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Can Williams Come Back at Age 36? Stann, Francis Jul 1, 2021 1220
5 AL CENTRAL ROOKIES TO WATCH. Henninger, Thom Mar 1, 2021 553
5 NL CENTRAL ROOKIES TO WATCH. Henninger, Thom Mar 1, 2021 558
5 AL EAST ROOKIES TO WATCH. Henninger, Thom Mar 1, 2021 551
2020 MLB Rookie Ail-Star Team: The 60-game season might have provided fewer opportunities for young players, as teams needed to get on a winning track quickly to compete, but a host of talented rookies excelled as big-league regulars. Jan 1, 2021 1283
With a Hand from Groat Cards This Jack Becomes an Ace: Guidance from Past Redbird Champs Launches Jack Flaherty toward Mound Dominance. Goold, Derrick Jul 1, 2020 2260
Is Ruth's Home-Run Total Fair or Afoul?. Marazzi, Rich Jul 1, 2020 1329
Play Again? They Said He Was Crazy! The Nerve of Eddie Robinson. Rumill, Ed Jul 1, 2020 1080
Maris and Ruth: Was the Season Games Differential the Primary Issue? Marshall, Brian Mar 22, 2020 3917
cWAR: Modifying Wins Above Replacement with the Cape Cod Baseball League. Kilanowski, Humbert Report Mar 22, 2020 6089
Multi-Attribute Decision-Making Ranks Baseball's All-Time Greatest Hitters. Fox, William P. Report Mar 22, 2020 4266
POLAR EXPRESS: The Mets' Pete Alonso Rewrites the Record Book with a Rookie Season Like No Other. Heyman, Brian Interview Jan 1, 2020 2541
Why OPS Works. Palmer, Pete Sep 22, 2019 4382
Rating Baseball Agencies: Who is Delivering the Goods? Krissoff, Barry Sep 22, 2019 6218
WAA vs. WAR: Which is the Better Measure for Overall Performance in MLB, Wins Above Average or Wins Above Replacement? Gibson, Campbell Sep 22, 2019 6554
Third Wonder: The Rockies' Nolan Arenado is Ming from All-Star to All-Timer at Third Base. Ringolsby, Tracy Sep 1, 2019 1918
MIGUEL CABRERA. Madden, Bill Jul 1, 2019 222
ALBERT PUJOLS. Madden, Bill Jul 1, 2019 218
YADIER MOLINA. Madden, Bill Jul 1, 2019 210
KNOCKING AT THE DOOR. Madden, Bill Jul 1, 2019 828
JOEY GALLO IS MORE THAN JUST A POWER SHOW: Rangers Slugger Calls on tools that Do More than Hammer. Sullivan, T.R. Jul 1, 2019 2351
WAHOO SAM WAS POWER HITTER IN PRE POWER ERA: He Tripled His Way into "Hall". Salsinger, H.G. Jul 1, 2019 1024
Early Misstep Spurs Todd Peterson's Rise as College Prospect. Chastain, Bill May 1, 2019 1113
Life-Changing loss Inspires High School Prospect Dalton Strickland. Henninger, Thorn May 1, 2019 524
5 NL EAST ROOKIES TO WATCH. Henninger, Thorn Mar 1, 2019 544
5 NL CENTRAL ROOKIES TO WATCH. Henninger, Thom Mar 1, 2019 544
5 NL WEST ROOKIES TO WATCH. Henninger, Thorn Mar 1, 2019 541
5 AL EAST ROOKIES TO WATCH. Henninger, Thorn Mar 1, 2019 552
5 AL CENTRAL ROOKIES TO WATCH. Henninger, Thom Mar 1, 2019 546
Rising High in the Nation's Capital: Making the Jump from Low-A Ball to the Majors at 19, Juan Soto Has Built a Home in the Washington Outfield. Driver, David Jan 1, 2019 1688
OFF THE MATT!: Matt Carpenter Thought Long and Hard about the Changes He Would Need to Make to Regain His Swing. The answer: NONE. Goold, Derrick Nov 1, 2018 1941
WAR and the World Series: Is WAR an Indicator of World Series Success? Borgemenke, Ryan Sep 22, 2018 3200
Ron Hunt, Coco Crisp, and the Normalization of Hit-by-Pitch Statistics. Belleville, Gary Sep 22, 2018 5495
Ridiculed as a Publicity Stunt, The Signing of TIM TEBOW Turned Out to be. Amore, Dom Sep 1, 2018 1698
