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Everbright Ashmore Named Number one of Top 10 Funds in Terms of Comprehensive Strength among the 2015 China Real Estate Funds.

HONG KONG, Mar 29, 2015 - (ACN Newswire) - On 27 March 2015, Everbright Ashmore was awarded number one of Top 10 Funds in terms of Comprehensive Strength among the 2015 China Real Estate Funds at the 2015 China Real Estate Top 100 Research Press Conference and the 12th Annual Top 100 China Real Estate Company Summit, which was jointly organised by the Development Research Center of the State Council, Institute of Real Estate Studies of the Tsinghua University and China Index Academy.

It evaluates objectively the current development conditions of real estate funds from various dimensions, which includes fund management scale, number of funds issued and risk management capability. Everbright Ashmore seized the top place with its comprehensive strength and real estate fund management scale. The recognition has reaffirmed the solid establishment of the fund in China's real estate industry over years of effort and has become the leader in China's Real Estate Fund.

China Real Estate Top 10 Research was jointly established by the China Index Academy, Development Research Center of the State Council and Institute of Real Estate Studies of the Tsinghua University. Since 2003, the organisation announced Top 100 China Real Estate Research and has become an important standard to evaluate real estate enterprises, operating capability and market position of China Real Estate funds.

Rank / Fund Company

1. Everbright Ashmore Investment

2. CITIC POLY Private Equity Funds Management Co., Ltd

3. Trust Prosperity Equity Investment Management Co., Ltd

4. Jianyin Jingrui Asset Management Company Limited

5. Wins (Tianjin) Investment Management Co., Ltd

6. Go High Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd

7. CDH Yutai Real Estate Investment Management (Tianjin) Co., Ltd

8. Mutual Affluency Investment Fund Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

9. Five Bulls Fund Management Co., Ltd

10. Fuhao Huagai Real Estate Fund

About China Everbright Limited

China Everbright Limited ("Everbright", stock code: 165), a member of China Everbright Group, is a diversified financial services enterprise operating in Hong Kong and Mainland China. It is the second largest shareholder of Everbright Securities (stock code: 601788) and the third largest shareholder of Everbright Bank (stock code: 601818) in the Mainland. China Everbright Group is the holding company of Everbright.

Established in 1997, Everbright leverages a "Macro Asset Management" strategy, focusing on the development of primary market investment, secondary market investment and structured financing & investment - while continuing to capitalise on Everbright Securities' advantageous position in its two cross-border fee-based businesses of investment banking (corporate financing) and brokerage services (wealth management). As a major shareholder of China Aircraft Leasing Company Limited, Everbright is proactively developing its aircraft leasing business in China and emerging markets.

Over the past years, Everbright has developed solid market bases in a number of sectors. Through private equity funds, venture capital funds, industrial investment funds and hedge funds from the Group's global fund management platform, it explores and nurtures investment opportunities with overseas investors in companies that have potential for fast growth on the Mainland. It also explores investment opportunities overseas for Mainland investors and provides them with diversified financial services.

Everbright operates under its service philosophy of "Making Wealth Simple". By leveraging the substantial financial strength of the company itself, and the position and influence of China Everbright Group and affiliated companies in the financial industry in China, Everbright has woven huge cross-border social and business networks in Hong Kong and the Mainland.

Source: China Everbright Limited

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