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Even less sample prep.

PerkinElmer recently introduced its AxION DSA (Direct Sample Analysis) System that is "unlike anything in the industry," says Hayley Crowe, Mass Spectrometry Detection Product Specialist. "This technology not only allows for fast screening of samples compared to the lengthy traditional chromatographic sample prep methods, but it also requires little to no training." While conventional sample prep requires some sort of extraction, followed by SPE (solid phase extraction) and finally chromatography, the DSA system only requires placement of the sample in the sample holder. The device then directly ionizes the liquid, solid or gas samples at the entrance to a mass spectrometer without sample prep, chromatography or other complicated method development steps. Sample prep time for the DSA is reduced from typically 25 min to just 25 sec. Switching between a DSA and an LC system can be done in less than 2 min without venting the mass spec. The DSA also has built-in calibrant lines that provide good flexibility and enable users to generate accurate mass data, change ionization conditions, or perform semi-quantitative experimentation.

The DSA offers a more secure, efficient and productive environment, according to Crowe. There are no caustic solvents or waste, as in traditional sample prep environments. This eliminates user exposure to these materials, while greatly reducing their costs. There is also no dangerous off-gassing into the lab--excess sample is removed through an integrated exhaust line in the DSA system. The system is quiet, ensuring a safer, more pleasant working environment. And finally, the analysis times are rapid, reducing overhead operating costs.

A typical example of this system's operation is seen in the analysis for personal care products in river water. Existing sample prep protocols for this analysis include lengthy SPE work followed by LC, LCMS or GCMS. Ten ppb spiked river samples are simply filtered, 10 mM of ammonium formate is added and then pipetted onto a mesh. DSA analysis eliminates those steps and confirms the presence of the personal care product contaminants in just 15 sec with minimal sample prep and external calibration.


Industries Using GC for Sample Prep

Agricultural         14%

Biomedical           17%

Biopherma-coutical   14%

Chemical             52%

Environmental        41%

Food and Beverage    24%

Forensics             7%

Pharmacoutical       17%

Note: Table made from bar graph.

Industries Using LC for Sample Prep

Agricultural        21%

Biomedical          30%

Biopherma-coutical  15%

Chemical            48%

Environmental       18%

Food and Beverage   24%

Forensics            8%

Pharmacautical      24%

Note: Table made from bar graph.
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Author:Studt, Tim
Publication:Laboratory Equipment
Date:Jun 1, 2012
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