CASEY STENGEL Tells the Inside About HIS BOY MICKEY MANTLE. Meany, Tom Interview Sep 1, 2018 1271
3. CHICAGO WHITE SOX. Mar 1, 2018 777
AMERICAN LEAGUE EAST. Mar 1, 2018 1054
4. TAMPA BAY RAYS. Mar 1, 2018 820
NATIONAL. LEAGUE WEST. Mar 1, 2018 1030
NATIONAL LEAGUE EAST. Mar 1, 2018 1041
MLB's Top 10 CATCHERS: The game's best receivers are San Francisco's Buster Posey, Gary Sanchez of the Yankees and Miami's J.T. Realmuto. Kernan, Kevin Jan 1, 2018 2321
The Evolution of the Scorer in the Nineteenth Century. Thornley, Stew; Tholkes, Bob Report Sep 22, 2017 2115
Jim Piersall's Tumultuous 1952 Season. Golden, Neal Sep 22, 2017 10743
Darvish named to team at All-Star baseball classic. Brief article Jul 14, 2017 199
American League. Drellich, Evan Mar 1, 2017 6463
American League. Hayes, Dan Mar 1, 2017 5648
American League. DiGiovanna, Mike Mar 1, 2017 6529
Budding prospects to watch in 2017: with most major-league clubs rebuilding or restocking their rosters, young unknown players are often a diamond in the rough. Laurila, David Jan 1, 2017 1518
No holding back: at 24, the late Jose Fernandez had been through a lifetime of adversity, but a career-threatening injury did not stunt his desire to dominate hitters in his triumphant return. Davis, Craig Interview Nov 1, 2016 3143
Discrepancy in an all-time MLB record: Billy Hamilton's 1894 runs scored. Krabbenhoft, Herm; Carlson, Keith; Newman, David; Tourangeau, Richard, "Dixie" Report Sep 22, 2016 4450
Tony Gwynn, age 21. Lakey, Scout Gordon Brief article Sep 1, 2016 123
Cal Ripken Jr., age 17. Scout Joe Consoli, Pirates Brief article Sep 1, 2016 112
Scouting reports of former MLB greats. Jul 1, 2016 2000
The Sultan of swag: Babe Ruth as a financial investment. Haupert, Michael Sep 22, 2015 6838
Switch-hit home runs: 1920-60. Vitty, Cort Sep 22, 2015 3326
Harry & Larry: a century of confusion. Clifford, Matthew Sep 22, 2015 3579
Larry Twitchell's big day: with notes about individual total bases. Marshall, Brian Sep 22, 2015 3723
A World Series title is a long and difficult road. Kuenster, Bob Editorial Sep 1, 2015 1595
Seeking resolution of the discrepancy for the 1912 NL Triple Crown. Krabbenhoft, Herm Mar 22, 2015 3613
Mike Gonzalez: the first Hispanic Cub. Hernandez, Lou Jan 1, 2015 1856
Bibb Falk: the only Jockey in the Majors. Clifford, Matthew M. Biography Jan 1, 2015 3903
Andy Pafko: darling of the 1945 Cubs. Niese, Joe Jan 1, 2015 919
Mr. Cub. Wancho, Joseph Biography Jan 1, 2015 4368
The peculiar professional baseball career of Eddie Gaedel. Robinson, Eric Biography Jan 1, 2015 1199
Darvish wins first time out. Apr 11, 2014 454
The best shortened-season hitting performance in major league history. Nemec, David Mar 22, 2014 2484
Was there a seven way game? Seven ways of reaching first base. Hertz, Paul Mar 22, 2014 3191
The three, or was it two, .400 hitters of 1922. Marshall, Brian Mar 22, 2014 3159
Catching rainbows and calling stars: Alan Ashby and the Houston Astros. Kates, Maxwell Jan 1, 2014 6245
Clutch hitting in the major leagues: a psychological perspective. Newman, Leonard S. Essay Sep 22, 2013 3257
When did Frank Baker become "Home Run" baker? King, Steven A. Sep 22, 2013 1943
The mystery of Jack Smith's runs. Eigenauer, John D. Sep 22, 2013 2822
The team with the most on-base percentage titles. Nowlin, Bill Sep 22, 2013 809
