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Events and Descriptions.


Combat Vehicles Conference "Post-War Transformation"

Event #3620

Fort Knox, Ky.

POC: Angie DeKleine @ (705) 247-2599

The lessons learned from the "shock and awe" is the deserts of Iraq will have a profound effect on the way the Army and the Marine Corps continue their tailoring of 21st Century war fighting.

The theme of this year's conference is "Post-War Transformation", with presentation themes to include: "Post War Challenge" and "Objective Force Update", as wall as a view from Congress. Panels will address the Iraqi War, USMC Program Updates and a "TACOM Community Assessment".


Joint Undersea Warfare Technology Fall Conference (Clambake)

Event #3240

Groton, Conn.

POC: Kimberly Williams @ (703) 247-2570

This year's Undersea Warfare Technology Conference is classified at the "Secret U.S. Only" level. The conference features a day and a half-long plenary session led by key senior naval officials. Technical sessions will focus on undersea sensors and vehicles, aviation USW and C4I, and combat systems.


Cyber Operations Technology Conference

Event # 4AF1

Rome, N.Y.

POC: Nicole Peterson (703) 247-9474

This conference offers the latest thinking in strategic cyber operations by recognizing future capability requirements in homeland defense and homeland security and presenting results of R&D information technology programs in critical infrastructure protection, dynamic cyber defense and offensive cyber operations. The conference recognizes the global nature of the cyber domain the importance of information/cyber assets in national security, and the fact that cyber operations is a key enabler for realizing Network Centric Warfare.


Homeland Security Roundtable

Event #4680

Arlington, Va.

POC: Meagan Gibbons @ (705) 247-9467

This roundtable will focus upon the first results of national homeland security efforts--the implementation of new policies, planning concepts and guidance, reorganization and integration of agencies, priorities, progress, and challenges--and explores the homeland security fiscal roadmap for Fiscal Year 2004 and beyond. The expanded dimensions planned for Homeland Security will create new concerns for governments at all levels: further expansion of security measures into our way of life, manpower, equipment and funding shortages; implementing information sharing and coordination--but mitigated by the potentially unbounded opportunities that new technologies and initiatives that government and industry can provide with adequate funding resources. The audience will be invited to actively participate in the dialogue.


6th Annual Systems Engineering, Supportability & Interoperability Conference

Event #4870

San Diego, Calif.

POC: Dania Khan @ (703) 247-2587

Exhibits: Dawn Harper @ (703) 247-2384

This conference focuses on systems engineering and its importance in the acquisition process from "cradle to grave." The conference seeks to create an interactive forum for program managers, systems engineers, chief scientists, and engineers and managers from the requirements, design, verification, and support and logistics communities.


8th Expeditionary Warfare Conference

Event #4700

Panama City, Fla.

POC: Simone Baldwin @ (703) 247-2596

This conference will provide an opportunity for all military services to address their requirements and intent to industry, service laboratories and other interested parties. In all atmosphere of trust and cooperation, frank dialogue will Lake place between the services, industry and other attendees.


Worldwide Chemical Conference & Exhibition

Event #4300

Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.

POC: Christy O'Hara @ (703) 247-2586

Exhibits: Tim Becker @ (703) 247-2573

The annual worldwide chemical conference is the preeminent chemical and biological conference held in the United States. It includes attendees from 15 to 20 foreign governments and industries. Held annually at the home of the U.S. Army Chemical School, this conference offers a series of interactive presentations addressing specific needs of war fighters in the areas of operations, training, doctrine and readiness. Industry and government exhibitors will show off the newest chemical and biological defense technologies and applications.


2004 Tank, Automotive, and Armaments Command (TACOM)--Advance Planning Briefing for Industry (APBI) "Objective Force

Business Opportunities"

Event #4520

Dearborn, Mich.

POC: Angle DeKleine @ (703) 247-2599

The annual TACOM APBI provides broad based business planning information to industry relating to future tank-automotive and armament plans, programs and acquisition opportunities. TACOM, the program executive officers and other appropriate tank automotive and armament organizations will present market opportunities and plans, including research and development efforts, procurement of major end items, secondary items, maintenance and other system-support business. This event also describes acquisition streamlining initiatives and other topics of special interest.


