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General Commission for Audiovisual Media Approves Films Ratings. Apr 23, 2018 129
New UAE ratings system for films, games, books. Feb 20, 2018 640
Fitch Ratings assigns Pinewood Group Ltd. IDR of 'BB(EXP)'. Jan 20, 2018 202
Crocodile Dundee beats Del Boy to TOPTV ratings. Dec 23, 2017 335
'Ang Guro Kong 'Di Marunong Magbasa' film rating recovers from X to PG13. Nov 29, 2017 508
Development and properties evaluation of bio-based PLA/PLGA blend films reinforced with microcrystalline cellulose and organophilic silica. Santos, Fernanda Abbate dos; Iulianelli, Gisele Cristina Valle; Tavares, Maria Ines Bruno Report Apr 1, 2017 6605
Uncut 'Fifty Shades Darker' gets R-18 rating. Feb 1, 2017 229
Revolution shifts to evolution: new workflows blur lines between editorial and other departments. Idelson, Karen Jan 24, 2017 972
Time-traveling crew marches to arches: Michael Corenblith and his design team scoured the U.S. to reproduce authentic McDonald's restaurants for 'The Founder'. Hurwitz, Matt Jan 17, 2017 718
Adding up all the critical love: reviewers' assessments point to 'Moonlight,' 'La La Land' as favorites. Tapley, Kristopher Jan 3, 2017 493
Peter Berg's everyday Americans: in 'Patriot's Day,' the director finds the personal drama in a public tragedy. Lang, Brent Jan 3, 2017 640
Studio scorecard. Brief article Nov 15, 2016 112
Ryan Gosling is worried about Emma Stone's red bull intake. Nov 15, 2016 3170
Falling pound pummels U.K. film distributors: Brexit currency woes are taking a toll as the industry heads into AFM. Barraclough, Leo Nov 1, 2016 835
Studio scorecard. Brief article Nov 1, 2016 294
Jeff Nichols on the making of 'loving'. Oct 25, 2016 669
Studio scorecard. Brief article Oct 18, 2016 293
Debut director finds success in 'Space': 'Felicity' alum Amy Jo Johnson spins tumultuous childhood into first feature film. Scharf, Lindzi Oct 18, 2016 695
Studio scorecard. Oct 11, 2016 293
Young talents, dark visions: first-timers and helmers under 40 dominate the lineup with their dystopian points of view. Hopewell, John Sep 13, 2016 518
Indies push post shop into the limelight. Caranicas, Peter Sep 13, 2016 395
Productions. Brief article Sep 6, 2016 110
Studio scorecard. Brief article Aug 30, 2016 112
Film box office grosses. Aug 23, 2016 856
Studio scorecard. Brief article Aug 23, 2016 109
Studio scorecard. Brief article Aug 9, 2016 117
Studio scorecard. Brief article Aug 2, 2016 116
The (limited) crime of the year. Saraiya, Sonia Brief article Jul 20, 2016 190
In production. Brief article Jul 20, 2016 108
Studio scorecard. McClendon, Lamarco Jul 20, 2016 280
What do you like to watch? Jul 1, 2016 1150
The "Out of Africa" effect: in the 30th anniversary year of the release of Out of Africa, the impact of the Academy Award winning film on Kenya's economy and film industry can still be seen ... Constable, Harriet Jul 1, 2016 1094
The movies they came from... and your romance rating. Jun 24, 2016 200
A different role for a familiar face: the character actor best known for HBO's "Big Love" and "Silicon Valley" hopes to make a directorial splash with "Captain Fantastic". Riley, Jenelle Interview Jun 21, 2016 1176
Traditional crafts are alive and thriving: skilled artisans can physically re-create any object ever built in any period of time. Longwell, Todd Jun 21, 2016 686
'The Total Bent'. Brief article Jun 7, 2016 118
Gallic gathering runs global gamut: growing demand for animation fuels range of creative styles in Americas and beyond. Wolff, Ellen Jun 7, 2016 556
Rising toon powers spotlighted in lineup: China, South Korea, and Philippines prove Japan isn't the only animation titan in Asia. Kil, Sonia Jun 7, 2016 389
ILM link makes base a budding powerhouse: deal to offshore commoditized work has sharpened Beijing-based vfx studio's skills. Cohen, David S. Jun 7, 2016 391
