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Shared ministry: Survey finds tension between professional and 'missionary' campus ministers. Schlumpf, Heidi Mar 20, 2020 1571
Billy Graham Receives the Ten Commandments: American Jewish Interfaith Relations in the Age of Evangelicalism. Weiss, Amy Essay Jan 1, 2019 9804
Ann Yearsley's "Brutus" and the Evangelical Epic Poem. Leporati, Matthew Critical essay Jun 22, 2018 15361
Newton Arvin and the Police: Contexts for The Scarlet Professor. Horowitz, Helen Lefkowitz Mar 22, 2018 2570
Bridge to the future: Encuentros hear Latino concerns. Feb 23, 2018 1204
Fighting 'toxic evangelicalism'. Feb 23, 2018 156
Curiosity, questions and time. Coday, Dennis Editorial Jun 16, 2017 816
Living in ambiguity: mission Formation as Living among Counter-communities. Cruchley, Peter Essay Jun 1, 2017 4868
Missional formation for transforming discipleship: a response. Holman, Jo Ella Report Jun 1, 2017 2843
Case study on together towards life and ministerial formation. Kirkpatrick, Clifton Case study Jun 1, 2017 1596
Toward a cosmic and holistic mission: a biblical reflection on romans 8:14-24a. Ham, Adolfo Essay Jun 1, 2017 2286
The World Mission Conference 2018: an approach from Germany. Anders, Christoph Conference news Jun 1, 2017 6914
Laity carry on the journey to peace: in Northern Ireland, Cursillo has helped change ex-combatants' lives. Mac Donald, Sarah Jun 3, 2016 1533
Born-again Brethren in Christ: Anabaptism, evangelicalism, and the cultural transformation of a plain people. Manzullo-Thomas, Devin C. Essay Apr 1, 2016 15855
The joy of the gospel amid the crisis of communal commitment. Kudiyiruppil, Mary John Report Nov 1, 2015 5551
Chapter Five of Evangelii Gaudium: spirit-filled evangelizers. Cruz, Gemma Tulud Report Nov 1, 2015 2341
Life, joy, and love: together towards Life in dialogue with Evangelii Gaudium and The Cape Town Commitment. Bevans, Stephen Report Nov 1, 2015 4352
Logo for holy year unveiled. Brief article May 22, 2015 152
Evangelical crisis hotline finds new future with Catholic diocese. Sweas, Megan Jun 6, 2014 1750
A Lutheran response to Weigel's Evangelical Catholicism. Rinehart, Larry Essay Sep 22, 2013 3202
Deacons are vital to new evangelization: the challenge is to take the Gospel beyond existing church structures. Ditewig, William T. Feb 1, 2013 1097
Specialized, ecclesial ideography: the in the Catholic Church. Bennett-Carpenter, Benjamin R.; McCallion, Michael J. Report Dec 22, 2012 8187
People of paradox. Hamilton, Karen A. Column Jun 22, 2011 1743
Temoigner avant et apres la guerison: ce que le temoignage fait a la communaute. Monnot, Christophe; Gonzalez, Philippe Critical essay Mar 22, 2011 7864
New Vatican agency to combat 'de-Christianization'. Oct 29, 2010 398
Obstacles to evangelization. Editorial Oct 29, 2010 968
We've got spirit! Catholics can learn a thing or two from our evangelical sisters and brothers. Gary, Heather Grennan May 1, 2010 2967
Evangelization, visual technologies, and indigenous responses: the South American Missionary Society in the Paraguayan Chaco. Martinez, Alejandro Essay Apr 1, 2010 4036
The waters of rebirth: the eighteenth century and transoceanic Protestant Christianity. Roeber, A.G. Essay Mar 1, 2010 16812
Evangelical networks in the greater Caribbean and the origins of the black church. Catron, John W. Essay Mar 1, 2010 18297
My pilgrimage in mission. Cleary, Edward L. Personal account Jan 1, 2010 4246
"Family values" and the formation of a Christian right agenda. Dowland, Seth Report Sep 1, 2009 12019
The rich history of evangelical feminism. Haddad, Mimi Aug 1, 2009 2243
(Re)moved by the Holy Spirit. Kramer, Hugh Personal account Jul 1, 2009 982
"I will bless those who bless you". Spector, Stephen Essay Jun 22, 2009 4417
Meet the New Paul, same as the old Paul: Michael Wychograd, Kendall Soulen, and the new problem of supersessionism. Plevan, William Report Jun 1, 2009 4724
Promise Keepers invite women. Brief article May 1, 2009 148
An inclusive vision of the church. Excerpt Apr 1, 2009 442
What should Christians do about a shaman-progenitor?: evangelicals and ethnic nationalism in South Korea. Lee, Timothy S. Essay Mar 1, 2009 16072
