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India: 70-year-old Indian widower duped in a marriage scam, suffers minor heart attack. Jul 29, 2020 544
India: Uttarakhand cops stab key into man's forehead for not wearing helmet, tweeps shocked by police brutality. Jul 29, 2020 331
Here are 5 UAE-based artists to follow this week on Instagram. Jul 28, 2020 396
K-Pop singer Lee Sun-mi faces backlash over viral TikTok video 'mocking Indian culture'. Jul 28, 2020 420
India: Girl plots her own kidnapping with boyfriend, asks for a ransom of Rs1 crore (Dh490,337) from her father. Jul 28, 2020 336
UAE weather: Temperatures to hit 46A-C, it might rain in some areas. Jul 27, 2020 351
Update: Kerala serial killer Jolly Joseph - here's what we know so far about the cyanide murders. Jul 27, 2020 1398
China: Wuhan family rushes to hospital to get tested for COVID-19 after finding dead baby bat in soup. Jul 27, 2020 495
India: Female stray dog raped by 40-year-old man in Maharashtra, social media users furious. Jul 27, 2020 420
COVID-19 India: Woman who holds a doctorate degree forced to sell vegetables due to lack of jobs, amid the coronavirus pandemic. Jul 26, 2020 627
India: Driven by extreme poverty due to COVID-19, a migrant labourer sold his 15-day-old daughter for Rs45,000 (Dh2,212). Jul 26, 2020 407
India: Civic officials allegedly overturned 14-year-old egg seller's cart for not paying bribe. Jul 24, 2020 380
India: Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and 8 others likely to be questioned in fake followers scam. Jul 23, 2020 392
Watch: Delhi mum and alert neighbours foil abduction bid of a four-year-old child, uncle arrested. Jul 23, 2020 459
India: Journalist Vikram Joshi who was shot in front of his daughters near Delhi, dies. Jul 22, 2020 384
Viral: Australian man travels 32kms for "the perfect" butter chicken, ends up paying over Dh6,000 as fine for breaking COVID-19 lockdown rules. Jul 22, 2020 437
India: Dalit man allegedly stripped and assaulted by 13 for touching an 'upper-caste' man's bike. Jul 21, 2020 508
India: Journalist shot in front of daughters near Delhi, incident caught on CCTV. Jul 21, 2020 495
UAE weather: Temperatures to hit 47A-C, it will be partly cloudy in some areas. Jul 20, 2020 250
UAE: Look! 5 Instagram art accounts to follow this week. Jul 20, 2020 380
Coronavirus: Pakistan reporter accidentally interacts with a COViD-19 patient without a mask, video goes viral. Jul 20, 2020 314
India - Watch: Rainwater pours through a hospital's ceiling 'like waterfall', in a ward housing COViD-19 patients. Jul 20, 2020 310
India: Man files police complaint against tailor over 'short underwear'. Jul 19, 2020 223
India: Man strips naked for 'WhatsApp girlfriend', blackmailers demand Rs50,000 (Dh2,549) to get rid of the video. Jul 19, 2020 397
Indian news channel faces Twitter backlash after using K-Pop sensation BlackPink's video while airing a report on 'strippers'. Jul 18, 2020 434
India: Dalit couple in Madhya Pradesh consume pesticide after being forced to watch their crops being bulldozed. Jul 16, 2020 760
India: Kerala photographer finds 'dead man' alive, saves his life. Jul 15, 2020 356
India: UP farmer's son secures 100 per cent scholarship in an Ivy League University in the United States. Jul 15, 2020 419
India: Politician Akhilesh Yadav mocked for saying Google Maps should be used to probe Vikas Dubey encounter. Jul 15, 2020 311
India: BJP minister 'forcibly' got houses on an entire street painted in saffron colour, residents lodge FIR. Jul 15, 2020 423
India: Suspecting husband of having an affair, woman blocks his car on a Mumbai road, video goes viral. Jul 14, 2020 364
India: Bollywood actor Salman Khan trolled for tweeting a photo of himself covered in mud, paying 'respect to farmers'. Jul 14, 2020 464
India: Pregnant woman dies after being allegedly beaten up by husband and in-laws for dowry. Jul 14, 2020 546
UAE weather: Temperatures to hit 50A-C, it might rain in these areas. Jul 13, 2020 251
