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Event #3090

Arlington, VA, Marriott Crystal Forum

Regular Registration Fees:

Industry: $70

Government: $60


The Technical Support Working Group (TSWG) conducts the National R&D Program for Combating Terrorism (CbT) through research, development and prototyping. The TSWG maximizes multi-agency participation to identify requirements and develop solutions for multiple users. Representatives of over 50 federal organizations promote rapid identification of current and future CbT requirements, establish priorities and prevent unnecessary duplication.



Event #3910

Victoria BC, Canada

Regular Registration Fees:

Members: $675

Non-Members: $730

Government: $615

Non-Member Allied: $735

History has repeatedly taught us that test and evaluation tends to be inadequate and often delayed until problems are beyond a simple fix. Test and evaluation has a legitimate and important place at the defense acquisition table. This Summit's theme focuses on the issue of moving defense Test and Evaluation from being perceived as adding programmatic risk to a process which actually reduces the risk.



Event #3340

Falls Church, VA, Fairview Park Marriott

Regular Registration Fees:

Members: $445

Non-Members: $520

Government: $325

This year's highly anticipated symposium, which is sponsored by NDIA in conjunction with Ma). Gen. Judd Blaisdell, AFIXOS, will address key topics pertaining to the role of space in the DoD and our Nation. As an added bonus, this year's Space Policy & Architecture Symposium will feature live updates from the Schriever II Wargames with reports on the role of space in this important operational planning exercise.


19th Annual National Logistics Conference & Exhibition "Logistics...Enabling the Mission"

Event #3730

New Orleans, LA

Regular Registration Fees:

Members: $655

Non-Members: $710

Government: $530

Non-Member Allied: $715

This annual event has become the premier national level forum for exchanging ideas and sharing insights into supportability of our nation's warfighters and focusing on a trilogy of logistics, acquisition and financial initiatives, The conference brings together these communities and its diversity of discussion by leading practitioners attracting high caliber attendees, including our most senior government leaders and directors who will put tomorrows policies and public/private alliances, together.


4th Annual Science & Engineering Technology Conference

Event #3720

Charleston, SC

Regular Registration Fees:

Members: $555

Non-Members: $605

Government: $465

Non-Member Allied: $610

The approach of capabilities based forces combined with information superiority and the effects of precision weapons will enable U.S. military forces to utilize flexibility in responding to a variety of circumstances created by the action of currently undefined threats. This conference will provide the opportunity for industry, academia, and DoD to assess needs, challenges and opportunities in this new era of undefined threats.

MARCH 10-13

Insensitive Munitions (IM) & Energetic Materials (EM) Technology Symposium

Event #3550

Orlando, FL

Regular Registration Fees:

Members: $665

Non-Members: $725

Government: $390

Non-Member Allied $730

The theme for this event is "What's Next? Breakthroughs in IM/EM Technology For the Next Generation of Weapons". This symposium will feature multiple topic areas tailored to provide significant details on technology advances from national government services and agencies, international government organizations, and private industry.

MARCH 17-20

2003 Joint Undersea Warfare Technology Spring Conference

Event #3260

Monterey, CA, Naval Post Graduate School

Regular Registration Fees:

Members: $615

Non-Members: $715

Government: $400

US-Secret Only

Government and industry will find the benefits of this spring's Joint Undersea Warfare Technology vastly rewarding. The conference features a plenary session led by senior key naval officials and technical sessions, with topic areas focusing on undersea sensors and vehicles, aviation USW, C41 & combat systems and mine warfare. This year's theme is "Undersea Warfare: Enabling Sea Power 21."

MARCH 24-27

38th Annual Gun & Ammunition Symposium & Exhibition

Event #3590

Monterey, CA

Regular Registration Fees:

Members: $665

Non-Members: $735

Government: $510

Non-Member: Allied $740

The 2003 Gun and Ammunition Symposium:

Evolving Technology to Meet Emerging Threats will concentrate on with new technologies & advances in weapon system capabilities. Also, due to the changing nature of today's threat, this forum will deal with modeling & simulation & digital production techniques that allow these systems to be developed faster, cheaper & with more capability.

MARCH 24-27

NDIA - TSR: Innovative Technologies in Maritime Security Conference and Exhibition

Event #3290

North Charleston, SC

Regular Registration Fees:

Members: $710

Non-Members: $760

Government: $430

Non-Member Allied: $765

The Transportation Security Administration, in cooperation with the NDIA is proud to announce its first "Innovative Technologies in Maritime Security" conference & exhibition. The conference's main objective is to bring together the developers of the new security technologies with the people in the field trying to find cost-effective emerging security solutions. TSA will invite innovative solutions from vendors & present panel discussions on the challenges faced in maritime homeland security.

MARCH 26-28

4th Annual Missiles & Rockets Symposium & Exhibition

Event #3630

Monterey, CA

Regular Registration Fees:

Members: $420

Non-Members: $475

Government: $310

Non-Member Allied: $480

The symposium will address current and evolving mission requirements for tactical weapons and the development of technology and weapon systems to meet the needs of the future battlefield. Air, ground and sea-launched applications are included with specific interest in how new developments or systems will support the requirements anticipated for the next generation of weapon systems. Discussion of lessons-learned in the development of new systems, program status and issues, and weapon system integration into the platform is encouraged.
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