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Even skinners costing fortunes, it seems; LETTERS.

YET another story of a massive cash-out hits the headlines regarding the thousands of Leicester City fans who backed their team at 5,000-1, etc.

Bookmakers have said for weeks it would cost them tens of millions if Leicester win the league and the usual favoured teams, we have been told, would be a good result for them now.

Given most of these thousands of Leicester City fans will probably not have a cash-out option available to them, surely if they do get caught by one of the favoured teams that will be a good result for the bookmakers? Or will it? I await news of the legions of Arsenal or Man City fans who have suddenly landed massive payouts, or the final leg of a Lucky 15 on multiple leagues that have cost the bookmakers another fortune.

I am getting rather sick of this marketing circus regarding cash-outs and the like. It seems bookmakers do not want to lay any losing bet these days, and even when they are looking at a skinner they try to convince us it has cost them a fortune.

I await to read the headline, 'If Pendleton wins the Foxhunter it may halve our share price'.

Paul Maguire

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
Date:Mar 13, 2016
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