Glam event gains social awareness: Celebs, film lovers, and activists mix and mingle in the shadow of Sicily's Mt. Etna. Vivarelu, Nick Jun 7, 2016 781
Everyday they write the songhook: Elvis Costello, Tom Petty, Chic join Nick Jonas and Seymour Stein at ceremony. Barker, Andrew Jun 7, 2016 523
Made-in-California stamp still fits VFX: despite the exodus of many special effects companies from the Golden State, a core of enterprising shops remain. Wolff, Ellen Jun 7, 2016 854
10 best Cannes Films. Brief article May 24, 2016 137
Game-based films banking on stars: with new titles scoring top-tier talent, the maligned video-game genre is making a play for greatness. Tapley, Kristopher Editorial May 24, 2016 584
Summer of love: a romance with punch, the female-led drama 'Me Before You' issues a challenge to Hollywood's superhero-heavy slate. Riley, Jenelle May 24, 2016 1827
Gloria, Gloria, hallelujah! Jessica Elbaum heads up the female-centric Gloria Sanchez Productions division. Riley, Jenelle May 24, 2016 622
Hawaii Fest hits big time with larger crowds, hotter films: BIFF looks ahead to the next generation of filmmakers. Caranicas, Peter May 24, 2016 465
Art form's future in hands of innovators, rebels, bold storytellers and fearless filmmakers. May 3, 2016 2097
Foster's 'Monster' moment: the actor-helmer is in the driver's seat, headed for Cannes and a classic Hollywood moment. Riley, Jenelle Column May 3, 2016 1037
Craig Detweiler, Variety's 2016 Mentor of the Year: Pepperdine prof looks toward future. Gaita, Paul Apr 26, 2016 1194
Is Hollywood losing its punch in China? Frater, Patrick Apr 19, 2016 898
As ratings get more befuddling, how does one measure success? With so many narrow ways to spin the numbers, a show's true viability is open to question. Lowry, Brian Apr 19, 2016 619
Actresses in TV shows ending in midseason. Brief article Apr 19, 2016 103
Film's diverse appeal: Latinos and African-Americans continue to flock to theaters in numbers higher than their proportion of the population. Saperstein, Pat Brief article Apr 19, 2016 226
Film box office grosses. Statistical data Apr 19, 2016 1096
'It is other people's money--you can't force them to give it to you': Terence Davies. Lang, Brent Interview Apr 12, 2016 362
A 'Little' luck led to massive marketshare: the digital stereo pioneer has amplified the big screen experience and earned billions for exhibitors. Idelson, Karen Apr 12, 2016 620
They saw the light--and want you to see it, too: aim is for brighter theater experience in 2D and 3D alike. Longwell, Todd Apr 12, 2016 498
A bid to become 'Movie City': growth of sprocket opera aligns with a cultural boom in the world's country music capital. Feldman, Dana Apr 12, 2016 1022
D.p. tools liven 'confirmation'. Galas, Marj Brief article Apr 12, 2016 169
Production chart. Brief article Apr 12, 2016 131
Jericho axed; Poor ratings mean no second series for Yorkshire 'western' filmed in Huddersfield. Apr 11, 2016 399
Superman vs. Batman on the rooftops of Beirut. Brief article Apr 7, 2016 340
Film box office grosses. Statistical data Apr 5, 2016 1116
'Sea' of dreams: Kimberly Steward's K Period Media, which produced Sundance favorite "Manchester by the Sea," aims to provide indie filmmakers a diversity of opportunity. Setoodeh, Ramin Apr 5, 2016 1195
Topical themes at forefront of Arab films: directors, producers and film institutions aim to reflect 'the world we live in' by addressing issues of terrorism, war and new democracies while adhering to cultural mores. Vivarelli, Nick Apr 5, 2016 742
Production chart. Brief article Apr 5, 2016 117
Hulu clears 'the path': 'parenthood' alums' intriguing new drama about religious movement seeks to convert viewers. Birnbaum, Debra Mar 29, 2016 1906
Production chart. Brief article Mar 29, 2016 146
A Starry Texas launchpad for comedy, genre fare. Setoodeh, Ramin; Prudom, Laura Mar 22, 2016 359
