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June 22-23: GE offers their seminar Lighting for Colleges and Universities. This intermediate course will focus on the role of LED versus non-LED technology in meeting energy, environmental and maintenance targets; the elements of quality lighting design for interior and exterior applications in colleges and universities; lighting code compliance; control strategies; and the advancements of intelligent environments, among other items. Go to:

July 27-29: Eaton's SOURCE Lighting Education Center offers Lighting Fundamentals/Lighting Basics, a workshop focused on the fundamentals of lighting. Participants will learn about things such as LED and traditional light sources; light; sight and color; lighting terminology; photometry; the cost of light and optical control. Go to: www.webtools.cooperindustries. com/lighting/classes/

September 29-30: Hubbell's Lighting Solution Center presents Lighting for Healthcare Applications, an interactive class focused on integrated lighting needs in a healthcare setting for patients, employees and guests. Participants will learn about lighting for various applications, the psychology of light, circadian rhythm and more. Go to:

October 5-7: Eaton's SOURCE Lighting Education Center announces their workshop LEDs, Controls, New Technologies and Retrofits for Energy Efficient Solutions. The workshop will focus on control strategies for commercial, warehousing, industrial and exterior environments, and the newest energy saving strategies through lighting. Participants will learn about the advancement of energy saving systems and LEDs, energy legislation and rebates, and energy management through controls, among other things. Go to:

October 18-19: The Lighting Research Center presents their Light and Health Institute, a hands-on seminar that focuses on how light impacts and benefits health and wellbeing. Participants will learn how to analyze how light affects human health; the effects of light on populations such as adolescents, school children, older adults and shift workers; the limitations of current lighting metrics and more. Go to:

November 15-16: Hubbell's Lighting Solutions Center announces Lighting for Industrial Applications. The course is ideal for facilities owners and managers, energy service providers, engineers, industrial consultants and all other industry consultants. Participants will learn about lighting audits, optimum lighting solutions for new and existing spaces, current legislation, incentives, economics, future innovation, and existing and emerging lamp technologies. Go to:

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Date:Jun 1, 2016
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