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Evening Chore.

Evening Chore

Shari Wagner

DreamSeeker Books & Magazine

c/o Cascadia Publishing House

126 Klingerman Road, Telford, PA 18969

1931038295 $12.95

Author Shari Wagner, whose poetry has been previously published in literary magazines such as Southern Poetry Review, Indiana Review, and black Warrior Review, presents her debut poetry collection Evening Chore. An anthology of original free-verse that reminsices upon aspects of pasture, borderland, hard work, and the wonder of nature's everlasting cycles, Evening Chore reads with the pulsing rhythm; some of the poems reflect upon Kenya's land and people. An evocative and soulful anthology that pays respect to the goodness of hard and honest toil. "Evening Chore": My grandfather has climbed into his truck, / a rusty blue ford with a few stray / bales of hay bouncing like children / in the back. He's riding out to the far / pasture where cows have been grazing / twenty-five years in the shade of some elms. / The dog that disappeared in a thunderstorm / and never came back is on the seat / beside him. He's making whiny noises / and thumping his tail like an amplified / heartbeat. Before the door falls shut / behind them, the old man is cupping his hands / to call the cows away from the shadows / and into the field where the last light is / already sinking.
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Publication:Small Press Bookwatch
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Date:Sep 1, 2005
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