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EVENTIDE. Kent Haruf. 2004. Read by George Hearn. 7 cds. 8.5 hrs. Random House Audio, 0-7393-0940-4. $39.95. Cardboard; plot, author, reader notes. SA

Haruf returns to the locale of his award-winning novel Plainsong, the town of Holt, Colorado, for a resonant sequel in which he again demonstrates the power of beautifully simple but expressive prose. Victoria Robideaux is going off to college, taking her little daughter and leaving the home of the McPherson brothers, the men who adopted her before the birth of her child. In another part of town, a young boy, living with a grandfather who can barely care for him, befriends the daughters of a woman about to reach her breaking point. And at their school, the children of a disabled couple bear the marks of abuse and neglect.

The stories of these people play out with interactions that become meaningful and feel real, aided by the narration of veteran actor Hearn. He voices the characters subtly, with the slightest changes of intonation, accent, and pitch, but still manages to catch their emotional essence. The clear voices of the young are in his narration, as are the more textured voices of the adults. Whether or not one has read Plainsong, this story will capture the emotions and the heart. Melody Moxley, Admin, Svcs. Mgr., Rowan PL., Salisbury, NC
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Author:Moxley, Melody
Article Type:Audiobook Review
Date:Nov 1, 2004
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