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Ever Since We Love.

"Ever Since We Love" may be strategically packaged as a nostalgic youth romance, but as rendered by Chinese helmer-scribe Li Yu, it turns out to be a far more adult affair. Adapting literary darling Feng Tang's 2005 novel "Everything Crows," which chronicles the sentimental education of a Beijing medical student, the film rhapsodizes about biology while meditating on mutability, and in contrast with the affected modesty of so much similar-looking mainland fare, its romantic sensibility is voluptuous to the core. Still, Li's balancing act of mainstream and arthouse tendencies feels precarious; for all its visual flair, the pic boasts less cinematic power or intellectual depth than her best works, "Lost in Beijing" and "Buddha Mountain." Whereas domestic and Asian B.O. will hinge on the star wattage of leads Fan Bingbing and Han Ceng, overseas festival invites might take some time to trickle in.


CAST: Fan Bingbing, Han Ceng, Qi Xi, Zhang Boyu, Sha Yi, Yang Di, Li Meng, Zhao Yiwei, Shen Tingting, Wu Mochou, Lei Kesheng, Lv Xing

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Author:Lee, Maggie
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Date:Apr 28, 2015
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