2012 minor league: baseball digest has selected an annual All-Star team of the top major league rookies since 1970. Now, for the first time, we present our 2012 Minor League All-Star team, the best performers at each position. Winston, Lisa Jan 1, 2013 1470
Organizational reports: powered by proscouting. Winston, Lisa Jan 1, 2013 13599
Tuck Turner's magical 1894 Phillies season: or, whatever happen to tuck? Mancuso, Peter Jan 1, 2013 3303
Tom Qualters's amazing 1954 season for the Philadelphia Phillies. Boren, Stephen D. Jan 1, 2013 2354
Dick Allen's second act. Nathanson, Mitchell Jan 1, 2013 5182
Bio-kinetics & base ball: science of biomechanical movement a new tool to evaluate and train players. Henninger, Thom Nov 1, 2012 2267
Matt Andriese. Brief article Nov 1, 2012 220
Prospects on the rise: Alex Jackson and Brady Aiken rank high among elite prep school players. Henninger, Thom Nov 1, 2012 1579
Class of 2014-15. Nov 1, 2012 781
Lack of hustle. Cavanaugh, Kevin Brief article Nov 1, 2012 320
Beyond player win average compiling player won-lost records. Thress, Tom Sep 22, 2012 4924
Darvish has wow of first inning. Jul 27, 2012 356
Fewest walks of season for Yu. Brief article Jul 6, 2012 245
Tigers' Miguel Cabrera: hitting with honors. Henning, Lynn Jul 1, 2012 1221
Happy Baseball! Tracy, Marc Brief article Apr 4, 2012 286
One trade, three teams, and reversal of fortune. Gittleman, Sol Mar 22, 2012 2306
Why Evan Longoria Will Have A Huge 2012 Season. Smith, Rob Mar 7, 2012 672
David Freese makes a name for himself in St. Louis: Cardinals' third baseman came through with clutch performances that helped lead club to World Series title. Langosch, Jenifer Jan 1, 2012 1492
The Legacy of Twins Legends: Killebrew, Carew, Puckett, and Mauer. Beattie, Charlie Jan 1, 2012 3280
Derek Jeter's greatest, hits: and we don't mean just baseball. Yaeger, Don Nov 1, 2011 1236
Don't Mess. Tracy, Marc Brief article Oct 19, 2011 250
Designated runner: Herb Washington. Warren, Peter Sep 22, 2011 1472
One-hit wonders: a study of contract-year performance among impending free agents in Major League Baseball. Martin, Jason A.; Eggleston, Trey M.; Seymour, Victoria A.; Lecrom, Carrie W. Report Sep 22, 2011 5631
Ticket Prices Skyrocket as Derek Jeter Approaches 3,000 Hits. Brown, Maury Statistical data Jul 6, 2011 316
5 MLB Position Players Who Will Be Earning A Lot More Money in 2012. Smith, Rob Jun 16, 2011 1153
Keeping his eye on the strike zone. Brief article May 9, 2011 148
The Legend of Sam Fuld Grows. Tracy, Marc Apr 22, 2011 418
Sam Fuld, Your New Baseball Hero. Tracy, Marc Brief article Apr 12, 2011 277
The king of clutch: Derek Jeter has a plan to guarantee continued success long after his playing days end. Zimmerman, Mike Apr 1, 2011 418
Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera Top Most Marketable MLB Players List. Brown, Maury Mar 24, 2011 1423
Albert Pujols and the Future of the St. Louis Cardinals (Part Two). Gurewitz, Lance Feb 21, 2011 1132
Adrian Beltre: Division Changer? Gurewitz, Lance Jan 7, 2011 1061
How Much Will Joey Votto Get In Salary Arbitration After Winning NL MVP? Brown, Maury Nov 22, 2010 868
Joe Sewell. Wilner, Jerry Brief article Nov 1, 2010 172
Jeter the Player vs. Jeter the Brand. Brown, Maury Oct 6, 2010 667
The day the Phillies went to Egypt. Rogers, C. Paul, III Sep 22, 2010 2440
