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Evelyn Waugh and the Battle of Crete.

Dominic Green (see, inter alia, this recent article:, contacted the editors to gauge interest in a possible group trip to Crete, in 2019.

He has been kind enough to sketch out two options: An eight-day tour with a close focus on Waugh, The Sword of Honour, and the Battle of Crete; and an eleven-day tour which also includes the other literature of wartime Crete (Xan Fielding, Patrick Leigh Fermor, William Moss, Dilys Powell), and the major Minoan site (Knossos) and museum (the Heraklion Archaeological Museum). On experience, Dominic would recommend the eleven-day option, for two reasons:

The Leigh Fermor Society tours attracted PLFS members from the US,
Australia & New Zealand. Some of them were making their first and
probably only visit to Crete. There's much more to the island than the
events of 1941, and visitors may want to see as much as possible.
Knossos, despite Sir Arthur Evans' generosity with the concrete, is a
major site, and the Heraklion Archaeological Museum's Minoan
collections are unparalleled.

Arguably, no other theatre of war produced so much literature per
capita. Adding Dilys Powell, Xan Fielding, Billy Moss and Leigh Fermor
allows us to cover the bigger story in which Waugh landed in May 1941.
Specifically, this will allow us to contextualize some of his judgments
on the Battle of Crete itself. Generally, he has found that even
obsessives and experts appreciate a bit of variety now and then.

Dominic's job as Tour Leader would be to make sure that everything happened on schedule. He would also do general guiding, but the specialists would do the military and historical sides, and any government-owned sites: Chris White, the leading battlefield historian of Crete, and Costas Malamakis, who has identified hundreds of 1941-related sites and directed the Historical Museum of Heraklion. Maria Ververakis is a wonderful guide to the Minoans.

Ten is enough to benefit from minimal economies of scale, and twenty is the maximum before things become unwieldy and impersonal. If there's a very strong response, it would be preferable to run successive groups of fifteen, rather than one group of thirty. The Society will contribute to defray the cost. If you are interested in reserving a place, please let Antony Vickery ( know so an estimate can be assembled.

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