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NOV 01 TO 02


Get into Mexico's Carnivalesque remembrance of departed souls at the Day of the Dead Festival, observed with papier-mache skeletons and candy skulls, to understand the Mexicans' upbeat treatment of immortality.

NOV 01 TO 05


Bizarre but fascinating, during La Diablada Peruvian men dress as demons while women are in multilayered dresses and bowler hats. Held to remember the departure of the devilish conquistadors in the late 19th century, the parade is all fun and gaiety.

NOV 05


Participate in a classically English affair at the Bonfire Night also called the Guy Fawkes Night where burning effigies and fireworks illuminate the winter night in memory of centuries-old skullduggery which ended with the blowing up of the Parliament.

NOV 09 TO 17


Wander among an estimated 50,000 camels at the popular Pushkar Camel Fair, in the tiny desert town of Pushkar in Rajasthan. The animals are dressed up colourfully, shaved, entered into beauty contests, paraded, raced and traded too.

NOV 14 TO 17


Held along the banks of the Ganges, the Ganga Mahotsav is a unique festival that features programmes of classical music and dance, which ends with the surreal floating of more than a million clay lamps down the river amidst chanting of Vedic hymns.

NOV 15


Witness young Japanese girls being fussed over during the ancient festival of Shichi Go San in Japan. It is also called the 'Seven-Five-Three' wherein parents give little girls their first kimono and take them to the temple for coming-of- age rituals.

NOV 17 TO 21


Get a load of some of the world's best flying machines at the very popular Dubai Air Show. Nearly a thousand exhibitors will showcase their wares before the public with displays, both static and aerial, that are bound to awe and fascinate.

NOV 23 TO 24


Let your hair down at the Lan Kwai Fong Carnival in Hong Kong, one of the largest street parties, with a carnival parade, exotic costumes, amazing live shows to keep everyone surprised. There's also a Kids' Street with games and cartoon characters.

NOV 24 TO 28


Illegal in most places, or at least not conspicuous, Amsterdam is the ideal place for the four-day Cannabis Cup, an expo featuring seminars and activism sessions with leaders of the marijuana movement, and major cannabis celebrities.

NOV 28


With roots in religion, history and the country's agrarian calendar, Thanksgiving usually extends into the weekend and is more of a secular holiday. Feast on traditional food such as roast turkey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie.Reproduced From India Today Travel Plus. Copyright 2013. LMIL. All rights reserved.

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Date:Nov 1, 2013
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