Aircraft Survivability 2003 "Reclaiming the Low-Altitude Battlespace"

Event #4940

Monterey, Calif.

POC: Ann Saliski @ (703) 247-2577

Combat flight operations at low altitude pose special survivability challenges for aircraft, both manned and unmanned. While many combat missions may be executed from outside the range of anti-aircraft artillery and man-portable air-defense systems, rotorcraft, fixed-wing transports and tactical unmanned air vehicles, by the very nature of their missions, must operate in the hazardous low-altitude flight regime. Tactical fighters may be required, on occasion, to operate in this space, as well.

Aircraft Survivability 2003 has two principal goals. The first is to acquaint the manned and unmanned aircraft communities with the special challenges of low-altitude operations. The second is to increase awareness of survivability techniques and technologies. Attendees will be cleared at the "Secret U.S. Only" level.


Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate Industry Day

Event #4420

Arlington, Va.

POC: Naomi Mundy @ (703) 247-9476

The Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate Industry Day will provide information on current and future military needs and requirements for the important, growing area of non-lethal weapons. The intent is to participate in open, meaningful dialog with the private sector to develop a mutual understanding of current and future NLW requirements and explore industry capabilities related to NLWs and associated technologies. A significant exchange will be the expression of the vision for non-lethal weapons and what role industry can play as this vision is developed.


7th Annual Army Small Business Conference

Event #4430

McLean, Va.

POC: Phyllis Edmonson @ (703) 247-2588

This conference is the only yearly event specifically aimed at all of the Army's small business contractors. It brings together leaders of industry's small business community, the Small Business Administration and the Army's Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization Office to discuss recent changes affecting small businesses. Participants will include key decision-makers from the Pentagon, Army Materiel Command and field commanders who conduct acquisition.


41st NDIA Targets, UAVs and Range Operations Symposium & Exhibition

Event #4410

Palm Springs, Calif.

POC: Meagan Gibbons @ (703) 247-9467

Exhibits: Dawn Harper @ (703) 247-2584

This will be the 41st annual gathering of industry representatives and government officials interested in the technical sessions and exhibits associated with the communities in the fields of targets, unmanned air vehicles and range operations. This year's theme is "Contributions to Transformation." Sessions will address such topics as looking to the future, test requirements, ranges and targets, UAVs and UCAVs, and military programs and requirements.


3rd Annual Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Technology Conference & User Group

Event #4110

Denver, Colo.

POC: Dania Khan @ (703) 247-2587

This conference serves as the major forum for industry and government organizations that are adopting Capability Maturity Model Integration. It will cover such topics as transition to CMMI for SW-CMM and EIA/IS-731, CMMI technical discussion groups, implementation strategies, assessment, appraisal and evaluation methodologies, and lessons learned, plus tutorials and seminars. Last year's conference drew over 320 attendees from both government and industry.


Defense Systems Acquisition Management Course

Event #402A

Orlando, Fla.

POC: Christy O'Hara @ (703) 247-2586

The Defense Systems Acquisition Management Course meets the needs of defense industry acquisition managers in today's dynamic environment, providing the latest information related to acquisition policy, reform initiatives, procedures and processes. Taught by the Defense Systems Management College, the course uses the same acquisition policy information provided to Defense Department students who attend DSMC courses for formal acquisition certification. Students are industry program managers, assistant program managers, systems engineers, industry personnel serving on Defense Department Integrated Product Teams and other personnel that must interact with program offices.


Precision Target Geolocation from Airborne Platforms--Workshop IV

Event #4AF2

Fairfax, Va.

POC: Nicole Peterson (703) 247-9474

The first NIMA Geolocation Workshop began in the summer of 2001 at Purdue University as a small roundtable discussion to update participants on precision target geolocation technology. It has since grown to be a popular and well-attended annual event sponsored by NIMA and hinted by the National Defense Industry Association (NDIA). This year's NIMA "Workshop IV" will be held at the well appointed auditorium facilities of Northrop Grumman (formerly TRW) just off the Fairfax County Parkway in Northern Virginia, and will cover four days (December 8-11, 2003) with a bit of something for everyone.

HOW TO REGISTER: You can register for these events on the Internet at: Once you have found the event you would like to attend, you can reserve your space with your credit card or government purchase order.
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