Indian YouTuber Shubham Mishra detained for issuing rape and death threats to Indian comedienne Agrima Joshua. Jul 13, 2020 459
Indian ascetic arrested for allegedly raping 10 minor boys after giving them alcohol as 'coronavirus medicine'. Jul 13, 2020 463
India: Currency notes worth Rs3.50 Crore (Dh1.7 million) seized during raid on tour firms in Delhi. Jul 12, 2020 486
India: Mumbai-based comedienne Agrima Joshua got rape threats over Chhatrapati Shivaji joke, tweeps outraged. Jul 12, 2020 708
India: Twitter users hail Tamil Nadu postman who trekked 15km daily, through thick forests, to deliver mails for 30 years. Jul 9, 2020 401
India: A Gujarat father fought for a no-religion, no-caste school-leaving certificate, and won. Jul 9, 2020 606
India: Meet 'Bob-cut Sengamalam', a Tamil Nadu temple elephant famous for her hairstyle. Jul 9, 2020 453
India: Mumbai cops help destitute woman deliver baby on roadside after ambulance was delayed due to heavy rains. Jul 9, 2020 457
COVID-19 India: Burglars wearing PPE kits break into a jewellery store in Maharashtra, walk away with 780gm gold. Jul 8, 2020 258
India: 55-year-old man held for raping a cow in Bhopal, Indian Twitter users are angry. Jul 8, 2020 371
India: Bihar teacher attempts suicide after not being paid salary for five years, photo goes viral. Jul 8, 2020 568
Street food vending machine: Man in India comes to the rescue of street food lovers with a 'pani puri ATM', amid COVID-19 pandemic. Jul 7, 2020 356
UAE weather: Sunny day ahead, temperatures to hit over 48A-C. Jul 6, 2020 207
Coronavirus in India: Man sprays sanitiser on employee's genitals over COVID-19 lockdown expenses. Jul 6, 2020 353
Coronavirus in India: Hyderabad man commits suicide over fears of having contracted COVID-19. Jul 6, 2020 348
India: Man arrested for allegedly paying Rs1 crore (Dh492,303.21) to have his father-in-law murdered. Jul 6, 2020 404
India: Two days before her wedding, 19-year-old girl shot dead by stalker in Uttar Pradesh. Jul 5, 2020 405
Biryani battle: Indian restaurant says only Hyderabadi biryani is real biryani, everything else is just 'pulao'. Jul 5, 2020 376
India: Animal activists in Delhi left bloodied by locals for helping stray dogs, founder narrates ordeal in viral video. Jul 5, 2020 639
India: Viral video of a monkey killed by hanging in a Telangana village, to warn other monkeys, sparks outrage on Twitter. Jul 2, 2020 473
Coronavirus: Viral video of Indian officials dumping bodies of COVID-19 victims into pit, in Karnataka, sparks outcry on Twitter. Jul 2, 2020 535
India: Denied admission in 18 hospitals over COVID-19 fears, man dies of 'breathlessness'. Jul 1, 2020 665
Indian woman divorced for refusing to wear 'sindoor', order by Guwahati High Court. Jun 30, 2020 572
India: Kerala father, children thrown out of rented room over COVID-19 suspicions, sleep on the streets. Jun 30, 2020 493
Coronavirus: Meet Swati Raval, the first Indian female pilot to command a rescue flight during the COVID-19 pandemic. Jun 30, 2020 1214
India: Andhra Pradesh tourism official brutally beats up co-worker who asked him to wear a mask, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Jun 30, 2020 375
India: Andhra Pradesh tourism official suspended for beating up co-worker who asked him to wear a mask, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Jun 30, 2020 464
India: Kerala actor Dharmajan questioned for connection with gang that forced models to become escorts, and blackmailed Shamna Kasim. Jun 29, 2020 705
India: Man rapes daughter after giving her sleeping pills instead of medicines for cold. Jun 29, 2020 408
India: Police arrest Kerala gang that forces models to becomes escorts and targeted actress Shamna Kasim. Jun 28, 2020 827
India: Police arrest Kerala gang that forces models to become escorts and targeted actress Shamna Kasim. Jun 28, 2020 827
Apple caught TikTok secretly spying on millions of iPhone users. Jun 28, 2020 337
India: 16-year-old TikTok star Siya Kakkar dies by suicide, leaving social media users shocked. Jun 25, 2020 565