Frances Right Wing declares war on sex: conservative group targets the country's film classification board ratings; moviemakers cry censorship. Keslassy, Elsa Mar 22, 2016 765
Birgitte Hjort Sorensen: Danish actress crosses easily between genres and languages. Keslassy, Elsa Brief article Mar 22, 2016 277
Superhero Status for Zimmer Acolyte. Greiving, Tim Mar 22, 2016 587
The Young Messiah. Schager, Nick Brief article Mar 15, 2016 143
Yesteryear's forbidden fruit. Coday, Dennis Mar 11, 2016 639
SXSW fires up buzz machine for movies. Setoodeh, Ramin Mar 8, 2016 1002
Studio scorecard. Brief article Mar 8, 2016 113
Staying power. Mar 8, 2016 817
Rauf. Weissberg, Jay Brief article Mar 8, 2016 127
A Dragon Arrives! Lodge, Guy Brief article Mar 8, 2016 120
London Has Fallen. Lodge, Guy; Najafi, Babak Mar 8, 2016 922
Picture of a winner: third time is still a charm for "The Revenant" cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, who beats the cold to win the gold. Riley, Jenelle Mar 2, 2016 2052
'Spotlight': the film everyone loved: few could argue with the winner for best picture. Mar 2, 2016 1167
Film box office crosses. Statistical table Mar 2, 2016 1260
In Gaul we trust through two devastating terrorist attacks and political unrest, France celebrates its core filmic identity. Debruge, Peter Mar 2, 2016 908
Win a double pass to see A Bigger Splash in Cinemas March 24. Brief article Mar 1, 2016 135
Can awards shows stop their slow ratings decline? Brief article Feb 23, 2016 151
Film box office grosses. Statistical data Feb 9, 2016 1332
Studio scorecard. Brief article Feb 9, 2016 114
A culture in crisis boosts big screen themes: nominated helmers explore issues of familial collapse and financial ruin. Adams, Thelma Feb 9, 2016 820
Bigger is the new better in cinema: it's not always 'best' directing but 'more' directing that wins the gold. Verini, Bob Feb 9, 2016 408
The big shoot: from cramped spaces to wide spaces, directors tackle weighty issues in race. Feb 9, 2016 1113
Rookies rule writing field: Acad faves Tarantino, Allen and Sorkin elbowed aside for tyro nominees. Verini, Bob Feb 9, 2016 703
Fantasy battles reality, but all share originality: true stories vie against sci-fi dreams, real emotions. Saval, Malina Feb 9, 2016 578
Scripts adapted from books hook voters: nominees do justice to source material. Chagollan, Steve Feb 9, 2016 594
Among D.P. finalists, tech is merely a tool: while esteemed lensers say the end is more important than the means, vintage lenses and new cameras up ante. Heuring, David Feb 9, 2016 647
Top-flight lensers elaborate on craft: from analog fans to digital practitioners, d.p.'s choose approaches that match themes. Chagollan, Steve Feb 9, 2016 778
Artisan duos drive films to kudos: when production and costume designers are in sync, directors are happy and the final product shines. Dawn, Bandee Feb 9, 2016 824
This year's crop of films posed varied challenges. Feb 9, 2016 524
Brazil boost: RT Features backs festival hits and home-grown titles from rising stars. Hopewell, John Feb 9, 2016 659
The grateful eight: 'Empire' star, concerned college students and influential Baltimore-based pastor are among this year's Chairman's Award recipients. Saval, Medina Feb 3, 2016 519
Film box office grosses. Statistical data Jan 26, 2016 1078
Studio scorecard. Brief article Jan 26, 2016 111
Local laffers fight force with comic chops: European comedies slay local audiences, giving producers a lift vs. Hollywood tentpoles. Vivarelli, Nick Jan 26, 2016 724
A design for life's journey. Galas, Marj Brief article Jan 26, 2016 189
Media frenzy over El Chapo interview obscures brutality. Heineman, Matthew Column Jan 13, 2016 658
Box office in Orbit: the upcoming year may not shatter domestic records, but a bevy of blockbusters may keep returns near 2015's apogee. Ault, Susanne Statistical data Jan 13, 2016 393
Rampling digs deep within for '45 Years'. Lodge, Guy Interview Jan 5, 2016 452
