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Even teenagers rely Oil their Palms.

Two years ago, Joseph, a 17-year old about to finish high school in Colombia, discovered all the everyday uses of a Palm handheld. Now, Joseph never leaves home without his Palm Vx, which he has continually upgraded with software applications such as Documents to Go. He has also added a modem for sending and receiving e-mail and connecting wirelessly to the Internet.

"A few days ago, in my social studies class, the teacher asked us to comment on a current event from the previous night's TV newscast," Joseph says. "Some commented on the Americans held in China and the exchange of soldiers abducted by the guerrilla, while others mentioned the confusing situation that had arisen with Venezuela after the capture of the Avianca hijacker. While my classmates discussed all these current events, I accessed the web page of a national newspaper on my Palm and retrieved the most recent news surrounding each of the events they had mentioned."

Joseph is a perfect example of someone who has learned how to customize his Palm to suit his own needs and who keeps up with the latest technology. His teachers are aware that he no longer uses notebooks. With his Palm Vx and the Palm portable keyboard, Joseph takes notes using Word and Excel. The modem, which he installed, allows him to be constantly connected to the internet and have access to all the information he needs for his studies, research and other activities.

Another young Palm expert is Ramiro Medina, a 14-year-old student in Buenos Aires who dedicates part of his free time to the analysis and investigation of applications and capabilities for all Palm products. Less than a year ago, Ramiros parents gave him a Palm Vx as a reward for good grades. Since then, Ramiro's knowledge of handheld systems, including their possible applications, has grown, along with his curiosity regarding the Palm platform.

Today, Ramiro has his own web site (, where he gives recommendations and advice, publishes his analyses or opinions about products and applications, and where Palm users can find more than 350 programs, divided into 22 categories. He also writes for a web page dedicated to Palm usage ( and receives unlimited offers to supply his knowledge to other web sites.

Ramiro enjoys all the features available on his own Palm, including email, the personal agenda, EasyCalc and the games Scorch and Vrally. "The 'to do' application also helps me prioritize my homework, particularly with lengthy projects," he says.

The Palm handheld is a tool that young people can use throughout their daily activities, says Do Vries. "There will always be a model that will suit their individual style and personality."

Because of their slim, lightweight design, Palm handhold computers fit comfortably in one's hand. They have been created with today's dynamic lifestyle in mind, so users can take their Palm anywhere without a hassle. Because of these features, Palm handheld computers have become the most popular model among students looking to organize their schoolwork.
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Publication:Latin Trade
Date:Sep 1, 2001
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