A message "to all people" the missionary task of Protestant churches in Europe--in the light of Barmen's sixth thesis. Bunker, Michael Report Mar 1, 2009 3614
What are the emerging consensus issues in the intersection of religion and public policy/politics between Evangelicals and Jews? Tonkowich, James W. Report Jan 1, 2009 4111
Evangelicals and Jews in common cause. Breger, Marshall J. Essay Jan 1, 2009 5930
The odd couple: Jews and premillennial dispensational fundamentalism (P.S. "and its cousins"). Marty, Martin E. Report Jan 1, 2009 6783
The computer revolution and its impact on evangelical mission research and strategy. Jaffarian, Michael Essay Jan 1, 2009 5201
Why doesn't Canada have an American-style Christian right? A comparative framework for analyzing the political effects of evangelical subcultural identity. Bean, Lydia; Gonzalez, Marco; Kaufman, Jason Report Sep 22, 2008 16488
'Dining with the devil': the unique secularization of American evangelical churches. Watson, J.B., Jr.; Scalen, Walter H., Jr. Sep 22, 2008 4975
Will evangelicals hail Mary? Sep 22, 2008 332
An evangelical manifesto. Wallis, Jim Jul 1, 2008 1036
Beyond evangelical right and left. Brief article Jul 1, 2008 227
Explaining new forms of evangelical activism in Northern Ireland: comparative perspectives from the USA and Canada. Ganiel, Gladys Jun 22, 2008 8060
A generation comes of age. Wallis, Jim Jun 1, 2008 1034
Finding my religion: the emerging church aims to help Christians live and worship more authentically and to make the church more relevant today. Young Christians--mainline and evangelical, Catholic and Protestant--are seeking new ways to connect their faith to action ... and in doing so [drum roll] change the world. Green, Amy Jun 1, 2008 2054
Religion and race. Heltzel, Peter Jun 1, 2008 1039
Interpreting the Dutch great awakening (1749-1755). van Lieburg, Fred Jun 1, 2008 8516
The origin and characteristics of evangelical Protestantism in Korea at the turn of the twentieth century. Ryu, Dae Young Jun 1, 2008 12453
Think evangelicals vote in lockstep? Meet the Routhe family. Henneberger, Melinda Cover story Apr 1, 2008 1316
Hillary's prayer: for 15 years, Hillary Clinton has been part of a secretive religious group that seeks to bring Jesus back to Capitol Hill. Is she triangulating--or living her faith? Joyce, Kathryn; Sharlet, Jeff Sep 1, 2007 3101
Imagining what might be. Larivee, Rita Aug 31, 2007 572
The triumph of evangelical catholicism. Allen, John L., Jr. Cover story Aug 31, 2007 2157
Liberal Catholicism endures in pastoral church. Allen, John L., Jr. Aug 31, 2007 863
Keeping Christians cool. Brief article Feb 1, 2007 154
The origins of southern evangelicalism: revivalism in South Carolina, 1700-1740. Little, Thomas J. Dec 1, 2006 18937
Evangelical strength in Latin America is homegrown. Allen, John L., Jr. Aug 25, 2006 1981
Evangelicals rally for Israel, warn of Iran threat. Patterson, Margot Jul 28, 2006 1023
Questions which new spiritualities pose to evangelization in Europe (1). Ugeux, Bernard Jul 1, 2006 2642
Catholic evangelicals meet. Brief article Apr 21, 2006 155
The framers and the faithful: how modern evangelicals are ignoring their own history. Waldman, Steven Apr 1, 2006 4692
Europe's evangelization needs Christian unity, says Pope. Brief article Apr 1, 2006 125
Reaching the promised land: young evangelicals gather in Tijuana, bringing God to its notorious streets. Rojas, Josue Feb 24, 2006 1194
Evangelical mainliners vow to stay and fight. Kane, Jason Jan 20, 2006 780
Spirit wars: the spectacular resurgence of evangelical Christianity has obscured the fact that there's another side to the American religious coin. Spiritual seekers, from New Age animists to sober U.S. senators, have a long and honorable lineage in American life--and the potential to inspire a rebirth of liberal politics. Schmidt, Leigh E. Sep 22, 2005 3171
The Evangelical President. Sep 22, 2005 505
Introduction to the special issue on Gender and Christianity. Hall, M. Elizabeth Lewis Sep 22, 2005 2094
Italian lay movement forges alliances; head of U.S. Knights speaks to gathering on working with evangelicals. Allen, John L., Jr. Sep 9, 2005 3147
Student body right: at evangelical colleges like Pat Robertson's Regent, what they're taught and what they learn are two very different things. Hayes, Christopher Sep 1, 2005 4387