They may not be contenders: but these players have unforgettable scenes in 2015 releases, too. Gray, Tim Dec 29, 2015 519
Jennifer Jason Leigh & Seth Rogen. Discussion Dec 29, 2015 1483
Brooklyn. Gray, Tim Dec 29, 2015 540
Models of Innovation Laika's signature blend of high-tech and handmade has other toon studios watching its next step. Debruge, Peter Dec 15, 2015 1426
Stalking the elusive blockbuster: Quirky, dark tales won't define Laika's future slate, promise its leaders. Cohen, David S. Dec 15, 2015 524
'Kubo' embarks on epic quest fantasy folds origami into its design. Cohen, David S. Brief article Dec 15, 2015 205
Angelina's moody blues; Movies. Dec 11, 2015 384
5 Trends making the movie biz lose sleep. Lang, Brent Dec 8, 2015 499
Film box office grosses. Dec 8, 2015 1026
Grateful mates: Quentin Tarantino and Samuel L. Jackson are happy to be in each other's company again in controversial and timely Western 'The Hateful Eight'. Tapley, Kristopher Dec 8, 2015 2837
Virtual reality barks and bites: new tech frontier dynamically pulls viewers into the action. Prange, Stephanie Dec 8, 2015 639
Paul Feig ain't afraid of no reboots: 'Bridesmaids,' 'Spy' helmer doesn't want a single joke to be missed, which means big win for home viewers. Tribbey, Chris Dec 8, 2015 477
Filmgoing in France rebounds from attacks. Hopewell, John; Keslassy, Elsa Brief article Nov 24, 2015 274
Rialto rocks and roars to virtual reality. Cox, Cordon Nov 24, 2015 611
Worthy actors crowd supporting Oscar ring. Tapley, Kristopher Nov 24, 2015 736
'Ryan told me they were interested in casting a musician': Tessa Thompson. Holmes, Mannie Brief article Nov 24, 2015 282
Film box office grosses. Statistical data Nov 24, 2015 1029
Why good films fail: a casual study in awards season ennui: the year's best films draw some of its worst returns. Well-considered reasons abound. Bart, Peter Nov 17, 2015 649
Oscar's weird science perplexes pros and pundits: in the immortal words of William Goldman, 'Nobody knows anything.' And in this year of love 'em or hate 'em works from vets and rising stars, the adage is truer than ever. Gray, Tim Nov 10, 2015 628
Top of their game: it's an elite feat to score noms in two of the Acad's top eight categories, but these films have a legitimate shot. Nov 10, 2015 1367
Moore will appeal 'Where to Invade' rating. Brief article Nov 3, 2015 121
AFI Fest Berth is a mixed bag for awards hopefuls. Tapley, Kristopher Nov 3, 2015 697
Cate Blanchett insists 'Truth' is not a biopic. Gray, Tim Interview Nov 3, 2015 439
Studio scorecard. Brief article Nov 3, 2015 111
Robert De Niro. Saval, Malina Interview Nov 3, 2015 400
Ripped from the headlines: 'spotlight' recounts how heroic reporters broke the story of the Catholic Church's cover-up of child molestation--the kind of investigative journalism that's in short supply today as newspapers struggle to survive. Rainey, James Oct 27, 2015 2620
Maestros en Masse: fresh and established artists pack lively race. Chagollan, Steve Brief article Oct 27, 2015 272
Dramatizing the body politic: pics that deal with self-expression, gender rights pervade awards landscape. Anderson, John Oct 27, 2015 943
Against all odds: in a handful of high-profile films, characters struggle to survive in extreme conditions. Tapley, Kristopher Oct 27, 2015 702
Elevated genre works train eyes on the prize. Chang, Justin Oct 27, 2015 471
A 26-gun salute: from epic visions to chamber dramas, a select crop of 2015 standouts packs quite a punch. Tapley, Kristopher Oct 27, 2015 1125
Mendes shakes, stirs franchise: Helmer enlivens, deepens Ian Fleming's treasured series. Debruge, Peter Oct 27, 2015 648
Film box office grosses. Statistical data Oct 20, 2015 1195
Studio scorecard. Brief article Oct 20, 2015 108
Tarantino plots two ways to screen 'Hateful Eight'. Tapley, Kristopher Oct 13, 2015 524
Studio scorecard. Brief article Sep 29, 2015 116
