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Ever Emily.

Move over, Katie Holmes. Emily VanCamp is the new girl on The WB We recently chatted Emily up during a rare filming break on the set of her cool new family drama Everwood. is there anything this Canadian native can't do? She moved away from home to study dancing at 11. By 15, she was filming a TV show even farther away. Now Emily, who plays perky Amy Abbott an the hit drama Everwood (Mondays, 9 p.m.) is in Utah, where the show is set. She gets to hang with cute co-star Gregory Smith. And she doesn't have a second to get bored. When she's not acting, Emily hikes, camps, skis and dances. And she was sweet enough to sit down and give OL the scoop....

Do you miss home?

I miss it like crazy! I grew up in a small town northeast of Toronto. I've lived in the United States for two months now, and this is a huge change for me. Utah is so different from Canada, culturally and socially. But more than anything, my friends and family are in Canada. I miss movie nights with my girlfriends!

You were a serious dancer before you became an actor. Tell us all about it.

I started ballet when I was 3. I was a hyper kid and constantly dancing at my house. So putting me in dance school was the best thing my parents could've done. When I was 6, I did jazz, hip-hop and everything else. I started doing competitions, too. At 11, I convinced my parents to let me move to Montreal for a summer session at a special dance school. At 12, I got accepted into Ecole Superieure de Danse du Quebec the training program for Les Grands Ballets Canadiens. I lived in Montreal until I was 15.

So how'd you leap from dancer to actor?

My sister Katie, who's older than me, was offered a dancing part in a film in Montreal. I was 12 and visiting heron the set. I watched the other actors and knew I really, really wanted to do that more than anything. I told my parents. They helped me find an agent, and I started auditioning. I joined an acting class and had the time of my life. My first part was Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis at age 13 in the TV mini-series Jackie 0.: A Life Story.

Now you're 16 and on a major TV show?

I've been so lucky, When I was 15, I was on the show Glory Days, filmed in Vancouver. The day that show got cancelled, I found out I got the part on Everwood. The timing was such a good thing.

So why do you like the part of Amy so much?

Teens are so perfect on TV. Amy's not. She has problems. Her boyfriend was in a coma and almost died! She's a very real character who's going through a lot. I love that about her. Playing her is nice for me personally, too. I missed out on a lot of normal teen stuff, like high school life. It's cool to discover these things through Amy.

What's the most embarrassing thing that's happened on the Everwood set?

Nothing yet, thankfully! But when I was filming Glory Days, I had a terrible day--I was tired from a really hectic day before. So for this scene, my mouth was gagged and my arms were tied around my back. I was supposed to run away, and the bad guy was supposed to catch me. But I ran so fast, he didn't catch me. I lost my balance and banged my head on a camera really hard, so everybody was like, "Are you OK?" I just started to sob. I was so embarrassed! It hurt but, on top of that, everybody was rushing around me, and it overwhelmed me. I couldn't stop crying for like an hour. I was like, "Guys, I'm fine. I just can't stop crying!" I'm so clumsy.

But you're a dancer...

When I dance on stage, I don't get scared because I love it so much. I get a rush. But when I do scenes or meet people, I get clumsy.

Is it weird to kiss your onscreen boyfriend Ephram, played by Gregory Smith?

I see it as work. But, yes, it's kinda weird sometimes. We've become really good friends in real life, and then we have to film these hugely romantic scenes. It's bizarre. But it's part of my job! As long as the kissing is related to the story lines, I don't mind doing it.

Be honest. Any off-camera sparks?

Romantically? No, no, no! But we hang out a lot. All the kids my age-me, Gregory and Chris Pratt [Emily's TV show brother Bright Abbott]--are just friends. It would be so weird going to the set every day if there were little flirty things going on with us. We're all really close, though.

But Gregory's such a cutie. Give us the scoop.

He's so talented! He's really nice! Gregory and I have great chemistry, and it shows on screen. We play off of each other really well, and our scenes always go smoothly. It wouldn't be half as fun in Utah without him here...and Chris, too. It's nice to have young people to hang out with since we're all so far from friends and family.

So what do you all do for a good time?

We recently went camping. Chris found this nice place in the mountains by a beautiful lake. My tutor Cheryl went with us. She, land the guys did a lot of hiking. I also ski. This is a nature. town, and I grew up doing all this stuff. I'm loving it. Recently, I've gotten into photography. I have millions of pictures that have so much meaning to me. I thought, 'If I'm so into these, why don't I learn to take pictures properly?' I got an old manual Nikon and a few books. I'm teaching myself until I have time to take classes. It's fun.

Are you dating anyone?

No, it's just too hard. I'm constantly working. Plus, I'm really independent.

What does it feel like to read fan sites where they gush about you?

All the compliments are very flattering, but it's kind of embarrassing! I try not to take it too seriously. I don't want to let things go to my head. My family will call me out if I ever get too bratty. They keep me grounded. When I have breaks, I go home and work on farms with my dad. He's a specialist in animal nutrition and makes horse feed. I go on deliveries to rural places with him one day, and I'm on a plane to Utah with network execs the next. I think it's really good for me.

Last but not least, tell a few things about yourself that might surprise us.

Well, I'm fluent in English and French, and I'm studying Spanish through correspondence. My. sister now lives in China, so I'm visiting her when we go on hiatus. We're going to raise money for a Chinese organization called Operation Smile. They help people with deformities get affordable surgeries. Seeing these people get better is so. overwhelming, It's wonderful.

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Move: "I absolutely love the old movie. My Fair lady. That sounds corny but I'm a big Audrey Hepburn fun."

Music: I'm really into india. Arie Tracy Chapman and Ben Harper. I like all kinds as long as it's really good quality. I just don't care for trashy dumb pop music.

Book: A Place Called Freedom by Ken Follett Ice Cream. On my god. What's that caramel chocolate and vanilla flavor by Ben & Jerry's? I love that!
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