India: Internet helps 93-year-old woman reunite with family after 40 years, amid COVID-19 lockdown. Jun 25, 2020 622
India: COVID-19 positive convict uses coronavirus as a tool to threaten, escape from cops. Jun 25, 2020 450
India: Six cases of gold smuggling in 48 hours, as Kerala airports reopened after COVID-19 lockdown. Jun 24, 2020 562
UAE: Dusty, warm weather, temperatures to hit 45A-C. Jun 23, 2020 245
India: Man kills wife, flies to Kolkata to kill mother-in-law, before shooting himself. Jun 23, 2020 423
India: 57 minor girls at a children's shelter home found COVID-19 positive, five are pregnant and one HIV positive. Jun 22, 2020 674
Tea seller's daughter becomes Indian Air Force Officer after topping academy, receives Indian President's Plaque. Jun 22, 2020 482
India: 57 girls at a children's shelter home found COVID-19 positive, five are pregnant and one HIV positive. Jun 22, 2020 673
#SolarEclipse2020: Top social media trend in the UAE, and around the world. Here are some reader photos... Jun 21, 2020 278
India: UK journalist Laura Spinney drawn into Kerala political spat, responds on Twitter. Jun 21, 2020 450
New York man born without arms and knee joints becomes a TikTok sensation with 15 million viewers. Jun 21, 2020 411
Indian man loses over Dh81,000 to 'woman of his dreams' he met on matrimonial site. Jun 21, 2020 474
UAE: Temperatures to hit 48A-C, partly cloudy weather forecast in some areas. Jun 20, 2020 241
India: Gujarat police fail to act upon complaint of animal abuse because it was in English. Jun 18, 2020 465
India: Drunk groom picks a fight over sweets at his wedding, kills bride's brother, runs SUV over three others. Jun 18, 2020 390
Heartbroken Chinese woman smashes plane window mid-flight in drunken haze, forcing an emergency landing. Jun 17, 2020 371
UAE: Hot and dusty day ahead, temperatures to hit 48A-C. Jun 16, 2020 243
Watch: Robbers return valuables they stole from delivery person in Pakistan, hugged him after he broke down in tears. Jun 16, 2020 396
Coronavirus India: A 25-year-old auto driver in Bihar killed himself due to lack of money to feed family. Jun 16, 2020 505
Black Lives Matter protests: A black protester carried a 'far-right' protester to safety after he was beaten up in clashes in London, photo goes viral. Jun 14, 2020 631
Coronavirus India: No medical help, Uttar Pradesh man prepares COVID-19 positive father's body for cremation all alone. Jun 14, 2020 580
UAE: Hot and dusty day ahead, temperatures to hit 46A-C. Jun 13, 2020 214
Coronavirus: Indian nurse in UK honoured for taking care of critical COVID-19 patients while leaving her infant daughter at home. Jun 11, 2020 325
Coronavirus: Mumbai's popular Dabbawalas tiffin service faces financial crisis amid India's COVID-19 lockdown. Jun 11, 2020 450
Coronavirus: WHO backtracks on comment about 'asymptomatic transmission' of COVID-19, sparks debate on Twitter. Jun 10, 2020 601
Coronavirus: Sheikh Hamdan shares letter for COVID-19 frontline workers in the UAE. Jun 10, 2020 347
UAE weather: Temperatures to hit 47A-C, and partly cloudy weather with chances of rainfall in some areas. Jun 9, 2020 251
Netizens applaud Kerala farmer's daughter who fought poverty and cracked one of India's toughest Civil Services exam. Jun 8, 2020 432
Coronavirus India: Kerala farmer's daughter who fought poverty to become a Civil Services officer, now leads COVID-19 fight in Karnataka's Kodagu. Jun 8, 2020 610
Coronavirus India: Meet Annies Kanmani Joy, a Kerala farmer's daughter who leads the COVID-19 fight in Karnataka's Kodagu. Jun 8, 2020 611
Coronavirus India: Rajasthan cop pins down man using knee in fight over masks, in a 'near-repeat of #GeorgeFloyd case'. Jun 7, 2020 364
Coronavirus India: Outrage in Puducherry as health workers caught on camera throwing COVID-19 victim's body into grave. Jun 7, 2020 377
Viral video: US cop hugs tearful five-year-old protester after she asks 'are you gonna shoot us?', during a George Floyd protest. Jun 7, 2020 452

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