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Even though my head is bloodied yet I am Unbowed.

Sri Lanka, Jan. 17 -- Fallen heroes, Saya Aung Kin (Dr Aung Kin) has gone to join another Saya Aye Gyaw (Arakanese, Dr Aye Gyaw) who all originated from the History Department of the Rangoon University to meet with Dr Mya Maung and Saya Dr Khin Maung Kyi that had fought till their last breath and held high the emblem of the fighting peacock and its motto of flag even though my head is bloodied yet I am unbowed. Ba Maw Tin Aung is but one of the old heroes and many more.

Starting with Bo Aung Gyaw to the 126 Rangoon University students on 7th July 1962, a figure dare not released by the successive military governments up to this day, the youths and students has fought for truth and justice. This does not include Saya U Win Tin of the NLD, a Christian Salai Tin Mg Oo, the first person to be hanged by Ne Win government, a Muslim Ohn Kyaw Myint, that make a daring attempt not counting several thousands of ethnic nationalities heroes who all have made a supreme sacrifice for democracy and federalism numbering some 9 million people who has paid with their lives.

This is the spirit which we should instill to the younger generation, to die fighting, for the right, justice, democracy, liberty, equality, and federalism for the genuine Union of Burma until the repressive Tatmadaw is overthrown that has been usurping power since 1962 under different pretext. The Tatmadaw has scheme and institutionalized in such a way that their off springs will get the best education in their respective military academies while they held hostage of the education of the entire country.

Defeatism, now introduce by the West to the pro-democracy and ethnic nationalities forces under different pretext and NGOs has permeated into the people. We dedicated Burmese inside the country and in Diaspora who really loves freedom and equality must take the lead this sinister theory of the West. The "Divide and Rule" policy successfully employed by the military all the time must be exposed even though there may be several treacherous betrayers, both from the pro-democracy movement and the ethnic nationalities.

The people of Burma who loves the truth and justice are ready to overthrow this treacherous but clever and crafty quasi-military administration controlled by the Mahar Myanmar dominated Tatmadaw. The young people of Burma must initiate and imitate the fallen heroes and must be ready to make a supreme sacrifice if need be, the only aspect they need is to be united now that most of the self-style leaders that harbour ulterior motives have gone back to wrong side to curry favour with the regime. Bu still there are many that are left behind. We need to be united under one umbrella.

Please remember that the regime can swindle not only the people of Burma but most of the international community. The latest census which the regime implemented with the financial support of the Western countries reinforce its propaganda that all the 7 non-Myanmar ethnic nationalities form only 30% of the population hit the nail on the head because it puts all the people who profess Buddhism as Myanmar and since the prefix of Saw for Karen, Sai for Shan, Khun for Pa Oh, Nai for Mon, Salai for Chin etc. are equivalent to the Myanmar word Maung or U, they have been directed to change into the Myanmar version and counted as Myanmar. But the reality is the opposite. The 7 non-Myanmar ethnic nationalities in spite half a century of rigorous ethnic cleansing form nearly 70% of the population, while the Myanmar form only 28%. The census profoundly tricked the Western countries especially Australia and Europe into believing that the Myanmar is the majority. Even now the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya is a foregone conclusion.

The "Divide and Rule" tactics had succeeded in portraying that the non-Myanmar ethnic nationalities as uncultured and uncivilized lots. This naturally leads to the belief among the international community and even the ordinary Myanmar believe that the non-Myanmar nationalities are fit only to be dominated and civilized. What more prove is wanted when the Thein Sein government's plan is not to send the ethnic refugees back to their native lands but to the special economic or industrial zones to serve as cheap labors, under the name of urbanization. In short, the government's plan is to depopulate the ethnic lands and exploit the natural resources at will with the active support of the Western countries.

Like the fallen heroes let us fight to the end and let us unite and show to the world that Truth shall make us free and be an example to the younger generations.

End Notes

The exact figure was known by the doctor who signed the death certificate now in Diaspora whose name we dare not release

His father funeral will be on 24th Jan in Vancouver, Canada

The successive military administrations of Burma did not considered the fatalities to be too high and always construe the country's population to be 60 million plus

Unofficial census taken by the Chinese

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Publication:Asian Tribune (India)
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Date:Jan 17, 2015
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