Home Run Derby curse: fact or fiction? McCollum, Joseph; Jaiclin, Marcus Sep 22, 2010 2920
Great streaks. Albert, Jim Sep 22, 2010 3827
Hogs were best at gym, baseball and golf in '09-10: expectations high for football to unseat the minor sports in the Razorbacks' hierarchy in the upcoming year. Bahn, Chris Jul 5, 2010 968
More thoughts on DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak. Beltrami, Edward; Mendelsohn, Jay Essay Jun 22, 2010 2042
The boys and girl of summer: more up-and-coming sports heroes to watch. Brief article Jun 1, 2010 189
Transaction Action: Nats Sign Livan Hernandez to Minor League Deal. Tetreault, Joe Brief article Feb 24, 2010 221
Best 10 Remaining MLB Free Agents Unlikely to Find a Job. Coller, Matthew Feb 16, 2010 1344
SNAPSHOT: Ryan Theriot's Salary Arb Comp. Brown, Maury Feb 16, 2010 986
Sizing Up the Cody Ross Salary Arbitration Case. Tetreault, Maury Brown And Joe Feb 15, 2010 1337
The Wrongful Truths of Mark McGwire. Brown, Maury Jan 12, 2010 1326
McGwire's stupid confession: writers who do not have a season in the sun will want McGwire whenever the Cardinals visit their city, or they'll want McGwire when they visit St. Louis. He is bound to be a major distraction in any case. Pollack, Joe Jan 1, 2010 1145
Red Moore: he could pick it!. Riley, James A. Jan 1, 2010 2440
Joe Reliford: the inning of a lifetime. Grillo, Jerry Jan 1, 2010 1665
Ty Cobb as seen through the eyes of a batboy. Lanier, Jimmy Jan 1, 2010 2846
Marvelous Murphy: too good to ignore. Schlossberg, Dan Jan 1, 2010 2774
Ty Cobb's splits. McCotter, Trent Sep 22, 2009 3766
Raised right, he plays for the Giants now. McCarthy, Colman Aug 7, 2009 761
Slugger Weglarz just two steps shy of the majors. Laskaris, Sam Jul 1, 2009 757
Arkansans made their marks: natural state-born ballplayers have left mark on national pastime. Seaton, Philip Jun 1, 2009 928
Driven: branding Derek Jeter, redefining race. Newman, Roberta Mar 22, 2009 3945
The all-time team of Bob Davids chapter natives. Brown, D. Bruce Table Jan 1, 2009 301
Sid Hudson. Walker, Steve Jan 1, 2009 2119
Joe Hardy. Pattison, Mark Jan 1, 2009 1575
Washington homers. Vincent, David Table Jan 1, 2009 723
2009 Hall of Fame election forecast: who's in, and who's not. Deane, Bill Jan 1, 2009 1334
Saluting Pittsburgh's finest. Vatz, Richard E.; Weinberg, Lee S. Cover story Jul 1, 2008 1926
2007 N.L. Cy young winner: Jake Peavy strives to get better: Padres ace led all league starters in wins, strikeouts and ERA last season and hopes to successfully return the changeup to his repertoire and continue to dominate opposing batters. Perkins, Owen Cover story Jun 1, 2008 1038
Matt Holliday's swing took time to develop into a pitcher's nightmare: over the last two seasons, Rockies outfielder has worked hard to become one of the game's most feared hitters. Renck, Troy E. Jun 1, 2008 1238
Joe Crede--third baseman. Sorci, Rick Brief biography Jun 1, 2008 619
Brewing up a winner in Milwaukee: with young, talented performers in Prince Fielder, Ryan Braun and J.J. Hardy, the Brewers are set for the future and ready to make a playoff run. Haudricourt, Tom Cover story May 1, 2008 1656
Kenji Johjima: catching on as a big league backstop: Seattle's catcher has taken the next step to becoming a complete performer behind the plate by learning how to block the dish. Street, Jim May 1, 2008 784
