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Events and descriptions.

APRIL 21-23 5th Annual Science & Engineering Technology Conference Event #4720 Charleston, S.C.

POC: Simone Baldwin @ (703) 247-2596

The event is held in cooperation with the Office of the Director of Defense Research and Engineering. The continued technological superiority of the United States will depend on rapidly exploiting critical commercial technology for military purposes. The conference will cover ways the S&T and R&D communities can work together to assimilate development in technology rapidly into the military infrastructure.

APRIL 28-28 48th Annual Fuze Conference (4560) Fuze IPT & Industrial Base Symposium (456A) Events #4560/456A Charlotte, N. C.

POC: Christy O'Hara @ (703) 247-2586

This conference provides a forum to exchange information throughout the fuzing community. U.S. Government and armed services officials will present plans and programs for research, development and procurement, and industry and government experts will detail the latest advances in safety, arming and fuzing.

APRIL 29 Strike, Land Attack & Air Defense (SLAAD) Symposium Event #4100 Laurel, Md

POC: Kimberly Williams @ (703) 247-2578

The theme for this year's SLLA Symposium is: "Naval Network Warfare' Command, Operational Agent for FORCEnetoNetting the Force for Transformational Capability," Topics to be discussed include the vision and mission for NETWARCOM, the state of the networks, network security, innovation and experimentation, and information operations. Additional topics include human systems integration into the networks, FORCEnet fleet requirements, joint views of FORCEnet (all services), and thoughts from the FORCEnet chief engineer and resource sponsor. This conference is classified "Secret-U.S. Only."

MAY 3-6 2004 United Slates Coast Guard Innovation Expo Event #4230 Savannah, Ga.

POC: Angie DeKleine @ (703) 247-2599

The Coast Guard and the Department of Homeland Security are redefining business protests with an infusion of innovation and technology to meet the current requirements to safeguard the nation's ports and waterways. The Coast Guard and industry will display innovative solutions as well as present and discuss the many challenges faced in maritime homeland security.

MAY 10-13 50th Annual Joint Services Small Arms Systems Section Symposium & Exhibition Event #4610 Las Vegas, Nev.

POC: Dania Khan @ (703) 247-587

Exhibits: Karen Kane @ (703) 247-2573

The 50th Annual Joint Services Small Arms Systems Section Symposium & Exhibition, "Meeting the Needs of Our Joint Ground Forces in the Fight Against Terrorism and Developing the Tools for Future Combat," will be held at the Alexis Park Hotel, Las Vegas, Nev. This symposium is a premier event where the small arms communities come together for technical presentations, speakers and exhibits of hardware. A firing demonstration is scheduled on the Ground Combat Training Squadron Ranges at Nellis Air Force Base. The symposium is expected to draw law enforcement, government, industry and international participants, in addition to a strong representation from all branches of the military.

MAY 17-20 12th Annual Global Demilitarization Symposium & Exhibition Event #4580 Dallas, Texas

POC: Christina Buck @ (703) 247-2478

Exhibits: Cathy Vilga @ (703) 247-2460

This annual event continues to support Department of Defense efforts to reduce the stockpile of excess and obsolete strategic, tactical and conventional munitions. The agenda will focus on the global challenges and successes experienced in the disposition of energetic materials. Topics of interest will include ongoing disposal, recycling, and reuse programs, research and development efforts, transitioning technologies and the latest policy issues that affect this business.

MAY 17-20 Naval Logistics: Roadmap to SEAPOWER 21 Dent #4640 Reston, Va.

POC: Veronica Allen @ (703) 247-2570

Exhibits: Dawn Harper @ (703) 247-2584

The Department of the Navy 2004 Logistics Conference will bring top-level Department of the Navy, Marine Corps and industry leadership together to discuss future logistics policy and initiatives pertinent to the naval forces, Major themes, over the course of the three days, include "Future Requirements," "Acquisition" and "War Fighting."

MAY 17-20 Force Projection V Symposium & Exhibition Event #4710 Norfolk, Va.

POC: Angie DeKleine @ (703) 247-2599

Exhibits: Derek Jenks @ (701) 247-2582

This year's event will feature a Joint Logistics Over The Sea demonstration with 7th Transportation Group, with a host of outdoor industry and military interactive displays. Included also will be a kickoff reception in the exhibit hall, a visit to the Nautical Maritime Museum, a tour of the USS Wisconsin battleship, two golf outings and a surf-and-turf.

MAY 25-28 20th Annual Homeland Security Symposium & Exhibition Event #4490 Arlington, Va.

POC: Sue Ellen Dooley @ (703) 247-2467

Exhibits: Dawn Harper @ (703) 247-2584

The global war on terrorism represents a measurable change in national defense priorities and new challenges for the professionals charged with protecting and defending U.S. interests at home and abroad. This symposium examines those changes based on yesterday's experiences, their impact on national and homeland security processes and the direction of those charged with safeguarding America today and in the future.

JUNE 2-3 12th Annual Expeditionary Warfare Division/MCCDC War Game Event #4850 Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va.

POC: Simone Baldwin @ (703) 247-2596

Since 1992, the Marine Corps Combat Development Command has sponsored an annual war game with NDIA. The purpose of the war game series is to provide familiarize members of the Association with current issues, capabilities and expeditionary three trends concerning the Marines.

JUNE 14-16 International Armaments Technology Symposium & Exhibition Event #4600 Parsippany, N.J.

POC: Phyllis Edmonson @ (703) 247-2588

Exhibits: Karen Kane @ (703) 247-2573

This symposium will focus on new emerging technologies and applications for various military operations including non-lethal technologies, ammunition, fire control, percision munitions, weapon systems and logistics.

JUNE 14-18 Defense Systems Acquisition Management Course Event #402C San Diego, Calif.

POC: Angie Gress @ (703) 247-2568

The Defense Systems Acquisition Management Course meets the needs of defense industry acquisition managers in today's dynamic environment, providing the latest information related to acquisition policy, reform initiatives, procedures and processes. Students are industry program managers, assistant program managers, systems engineers and industry personnel serving on Defense Department integrated product teams and others who must interact with DoD program offices.

JUNE 21-24 4th Annual Intelligent Vehicles Systems Symposium Event #4570 Traverse City, Mich.

POC: Angie DeKleine @ (703) 247-2599

This symposium focuses on military and commercial intelligent ground-vehicle system technologies. These technologies are critical to achieving the capabilities of the Army transformation to the Future Force. Many of these technologies have application to commercial automotive products and are being pursued by the automotive industry. This conference will focus on military and commercial concepts and progress in implementing intelligent system technologies.
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