Emmy politics get dicier: the marriage between the broadcast networks and the TV Academy walks a razor's edge as ratings decline, and rivals collect more trophies. Lowry, Brian Sep 23, 2015 1011
How tracking fails diverse movies. Lang, Brent; McNary, Dave Sep 23, 2015 538
Toronto Film Festival 2015. Bryant, Jacob Sep 23, 2015 678
Pan. Barker, Andrew Sep 23, 2015 1082
Forsaken. Barker, Andrew Brief article Sep 23, 2015 140
Maggie's Plan. Harvey, Dennis Sep 23, 2015 681
Captive. Berkshire, Geoff Sep 23, 2015 871
Studio scorecard. Brief article Sep 15, 2015 120
Roger Deakins relies on gut instinct: celebrated d.p.'s spare, visceral approach to his craft results in astounding imagery. Chagollan, Steve Sep 15, 2015 1822
'What struck me the most were his little sneakers'. Sep 3, 2015 407
Upcoming films reveal another side of composer: more serious fare looms. Burlingame, Jon Interview Aug 24, 2015 331
Fox news' effort to steer GOP to center is trumped by its past: network that enabled the Donald's radical rise can't cure what Ailes the republican party. Lowry, Brian Aug 18, 2015 604
'Straight Outta Compton' premiere. Brief article Aug 18, 2015 101
'Everyone needs to feel they're an integral part of the film': Lakeith Stanfield. Barker, Andrew Interview Aug 11, 2015 270
For the fallen Ryan Kavanaugh, hollyopathy is a perpetual state: relativity may be in bankruptcy, but the mogul still isn't willing to believe it can't succeed. Bart, Peter Column Aug 11, 2015 523
Thinking inside the box: come hell or high water, physical production chiefs must keep films on budget while serving the sometimes conflicting interests of studio bosses and creatives. Cohen, David S. Aug 11, 2015 3477
Guest nominees on the joys of double dipping: actors recognized as both series regulars and in guest spots appreciate noms spanning comedy and drama. Blair, Iain Aug 4, 2015 948
Richard Rankin: Scottish actor has built a solid foundation in the U.K., but is taking small steps in Hollywood. Barraclough, Leo Brief article Aug 4, 2015 258
Star stunts tough, not 'impossible'. Caranicas, Peter Aug 4, 2015 558
Into the woods. Brief article Aug 4, 2015 105
Video: Tom Cruise in heart-stopping car chase stunt for 'Mission Impossible 5' in Morocco! Brief article Aug 2, 2015 132
Four summer lessons in a super-heated season. Lang, Brent Jul 22, 2015 463
Smoking in movies. Jul 14, 2015 477
'If this show works, it's because of Liz Gillies'. Wagmeister, Elizabeth Interview Jul 14, 2015 275
THIS IS MAKING ME SOUND LIKE A PSYCHOPATH' JUSTIN LONG '; Awkward, loveable and our weird crush, the actor, 37, is the star of new moody romance film, Comet. He talks love scenes with Brit, trying to impress Bruce, and coming across a little bit narcissistic. Jun 28, 2015 878
I wanted to be a priest but picked acting to meet girls; Funny guy actor, 37, is the star of new moody romance film Comet. He talks religion, green tights, fake tan, Britney's hairy legs, and trying to impress Bruce Willis and Uma Thurman. Jun 28, 2015 869
'THIS IS MAKING ME SOUND LIKE A PSYCHOPATH' JUSTIN LONG; Awkward, loveable and our weird crush, the actor, 37, is the star of new moody romance film, Comet. He talks love scenes with Brit, trying to impress Bruce, and coming across a little bit narcissistic. Jun 28, 2015 887
007 takes on Tangiers! Daniel Craig spotted on location for Spectre. Brief article Jun 25, 2015 229
China looking for a few good (Hollywood) heroes. Rainey, Jim Jun 9, 2015 644
Honoree's humor is a breed apart: 'Wild and Crazy Guy' Steve Martin is more than a comedian. Friedlander, Whitney Interview Jun 2, 2015 733
Sampling the best and worst disaster movies. Brief article May 26, 2015 143
A growing band of billionaires tries to make noise in film biz: the one-percenters may own politics, but movies present a tougher challenge. Bart, Peter May 26, 2015 610
Crowe's Starry 'Aloha' surfs under the radar. Rainey, James May 18, 2015 797