Baseball profile: Brian McCann--Atlanta Braves. Sorci, Rick May 1, 2008 392
Hogs, Murphree feel late March chill. Brief article Apr 7, 2008 303
Tschepikow bounces back. Brief article Apr 7, 2008 111
Carl Crawford--Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Sorci, Rick Jan 1, 2008 450
Note from the editor. Frankovich, Nick Column Jan 1, 2008 779
Hitting streaks don't obey your rules: evidence that hitting streaks aren't just by-products of random variation. McCotter, Trent Report Jan 1, 2008 5433
Clutch hitting revisited. Cramer, Dick; Palmer, Pete Report Jan 1, 2008 2139
Baseball profile: Tim Hudson--Atlanta Braves. Sorci, Rick Photograph Oct 1, 2007 650
Luis Gonzalez: an overlooked contributor: veteran outfielder has put up impressive numbers and has been a vital member of some winning ball clubs. McMurray, John Oct 1, 2007 1401
Mariano Rivera--still the best when game is on the line. O'Brien, Kat Brief article Oct 1, 2007 319
Reconnecting the baseball star. Rein, Irving; Shields, Ben Sep 22, 2007 7075
Minimum quality standards in professional baseball and the paradoxical disappearance of the .400 hitter. Miceli, Thomas J. Sep 22, 2007 1881
Here are some memorable events from seasons ending with the number seven. Kuenster, John Sep 1, 2007 1778
Magglio Ordonez: Detroit's leading run producer at the top of his game: after regaining his strength from previous injuries, Tigers outfielder putting up MVP numbers. Beck, Jason Interview Sep 1, 2007 1253
Baseball's in-house fights: teammate antagonisms create turmoil: clubhouse scraps have long been a part of the game's history. Vass, George Sep 1, 2007 3686
Greg Maddux: consistency, hard work, and pitching smarts made him a winner: right-hander has amassed four Cy Young Awards, more than 300 wins and 3,000 strikeouts during his 22 years in the majors. McMurray, John Biography Sep 1, 2007 1899
7th inning stretch: players with most at-bats without a HR. Pickard, Chuck Sep 1, 2007 861
The legend of Bo Jackson: once a five-tool star in the making, former outfielder had his promising baseball career cut short by injury. Posnanski, Joe Biography Sep 1, 2007 2713
Managers vs. umpires: throughout baseball history, team pilots and men in blue have failed to mix: interpreting the many rules that can change the outcome of a game often keeps skippers and arbiters at odds. Fraley, Gerry Sep 1, 2007 1791
Jonathan Papelbon: setting lofty goals. Jenkins, Chris Sep 1, 2007 894
Former slugger Howard Johnson looks back on his big league career: former Mets third baseman was a three-time 30 homer/30 steal producer who led the National League in HR and RBI in 1991. McMurray, John Sep 1, 2007 2839
Milestone Homers for players who hit 500 career HR. Kuenster, Bob Statistical table Sep 1, 2007 3020
Boston's Kevin Youkilis--never give away an at-bat: red sox first baseman vows to make the most of each opportunity at the plate regardless of the game situation. Ryan, Bob Aug 1, 2007 1235
Don Sutton--a hall of famer who took pride in doing his job. McMurray, John Aug 1, 2007 2440
Jack Cust--powering his way to the majors. Melllinger, Sam Aug 1, 2007 577
Hank Aaron--exhibited amazing grace in his HR pursuit. Ringolsby, Tracy Aug 1, 2007 419
Memories of miscues won't fade away: many historic games in the majors have often been linked to unfortunate events rather than great performances or plays. Gemmell, Kevin Aug 1, 2007 1042
