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Ever closer to real EU plan; Letters.

THE Remain campaign have shot themselves in the foot.

Remain was never an option, except for the gullible.

The European Project was always committed to ever-closer union, and they have continued to say that this is not negotiable. It remains the heart of their project, and all their other policies are used to this purpose. Their claims for free trade, single market, and free movement of people, remain secondary targets, and are merely the excuse for ever-greater regulations and ever-more Directives with which to control us.

They have already taken the power to extend our borders to Turkey, or even Syria. They can choose when to take control of our pensions and our schools and the NHS. They could even make us speak French, drive on the wrong side of our roads, and ban fishing. The last of our professional fishermen would say that this is almost completed.

When Edward Heath took us in, in 1973, we were told it was a trading agreement. When we were asked in the Referendum, we were told it was a Common Market. When they banned all our hard-earned trading arrangements with our friends across the world, including those who were our colleagues throughout the Commonwealth, we were told that it would benefit our industries for overseas trade.

The increasing lack of credibility of our old political party system, each still favouring control from overseas, makes the leaders look like gullible misleaders.

Now that so many of our industries have been closed down, we may not be so gullible.

With their policies come everhigher bills for food, fuel, and everhigher subsidies to foreigners, evermore over-centralisation, ever-less hope for those not at the centre. This contrasts with our Commonwealth policies that provided cheaper food and fuel, and better job prospects for our youngsters, and could again.

Most people will vote with their wallets, and against the oppression Directives from overseas.


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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:May 3, 2016
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