and revelled in the fact that not only was it a great comedy-drama, it was also a visual feast too - with the best fashion and interiors available.

Desperate Housewives fulfils all those criteria - and then some. It too has great acting and a fabulous sense of style, but layered on top of the wit, drama and sistership between the main female characters is a tense mystery about the narrator Mary Alice Young.

The series works on so many different levels. You'll be admiring Bree's hair colour and super-glossy locks one minute, then find yourself gripped by Susan's discovery of a gun at the home of boyfriend Mike Delfino.

On one hand you're showing your sensitive side with concern over Zach's mental frailty, but then you're revealing your more basic needs by willing John the Gardener to take his top off as he mows the most beautifully manicured lawn on Wisteria Lane.

Desperate Housewives is well written and intellectually stimulating enough to be regarded highly by the critics - so we can admit we watch it without the embarrassment that comes with confessing you love Footballers' Wives.

However, it also has the beautiful people, sex and relationships to satisfy our soap-loving needs.

This first season has ended with enough loose ends tied up to leave us satisfied, but a few left for the next series.

One mystery still to unravel is how Bree gets her hair so poker straight without ever being seen brandishing a pair of straighteners - surely a case for Desperate Hairdressers everywhere.


STRAIGHT UP: Bree and her remarkable hair
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Jun 3, 2005
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