7th inning stretch. Table Aug 1, 2007 1273
1B, 2B players who hit for the cycle 3B, HR. Kuenster, Bob Table Aug 1, 2007 2401
These are the game's best all-around center fielders. Kuenster, John Jul 1, 2007 2074
Grady Sizemore: the tribe's rising star: Cleveland center fielder had a breakout season in 2006 and continues to get better as an all-around talent. Stone, Larry Cover story Jul 1, 2007 1069
Records revolution: over the last 50 seasons, a number of "untouchable" marks have been broken. Vass, George Jul 1, 2007 4276
Baltimore's Nick Markakis: quiet man, loud bat: as his big league career begins to take off, Orioles outfielder remains modest in and out of the game. Zrebiec, Jeff Interview Jul 1, 2007 1844
Players with 200-hit seasons, since 1900. Kuenster, Bob Statistical table Jul 1, 2007 9529
Only 8% of Baseball Fans Regard Bonds as Greatest Home Run Hitter; One-third says they would consider him the best if he breaks home run record. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jun 14, 2007 873
Final season for La Russa: spoiled and protected all their lives, athletes like Hancock are big, young and immensely rich. Like so many young people, they believe they are bulletproof. Pollack, Joe Jun 1, 2007 1110
Here's a personal list of the best and worst over last 50 years. Kuenster, John Jun 1, 2007 2126
Seeing red over blue. Barrett, Wayne M. May 1, 2007 1023
It's baseball bliss when you play hardball. Product/service evaluation May 1, 2007 358
Italy in the 2006 World Baseball Classic. Baldassaro, Lawrence Mar 22, 2007 2190
All-American Girls. Gorman, Bob Photograph Mar 22, 2007 515
Attitudes of citizens fifty-five years and older with regard to Major League baseball. Schubert, George Mar 22, 2007 521
Johnny Vander Meer on Pete Rose. Macht, Norman Brief article Jan 1, 2007 362
Patience needed when evaluating young players: whether promising prospects succeed or fail during their first trial run in the majors, club management can't rush to judgment on their future. Vass, George Dec 1, 2006 3454
"Bringing fame to Zion": Tony Lazzeri, the Salt Lake Bees, and life in the Pacific Coast League. Kimball, Richard Ian Mar 22, 2006 8521
On the initial sack: Goose Tatum--two-sport star. Krzemienski, Ed Mar 22, 2006 3659
The lost years of home run king Joe Bauman. Parr, Royse M. Mar 22, 2006 5021
Was Ty Cobb a power hitter? Brownell, Roy E., II Essay Jan 1, 2006 4163
Do players outperform in a walk season? Birnbaum, Phil Essay Jan 1, 2006 2305
Consecutive times reaching base: Ted Williams dethroned by an unlikely record holder. McCotter, Trent Essay Jan 1, 2006 2356
DiMaggio's challengers. McCotter, Trent Essay Jan 1, 2006 1430
Dizzy Dean, Brownie for a day. Joyner, Ronnie Jan 1, 2006 3285
Danny Gardella and the reserve clause. Mandell, David Jan 1, 2006 2422
Clemente's entry into organized baseball: hidden in Montreal? Thornley, Stew Jan 1, 2006 8973
Marathon men: Rube and Cy go the distance. O'Brien, Dan Jan 1, 2006 1382
Was Roy Cullenbine a better batter than Joe DiMaggio? Tucker, Walter Dunn Jan 1, 2006 312
Death in the Ohio State League. Lammers, Craig Jan 1, 2006 2981
Gene Mauch: a strategist * an innovator * a great manager: former skipper deserves more than being remembered for heart-breaking defeats and near-misses during his 26-year career. Carchidi, Sam Dec 1, 2005 1171
