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Events and descriptions.

MARCH 10-11

National Intelligence Symposium McLean, Va.

POC: Nicole Peterson @ (703) 247-9474

The National Military Intelligence Association (NMIA) announces the Agenda for the National intelligence Symposium 2004 to be held at the "Secret" classification level at the Booz Alien Hamilton corporate conference facility in McLean, Va. The unifying theme of this year's symposium is "The Role of Science and Technology in the Transformation of Intelligence."

The keynote speaker will be Dr. Donald M. Kerr, deputy director for science and technology, Central Intelligence Agency.

MARCH 15-18

2004 Joint Undersea Warfare Spring Conference Event #4260 Monterey, Calif.

POC: Kimberly Williams @ (703) 247-1578

This conference features a day-long plenary session led by senior key naval officials and a day and a half of technical sessions. with topic areas focusing on undersea sensors and vehicles, aviation USW, C4I and combat systems, and mine warfare. This event is classified at the "Secret NOFORN" level.

MARCH 22-25

2004 Interoperability & Systems Integration Conference Event #4120 Denver, Colo.

POC: Veronica Allen @ (703) 247-2570

This conference tackles the tough questions dealing with interoperability and system-of-system issues facing U.S. and allied forces. It will include discussion of policies, initiatives, strategies and challenges, and provide insight into several key interoperability thrusts.


30th Environmental & Energy Symposium & Exhibition Event #4440 San Diego, Calif.

POC: Naomi Mundy @ (703) 247-9476

Exhibits: Karen Bane @ (703) 247-2573

This symposium brings together individuals from the Department's of Defense and Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency, and industry to exchange technical information about environmental leadership programs, policies and procedures. Exhibits and posters covering all aspects of environmental acquisition, research and development, and regulation will be displayed. Workshops, seminars and special sessions are highlights of this symposium.


Department of Defense Chemical/Biological Defense Advance Planning Brief for Industry Event #4370 Laurel, Md.

POC: Angie Gress @ (703) 247-2568

The Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical Biological Defense (JPEO-CBD) will host a Department of Defense Chemical Biological Defense Advance Planning Briefing for Industry. The APBI will include details on the joint service mid and long-range research, development, test and engineering plans and programs, future production projections, and emerging military doctrine.

APRIL 13-16

39th Annual Gun & Ammunition Missiles & Rockets Symposium & Exhibition Event #4590 Baltimore, Md.

POC: Phyllis Edmonson @ (703) 247-2588

Exhibits: Karen Kane @ (703) 247-2573

This conference provides an international forum for the exchange of information and ideas, development plans and technology of present and future gun, ammunition and missile systems and related integrated technologies. Again this year, the conference will host a panel on integrating gun systems and missiles for complementary capability.

APRIL 21-25

5th Annual Science & Engineering Technology Conference Event #4720 Charleston, S.C.

POC: Simone Baldwin @ (703) 247-2596

The continued technological superiority of the United States will depend on the rapid exploitation of critical commercial technology for military purpose. This conference--held in cooperation with the Office of the Director of Defense Research and Engineering--will address ways the science and technology and research and development communities can work together to speed up rapidly assimilate developments in technology into the military infrastructure.

APRIL 26-28

48th Annual Fuze Conference Event #4560 Charlotte. N.C.

POC: Christy O'Hara @ (703) 247-2586

This conference provides a forum to exchange information throughout the fuzing community. Research, development and procurement plans and programs will be presented by U.S. government and armed services officials while the latest advances in safety, arming and fuzing will be detailed by industry and government experts.

Participants will have an opportunity to here from the Chair or Co-Chair of the DoD Fuze IPT, to receive/participate in the advanced planning briefings, and to brief the DoD Fuze IPT during the one-on-one sessions. These sessions are designed to provide a frank interchange between Industry and the IPT on issues affecting the Fuze Industrial and Technology Base. NDIA is sponsoring the workshop in conjunction with the DoD Fuze IPT, life chaired by the Deputy Director. Land Warfare and Munitions, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics.


Strike, Land Attack & Air Defense Division Annual Symposium Event #4100 Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, Laurel, Md.

POC: Kimberly Williams @ (703) 247-2578

"Naval Network Warfare Command. Operational Agent for FORCEnet--Netting the FORCE for Transformational Capability. Topics to be discussed include the vision and mission for NETWARCOM, the state of the networks network security, innovation and experimentation, and information operations. Additional topics include human systems integration into the networks, FORCEnet Fleet requirements. Joint views of FORCEnet (all Services), and thoughts from the FORCEnet Chief Engineer and Resource Sponsor. This is a definite "don't miss" for anyone following the progress and details of FORCEnet--the naval component of the GIG! This conference is classified Secret, U.S. Only.


Fuze IPT & Industrial Base Symposium Event #456A Charlotte, N. C.

POC: Christy O'Hara @ (703) 247-2586

Scheduled to follow immediately after the 48th Annual Fuze Conference, the Fuze Integrated Product Team will present its future procurement plans for fuze products in an Advanced Planning Brief for Industry format.


Strike, Land & Air Defense Symposium Dent #4100 Laurel, Md.

POC: Kimberly Williams @ (703) 247-2578

The theme for this symposium is: "Naval Network Warfare Command--Operational Agent for FORCEnet--Netting the FORCE for Transformational Capability." Topics will include the vision and mission for NETWARCOM, the state of the networks, network security, innovation and experimentation, and information operations. Also on the agenda: Human systems integration into the networks, Fleet requirements, joint views of FORCEnet. This conference is classified Secret, U.S. Only.

HOW TO REGISTER: You can register for these events on the Internet at: Once you have found the event you would like to attend, you can reserve your space with your credit card or government purchase order.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON EVENLY: If you have questions regarding NDIA events, please contact our Operations Department at: (703) 522-1820. Please have the event number ready when you call. One of our meeting planners will be happy to assist you with all of your concerns.
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