The holy spirit, healing and reconciliation: Pentecostal/ Charismatic issues at Athens 2005. Anderson, Allan Jul 1, 2005 5123
Athens 2005: a missiological reflection. Pachuau, Lalsangkima Conference news Jul 1, 2005 4884
Evangelicals and 'creation care'. Jones, Melissa Jun 17, 2005 1552
Who gives the bishop counsel? Apr 8, 2005 850
Journalist aims to expose 'facism' of Christian right. Beyer, Rebecca Apr 1, 2005 648
Not so big, not so freaky: a rad Bible for hip teens. Faiz, Andrew Apr 1, 2005 812
Reflective judgment: seminarians' epistemology in a world of relativism. Dale, Janet L. Mar 22, 2005 5777
Triumphant evangelicals seek passage of conservative social agenda. Banks, Adelle M. Nov 12, 2004 569
Evangelizers aim to build students' faith. Lefevere, Patricia Oct 29, 2004 615
Kerry & the evangelicals. Balmer, Randall Jul 5, 2004 1220
Body and soul: they're reading liberation theology and listening to the world's urban poor. Meet the young evangelicals of Word Made Flesh. Bowman, Kate Jul 1, 2004 1152
Reaching to the choir: think all evangelicals are right-wingers? Don't believe everything you read. Just as many are politically moderate. Can Democrats win their votes? God only knows, it's worth a try. McGarvey, Ayelish Apr 1, 2004 3340
Evangelical social conscience. Wallis, Jim Mar 1, 2004 605
An empire of their own: how born-again Christians turned biblical prophecy into big-time profit. McAlister, Melani Column Sep 22, 2003 3492
The Cross and Crescent in Today's World. Editorial Jul 1, 2003 483
On the road. Calendar Jul 1, 2003 112
Evangelicals stir new animosity toward Islam. (Editorials). Editorial Jun 6, 2003 772
Church as embodiment of Jesus' mission (Matthew 9:36-10:39). Bailey, James L. Jun 1, 2003 4083
Evangelicals ask Williams to speak: olive branch or 'shabby tokenism'? (World). Jun 1, 2003 347
Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO). (Lay Movements XX). O'Reilly, Pierre Mar 1, 2003 856
Evangelicals reluctant to help AIDS orphans, survey indicates. (News). Mar 1, 2003 81
Case study: the Focolare movement--evangelization and contemporary culture. Jan 1, 2003 3348
Francis Schaeffer and C. Everett Koop's Invaluable Impact on Pro-Life Evangelicalism. Land, Richard Jan 1, 2003 915
Mormons and evangelicals fastest growing U.S. faiths. (Frontlines). Brief Article Dec 22, 2002 288
Does social work oppress evangelical Christians? A "new class" analysis of society and social work. Hodge, David R. Oct 1, 2002 9427
The legacy of Robert Reid Kalley. Every-Clayton, Joyce B. Winifred Jul 1, 2002 5510
Evangelicals. (Recordings). Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 89
Beyond self-interest: the political theory and practice of evangelical women in antebellum America. Hall, Mark David Jun 22, 2002 10885
Consultations seek to make evangelism a priority. Larmondin, Leanne Jun 1, 2002 560
Devil's in the details: Andrea Smith Scrutinizes the Christian right's "race reconciliation" movement. (To the Point). Smith, Andrea Statistical Data Included Mar 22, 2002 2229
News Bites. Hunter, Susannah Biography May 1, 2001 372
Evangelism and Proselytism in Russia: Synonyms or Antonyms? Elliott, Mark Apr 1, 2001 2755
Mainline Evangelicals share renewing experience. Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 220
Symbolic traditionalism and pragmatic egalitarianism. Contemporary evangelicals, families, and gender. (Abstracts). Abstract Mar 22, 2001 166
Evangelization, Proselytism, and Common Witness: Roman Catholic-Pentecostal Dialogue on Mission, 1990-1997. Karkkainen, Veli-Matti Jan 1, 2001 5984
Funding Mission in the Early Twentieth Century. Dawson, David G. Statistical Data Included Oct 1, 2000 4103
Evangelicalism in 'Ruth'. Hatano, Yoko Jul 1, 2000 4730
For discussion and reflection. Czegledi, Jim May 1, 2000 382
For discussion and reflection. Czegledi, Jim Apr 1, 2000 624
Making natural contact with non-Christians: #8 in the series on natural church development. Baergen, G. John Apr 1, 2000 784
PROMISE KEEPERS: FOURTH AND TEN? Johnson, Hans Dec 1, 1999 2323
Church, State & the Next Century. Boston, Rob Dec 1, 1999 3212
From Mission to Church: The Heritage of the Church Mission Society. Ajayi, J. F. Ade. Apr 1, 1999 6090
