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Articles from Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England) (October 13, 2006)

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Title Author Type Words
'He said he would like to take a kid off the street. They were about 6 or 7'. 423
A child with Down's syndrome is not the end of the world. It's the beginning of a new one. 1332
A hard to beat baby BMW. 100
A Royal return. 111
A taste of things to come. 473
A winning combination. 209
Activity drive. 109
Aiding all you fast ladies. 267
Air your views. 101
Alhambra ticks all the right boxes. 529
Also released. 233
Animal antics fall flat. 367
Appearance and feel of pure magic. 418
Audi take diesel route. 162
Axeman terror at burger bar. 137
Baker keen to take lead. 338
Barrowload of hopes. 143
Bay's field of dreams. 152
Benefit cheat to repay. 118
Big break giveaway. 125
Bold style for a solid supermini. 341
Burglary arrest. 113
Car rescue. 80
Car sales set to rise in North. 478
Care home is saved. 301
Career launch. 92
Centre stage for Falcons star Tait. 556
Charles backs school garden. 95
Chelsea focused on third title bid. 277
Class act to Toyota. 544
Classic pointers for the final fling. 321
Club action. 88
Cole's grounds for concern. 246
Comic Vic's a lot of laughs. 168
Competition is hotting up. 235
Cost of stress. 83
Coupe to turn heads. 595
Crash student's right on course. 366
Crash toll rises to six. 271
Creating demand. 81
Czechs bank vital points to boost Diamonds. 388
Danish tribute. 112
Drivers made to think twice. 141
Drugs licence review. 142
Dylan-moulded talent in town. 723
Everywhere he goes, he always takes the weather with him... 473
Ex-mayor among the losers in libel case. 332
Facts about the condition. 176
Family moved by Bali tribute. 239
Famous 5 paves way for the Clio. 373
Fight closes fitness centre. 219
Flintoff: We have to be consistent. 498
Glenn relishes chance to get United on track. 400
Good report. 103
Grease is the word for Hayley. 652
Green and lean Caddy! 307
Gunners hit by fresh injuries. 241
Has anything bad ever happened to you on Friday the 13th? 125
High flyers set for showdown. 464
Horrid writer in book signing. 207
Horror on Halloween. 312
Horse sense. 126
Horse's mouth. 121
I back Blair, says general. 379
I'm here as long as you want me. 522
Inn tribute to Kathryn. 222
It's a Crafty move from Volkswagen. 135
It's got plenty to torque about. 759
Italian job is Grande. 516
Learning the art of mat shuffling. 646
Library proposals are booked. 272
Long shots. 96
Lorry driver in Irish court. 159
Magpies can soar to a win ( but only just. 313
Major risks to region. 133
Man was cash trapped. 287
Maple-clazed chicken with baked sweet potato. Recipe 249
McClare: This team can go on to win something. 508
Meriva proves a jewel in Vauxhall crown. 495
MetroCentre's 20th birthday. 229
Midfield role is all Dwight. 491
Ministers must listen. 312
Moore looking for some home comfort. 310
Mother spared jail after stealing partner's pounds 95,000. 533
MPs back drug fight. 247
New look for community of tomorrow. 458
No stripes, no decals. 138
Office opens. 115
One minute we were having a drink and then I heard these bangs. I turned round and saw Jeffrey kneeling on the floor. 990
Owen-ly one. 329
Panto lessons. 117
Passport staff in pay walkout. 388
Plastic bullet pistol charge. 155
Poetic licence or gross insult? 734
Police chief pledges probe into son's death. 400
Police deliver the message. 155
pounds 380,000 seized in laundering scam probe. 400
Praying for a return gig. 303
Pressing the flesh! 198
Pub quiz uncovered. 476
Quick shift with a robot. 515
Radio fans in white vans. 158
Readers' poems. 874
Record attempt. 93
Relighting my fire. 440
Review. 325
Rhyme of her life. 459
Robins seek home Win. 134
Ryton is set for an early closure. 162
Saab showing smart thinking. 295
Safety lighter blazes a trail. 94
Schools probe. 118
Shop robbery witness appeal. 108
Shop talk. 82
Shorts. 92
Shorts. 88
Sir Percy is unstoppable. 431
Slick musical returns. 232
Sowing seeds of change. 179
Star Billie signs up. 254
Still showing. 339
Student's cig blaze. 119
Tagging is a joke, claims car offender. 505
Take that as unread. 563
Taylor test. 98
Terror fears. 93
The art of aiding sales of Corsas. 242
The facts about that art project. 1097
The locals. 289
The rise of Greasemania. 169
The Saab is actually hot stuff. 318
Think about your needs. 257
Three honoured by freedom of borough. 443
Toon is all Dolled up. 560
Top brass except for the veggies. 802
Tough one for Tigers. 186
Tough target for Dodge. 349
Toyota offering a two-day test drive. 245
Tribute evening for top comic. 225
Trotters pose real threat ( McDonald. 385
United's hit squad need to find target. 761
Unlucky for some: Friday the 13th. 638
Unlucky for superstitious. 414
Veil protests. 126
Vent your spleen. 529
Verdict:. 131
Vital to check the warranty. 568
We've got to do Bolton Ram raid. 420
Wear in for our hardest test yet. 364
Young leader election climax. 127
Youths bring aid to Africa. 185

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