'Carol' comes out: Cate Blanchett helps the long-in-development adaptation of Patricia Highsmiths tale of a lesbian relationship reach the bigscreen--and the Croisette. Setoodeh, Mamin Interview May 12, 2015 2582
Meet Cairo's Zabaleen - the "Garbage People" coping with their city's waste problem. Brief article May 6, 2015 239
Cannes puts accent on English-language films. Chang, Justin Apr 21, 2015 509
Studio scorecard. Brief article Apr 21, 2015 108
Monkey see, monkey star in social drama. Dore, Shalini Brief article Apr 21, 2015 199
Studio scorecard. Brief article Apr 14, 2015 107
Production chart. Brief article Apr 14, 2015 151
Matt Damon taken by Jordanian film THEEB: "I can't tell you how impressive this is, I really want to watch it". Brief article Mar 17, 2015 284
'Cinderella' score sets many moods. Burlingame, Jon Interview Mar 17, 2015 551
Is Iran's Green Movement dead? Brief article Mar 9, 2015 297
Essential Vaughn viewing: whether crashing weddings or throwing balls, the actor proves he's still money. Riley, Jenelle Mar 3, 2015 381
Wes world: fans are down with whimsy: combo of locations and sets vaults 'Budapest' to meticulous design levels. Zumberge, Marianne Feb 12, 2015 534
'Apes' takes motion capture to new heights: climactic brawl is staged on imaginary skyscraper. Noonan, Kevin Feb 12, 2015 548
Let's cut to the tape: the clips that play--and the ones that could--at awards shows. Gray, Tim Feb 10, 2015 421
Golden circle has room for outsiders: nominated helmers march to their own box office beat. Grosz, Christy Feb 5, 2015 793
Head Honchos face off: directors flaunt their best moves in tussling for Oscar gold. Grosz, Christy Feb 5, 2015 1113
Clear-eyed chroniclers of the fall: original screenplay writers find a light amid darkness. Adams, Thelma Feb 5, 2015 405
Mortality hangs over 'Boyhood'. Adams, Thelma Brief article Feb 5, 2015 145
Can diversity move beyond fest circuit? Lang, Brent; Setoodeh, Ramin Feb 3, 2015 439
Silence shouts loudest of all: the absence of sound can say as much as a symphony. Farinella, David John Brief article Feb 3, 2015 233
Making the cut. Caranicas, Peter Jan 28, 2015 2240
Production chart. Statistical table Jan 28, 2015 147
A fiscal chill blows across the sharpest edge of satire: words of support for creative freedom sound nice, but the proof will be in the producing. Lowry, Brian Jan 20, 2015 608
Smaller scale: as studios cut back on feature films, PGA steps up efforts to help independent producers. McNary, Dave Jan 20, 2015 898
Cool heads focus on hot titles: scene is less frenzied as bizzers turn to pre-buys and step more cautiously into sales fray. Goldstein, Gregg Jan 20, 2015 1422
Dark pic pair shot in L.A. Caranicas, Peter Brief article Jan 14, 2015 219
Can box office sway voters? Riley, Jenelle Brief article Jan 6, 2015 329
Five to catch on the Bigscreen. Gray, Tim Brief article Jan 6, 2015 127
Foreign press casts wide net in film: sizing up the bigscreen nominees from gritty dramas to magical realism and historical fiction. Jan 6, 2015 3348
What the HFPA gets right: smallscreen accolades reach out in the right direction despite challenges. Lowry, Brian Jan 6, 2015 567
David Bailey and the Stones: working-class heroes: celeb photographer and his rocking subjects defined London's swinging '60s with pop art that endures. Chagollan, Steve Interview Jan 6, 2015 405
Skeletons in the Nation's Cupboard Warwick Thornton on being an Aboriginal artist. Redwood, Thomas Interview Dec 22, 2014 2206
Editor's letter. Eller, Claudia Editorial Dec 17, 2014 414
No country for gold men? Specialty film market's woes make Oscars a rough game. Goldstein, Gregg Dec 17, 2014 1153
Adapted screenplay. Verini, Bob Dec 17, 2014 407
Anderson's L.A. trip: the quintessential Valley boy director interprets pynchon's chill beach boy vibe. Foundas, Scott Dec 16, 2014 1782
French accent for China's Oscar hope. Caranicas, Peter Dec 16, 2014 476
