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Evaporator withstands corrosive acids, solvents.

Genevac's Acid-Resistant EZ-2 Plus Evaporator uses inert and corrosion-proof materials to withstand up to 6N hydrochloric acid, 70% nitric acid and most acid chlorides, including thionyl chloride. These strongly acidic materials can be routinely removed from samples without any loss of performance or long-term deterioration in the system. Acid-resistant components in the evaporator include a PTFE-coated evaporation chamber, a glass condenser and all metallic parts coming into contact with removed solvent. The design presents advantages for all scientists and engineers tasked with removing both regular solvents and strongly acidic chemicals. Intuitive controls and a large LCD display provide ease-of-use. Genevac Ltd., +44 1473 240000

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Title Annotation:UPDATE ON Reagents, Solvents & Chemicals
Publication:Laboratory Equipment
Date:Apr 1, 2013
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