Tradition and modernity in Protestant Christianity. Davies, Alan Feb 1, 1999 6478
Scandal of the Evangelical mind. Book Review Dec 1, 1998 295
Tensions in North American protestantism: an evangelical perspective. DeYoung, Curtiss Paul Jun 22, 1998 2180
Harare as evangelical-ecumenical "kairos." (World Council of Churches, eighth assembly in Harare)("Turn to God - Rejoice in Hope": Unfolding the Eighth Assembly Theme) Vandervelde, George Apr 1, 1998 6222
Lessons on-line: the Internet has turned the tables, technologically, on the religious right. Bawer, Bruce Brief Article Feb 3, 1998 735
Carl F.H. Henry's moral arguments for evangelical political activism. Weeks, David L. Jan 1, 1998 11242
Who were the evangelicals?: conservative and liberal identity in the Unitarian controversy in Boston, 1804-1833. Cayton, Mary Kupiec Dec 22, 1997 11038
(Evangelical) Reformed Church in France studies relations with Lutherans. Oct 1, 1997 155
Studies in Canadian Evangelical renewal: essays in honour of Ian S. Rennie. Book Review Oct 1, 1997 420
Who were the evangelicals?: conservative and liberal identity in the Unitarian Controversy in Boston, 1804-1833. Cayton, Marie Kuplec Sep 22, 1997 11036
Gone fishin': evangelizing, like fishing, means playing the game in another's environment. Taylor, Jim (American writer) Jun 1, 1997 675
New Catholic-evangelical mix surfaces: Catholic Church's social teachings seen as catalyst. Jones, Arthur May 9, 1997 2047
Groups see a crisis, take risk, strategize for poor. Jones, Arthur May 9, 1997 889
Called to one hope: the gospel in diverse cultures. A report on the World Conference on Mission and Evangelism held in Brazil, November 24 to December 3, 1996. Stright, Kenneth Feb 1, 1997 1092
Testing the waters or opening the floodgates? Evangelicals, politics, and the "new" Mexico. Bonicelli, Paul J. Jan 1, 1997 11064
Mission non-colonial: Swiss theologian and playwright Walter Hollenweger calls on Christians to adopt a humbler approach to evangelism. Walter Hollenweger Dec 1, 1996 1419
Latino evangelicos this year's wild card. McConahay, Mary Jo Oct 11, 1996 860
Evangelicalism and the future of Christianity. Book Review Oct 1, 1996 418
Cashing in for Christ. Swomley, John Column Sep 1, 1996 1509
"Through sunshine and shadow": the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, evangelicalism and reform in Ontario, 1874-1930. Book Review Jun 1, 1996 515
Forecasting the future of religion: the next 50 years. Victor, Jeffrey S. May 1, 1996 2556
How shall we witness? Faithful evangelism in a reformed tradition. Book Review May 1, 1996 385
To evangelize or proselytize? Jan 1, 1996 384
Catholic and Evangelical elites in dialogue and alliance. Rutan, Gerard F. Sep 1, 1995 15379
Catholic and Evangelical voting: 1992 and 1994. Kenski, Henry Sep 1, 1995 6691
Pact with Catholics alarms evangelicals. Banks, Adelle M. Mar 10, 1995 676
The Christian Right and the 1994 elections: a view from the states. Green, John C. Mar 1, 1995 2846
The Christian Right in the old dominion: resurgent Republicans or holy war? Wilcox, Clyde; Rozell, Mark J.; Coker, J. Bradford Mar 1, 1995 2394
Rosy scenario: the Republican-white Evangelical alliance holds in Iowa. Nesmith, Bruce Mar 1, 1995 1756
Christians and Quistians in Minnesota. Gilbert, Christopher P. Mar 1, 1995 2780
God and man in Colorado Springs: Salvation City. Cooper, Marc Cover Story Jan 2, 1995 3702
From foreign Foreign Missions to mission to beyond Missions: the historiography of American Protestant Foreign missions since World War II. Robert, Dana L. Oct 1, 1994 11111
Church-state separation still endangered. Doerr, Edd Column Jul 1, 1993 1071
What the religious right can teach the New Democrats: extremists aside, America's evangelicals have a message we all need to hear. Meacham, Jon Cover Story Apr 1, 1993 3663
Chelsea goes to school. Doerr, Edd Column Mar 1, 1993 1200
William Grimshaw, Patrick Bronte and the evangelical revival. Baumber, Michael Biography Nov 1, 1992 3994
Early Victorian essayists. McCoy, Kathleen; Harlan, Judith Reference Source Jan 1, 1992 557
David Mainse: "100 huntley Street". Manuel, David Jan 1, 1986 1885

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