Using the right tech to tell the story well: latest hardware gives lensers more choices, but capturing directors vision is always the goal. Hearing, David Dec 11, 2014 580
Creating worlds in reality and in the mind: from period to prison camp to fantasy, this year's films span a world of looks and texures. Longwell, Todd Dec 11, 2014 514
Stitching a look with textures and colors: whether working in period or fantasy, these artists know what it takes to clothe their characters. Idelson, Karen Dec 11, 2014 490
Masters of timing, shapers of stories: one of this year's films appears to be a single take, another tells a tale that extends over 12 years. Idelson, Karen Dec 11, 2014 488
Enhancing auds' audio experience: sucking metal, whizzing artillery and bloody murder are among this year's soundscapes. Farinella, David John Dec 11, 2014 587
Sundance by the numbers. Chang, Justin Dec 9, 2014 398
Its easier, but at times uglier, to find news of our heroes: though the proliferance of media produces more info we want, it's not always what we like. Lowry, Brian Dec 9, 2014 627
Studio scorecard. Weinstein, Shelli Brief article Dec 9, 2014 111
Artists at the helm. Dec 9, 2014 3555
Making it all look real. Galas, Marj Brief article Dec 9, 2014 181
Creating frames of light and color. Chagollan, Steve Brief article Dec 9, 2014 197
Past unearths mirror to present: in 'Selma,' 'Sniper and 'Game,' history is doomed to repeat itself in today's headlines. Anderson, John Dec 4, 2014 956
Trilogy sets off movement to change Rabbinical Law. Dore, Shalini Dec 4, 2014 397
Documenting difficulties: filmmakers take sensitive approach to illness and death. Barker, Andrew Dec 4, 2014 797
Helmer leaped from micros to major hits. Berkshire, Geoff Dec 4, 2014 1090
Oscars 2014: The Year of Metamorphosis: in a year of unexpected transformations, some actors redefined their careers. Riley, Jenelle Dec 2, 2014 4483
Nothing but the truth. Chang, Justin Interview Dec 2, 2014 1803
Production chart. Table Dec 2, 2014 135
Studio scorecard. Brief article Nov 25, 2014 111
Org's rules lead to fresh visions: broader guidelines in foreign-lingo film category allow edgy choices. Grosz, Christy Nov 25, 2014 1059
Crafting critiques: originals scrutinize contemporary social conditions. Nov 18, 2014 485
Studio scorecard. Weinstein, Shelli Brief article Nov 11, 2014 112
Flood of creativity. Gray, Tim Brief article Nov 11, 2014 183
Obsession and violence scored. Barker, Andrew Brief article Nov 11, 2014 164
Tahir Rahim: French actor avoids stereotypes as he builds his resume with films from top auteurs. Keslassy, Elsa Brief article Nov 4, 2014 276
Film studio scorecard. Brief article Oct 7, 2014 126
Family film is full of sugary sentiment; DOLPHIN TAT LE2(U) Rating .... Oct 3, 2014 330
Film studio scorecard. Brief article Sep 23, 2014 131
Festivals: the 52nd New York Film Festival. Michaels, Lloyd Essay Sep 22, 2014 6335
Fly boys create aerial options. Cohen, David S. Sep 16, 2014 491
One State's pain is another's gain. McNary, Dave Sep 2, 2014 523
Film studio Scorecard. Brief article Aug 28, 2014 128
Taking flight. Foundas, Scott Interview Aug 28, 2014 1902
Scary sequels sock cinemas. Lodge, Guy Brief article Aug 19, 2014 207
Production chart. Brief article Aug 12, 2014 117
The Expendables 3: The latest drug for action movie junkies. Brief article Aug 11, 2014 134
In China and America, 4.1 billion more reasons to rate smoking "R.". Statistical data Jul 29, 2014 668
'Batman' found a new formula amid 1989's season of hits: now, 25 years later, tentpole franchises and superhero sequels may be losing their legs. Bart, Peter Jul 16, 2014 577
The maestro and 'me': Bertolucci talks about his latest film and riffs on 3D plans. Vivarelli, Nick Interview Jul 16, 2014 707
Studio scorecard. Brief article Jun 24, 2014 124
BBC's World at WAR: pubcaster serves up four years of programming that examines WWI. Clarke, Steve Jun 24, 2014 597
"Think Like a Man Too": A summer sequel worth skipping. Brief article Jun 23, 2014 147
