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Event Technologies Partners With Synergetic Micro Systems; Develops Drivers for Profibus and Other Industrial Network Interface Cards.

MILWAUKEE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 24, 1997--Event Technologies, Inc. (ETI) and Synergetic Micro Systems (Synergetic) have announced an agreement which will produce drivers for ETI's flagship GELLO(R) soft control on Synergetic's line of industrial network interface cards.

The announcement was made jointly by Richard C. (Rick) Pryce, President and CEO of ETI, and by Philip Marshall, Marketing Manager of Synergetic.

Marshall and Pryce also announced completion of the first such driver, for use with the Profibus protocol, running on the Synergetic Profibus PC/ISA, PCI and PC/104 interface cards.

"We intend to continue to work together in implementing drivers for the balance of Synergetic's growing product line," Pryce said.

Synergetic, a leading designer and manufacturer of industrial network products, has developed and/or markets communications interface modules for most of the leading industrial fieldbus solutions, including CAN Open, ControlNet, DeviceNet, InterBus-S, LON Works, ModBus RTU and ModBus Plus, Omron Sysmac, SDS and others.

"Synergetic is excited about Event Technologies' selection of Synergetics Scanner products for their fieldbus interfaces. We look forward to working with ETI and feel their extensive experience brings a unique background to the industry," Marshall said.


Event Technologies, Inc. is a pioneering developer of object-oriented software for discrete and process control and embedded control applications.

By using object-oriented technology, it is possible to significantly improve the productivity of those who design and implement control systems.

ETI software uses graphical icons familiar to control engineers, linking the icons into fully functional computer programs in much the same way as a child builds toys using Legos or an Erector set.

Applications developed with ETI's open architecture software will run on any computer, controller or embedded processor with the OBJECT GT ENGINE(R) running on it. ETI's web site is located at


Synergetic Micro Systems specializes in providing fieldbus solutions for the North American market. Current product offerings include PC-ISA, PCI and PC-104 Master and Slave cards for Profibus FDL/FMS, DP, InterBus-S, ModBus, SDS, CAN Open, ASi and ModBus+. Design services are also available to create custom master or slave interfaces for any of the networks listed. Product and corporate information can be obtained at their WEB site, -0-

DISCLAIMER: The names GELLO, GELLO THREADS and OBJECT GT ENGINE are trademarks of products of Event Technologies, Inc. Other names which may be trademarks of other companies or organizations are included purely for identification and reference purposes.

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CONTACTS: Event Technologies, Inc.

Richard C. (Rick) Pryce, 414/427-8002 or 248/442-8948



Synergetic Micro Systems, Inc.

Philip Marshall, 630/434-1770



Marketrends, Inc.

Larry S. Landis, 317/972-8522

Fax: 317/972-8524
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Nov 23, 1997
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