Balancing the bottom line: now more than ever, hitting the right budget can make or break a project as the value of ancillaries changes and markets fluctuate. McNary, Dave May 13, 2014 716
Wanna see it ... gotta see it! May 13, 2014 510
H'wood gets religion with recent hits: faith-based films are showing higher-than-usual profit potential. Stewart, Andrew Brief article Apr 29, 2014 166
Studio scorecard. Brief article Apr 22, 2014 113
300 x 2 = Amazing! 'Rise of an Empire' is cinematic mastery. Brief article Mar 25, 2014 121
Movie memorabilia and custom framing. Burke, Kevin Column Mar 22, 2014 1371
Desperate measures: Kim Ki-Duk and Asia extreme cinema. Lewis, Alicia Mar 22, 2014 2033
Cannes 2014: intimate glances. Badt, Karin Awards list Mar 22, 2014 3727
Get set for jet thrills and kills; Neeson's silly hijack flick flies high in the fun ratings; Films. Mar 2, 2014 265
Rialto goes to the mat to boost tix sales: moving matinees of some shows to Thursdays would ease Wednesday glut and add options for tourists. Cox, Gordon Feb 25, 2014 706
Film box office grosses. Statistical table Feb 25, 2014 1063
Let's go to the tape: seen the same scene too many times? Here's our solution! Gray, Tim Feb 18, 2014 544
A multicultural kudofest: rights org embraces year of serious fare and B.O. magnets. Barker, Andrew Feb 18, 2014 685
Horror Gives Israel some bite: filmmakers who created 'Rabies' see bigger returns with 'wolves'--and the start of a genre biz. Kamin, Debra Feb 18, 2014 728
The critics. Dec 18, 2013 2818
Why not world's best picture? Gaydos, Steven Dec 18, 2013 378
Doha's latest film event revels in diversity: a strong mix of foreign helmets tells tales of teens, tweens and tots at Ajyal Youth Festival. Kamin, Debra Dec 17, 2013 446
James Quandt. List Dec 1, 2013 465
Erika Balsom. List Dec 1, 2013 500
J. Hoberman. List Dec 1, 2013 493
Mood swings eternal: in competitive race, voters' emotional state affects results. Gray, Tim Oct 29, 2013 686
Without restraint: after honoring the more conventional films, will Academy rise to new and bolder challenges? Chang, Justin Oct 29, 2013 796
Epic true story. McKenn, J.; Cathleen Brief article Sep 17, 2013 303
Film box office grosess. Table Sep 17, 2013 1039
Fall pics catch a buzz: will tweets and controversy propel box office to a record? Stewart, Andrew; Saperstein, Pat Aug 26, 2013 858
Midsummer report card. Stewart, Andrew Statistical data Jul 8, 2013 818
On the critical list. List May 7, 2013 1560
School's out? Rentschler, Eric May 1, 2013 2745
Matthew Porterfield. Porterfield, Matthew May 1, 2013 1027
Cannes clinches last official entries, eases territorial angst. Hopewell, John Brief article Apr 30, 2013 133
Jumping on the Red-Band Wagon: marketers of edgy adult content rely on 'sticky imagery' to make an impact. Debruge, Peter Apr 30, 2013 855
Connecticut school shooting prompts US film association to change movie ratings. Apr 17, 2013 209
B.O. sails on world cruise: 'Oblivion' strong in early opening. Stewart, Andrew Brief article Apr 16, 2013 223
Women make a stand: The 63rd Berlin Film Festival. Gemunden, Gerd Mar 22, 2013 2638
Oscars 2013: Seth MacFarlane Won't Rescue Ratings Decline, But Better Movies Might. Feb 21, 2013 812
Sundance captures human experience. Pacatte, Rose Essay Feb 15, 2013 1191
A sure-fire smash-hit! ANIMATION WRECK-IT RALPH (1hr 48 mins) Certificate: PG Starring: The voices of: John C Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jane Lynch, Alan Tudyk. Director: Rich Moore Star rating: ????? ..... Feb 8, 2013 426
Crix' picks. Fitzgerald, Sean Jan 14, 2013 251
Too fun to be taken seriously? Pics that are 'only' laffers have a hard time winning awards. Gray, Timothy M. Dec 20, 2012 704
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Duo disdain prestige without discipline. Longwell, Todd Discussion Oct 29, 2012 698

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