200-hit seasons. Dec 1, 2005 2087
Facts & figures on players with 200-hit seasons. Dec 1, 2005 1955
Manny Ramirez moving up on slam chart. Dec 1, 2005 315
Rating the Majors' best shortstops, no easy task. Kuenster, John Jun 1, 2005 2379
Rangers' Michael Young: a multi-talented shortstop: All-Star infielder has stepped up his play in the field and with the bat while displaying leadership qualities in the clubhouse. McMurray, John Jun 1, 2005 1888
Brad Lidge lightning out of the bullpen: after an impressive showing last season, Houston closer is expected to continue his dominance in the late innings in 2005. Ortiz, Jose De Jesus Jun 1, 2005 951
7th inning stretch. Pickard, Chuck Illustration Jun 1, 2005 558
Players with 2000 career hits. Illustration Jun 1, 2005 6495
Sports journalists' Jihad. Saltzman, Joe Column May 1, 2005 967
Cubs have a star at third in Aramis Ramirez: right-handed slugger performed at a high level on the field and with the bat during 2004 season. Cline, Steve Cover Story May 1, 2005 1987
For catchers, the name of the game is defense; despite a weak bat, receivers who can work well with pitchers and are strong defensively will always have a place in the major leagues. Vass, George May 1, 2005 3545
Carl Crawford--part of Tampa Bay's foundation of talent: young outfielder is a vital piece to the Devil Rays' hopes of turning club into a contender for post-season play. Berlinicke, Jeff May 1, 2005 788
Pirates Shortstop Jack Wilson: a no name no more: early in his career, he was labeled as a good fielder with limited hitting abilities, but a .308 average last year proves his bat is as lethal as his glove. Etkin, Jack May 1, 2005 1657
Baseball profile: Mark Kotsay--Oakland A's. Sorci, Rick May 1, 2005 450
Johnny Pesky--former Red Sox Great was key to Boston's pennant-contending clubs; during his 10 seasons in the majors, he was one of the top shortstops of his era. Lucas, Ed; Post, Paul May 1, 2005 2076
7th inning stretch: players with 200 or more career home runs and stolen bases. Kuenster, Bob Brief Article May 1, 2005 266
2005 pre-season rosters--American league. May 1, 2005 6779
2005 pre-season rosters--national league. May 1, 2005 7752
"The girls in Europe is nuts over ball players": Ring Lardner and Virginia Woolf. Avery, Todd Mar 22, 2005 9952
American League. Illustration Mar 1, 2005 12372
National League. Illustration Mar 1, 2005 14228
Minnie Minoso added an unforgettable touch to the game. Kuenster, John Jan 1, 2005 1627
Vernon Wells--Toronto Blue Jays. Sorci, Rick Jan 1, 2005 761
Chet Lemon recalls his big league career: former center fielder's 16-year tour in the majors with the Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers produced a record-setting defensive mark, productive seasons with the bat and a World Series title in 1984. Ballantini, Brett Jan 1, 2005 2311
Baseball profile: Nomar Garciaparra--Sportstop. Sorci, Rick Dec 1, 2004 520
Top 50 career batting leaders. Illustration Dec 1, 2004 4201
Baseball profile: Barry Zito--Oakland A's. Sorci, Rick Nov 1, 2004 434
MVP voting results. Illustration Nov 1, 2004 2257
Cy Young Award voting results. Illustration Nov 1, 2004 2141
World Series paydirt. Barrett, Wayne M. Column Mar 1, 2004 768
With 3,319 career hits, Paul Molitor merits Hall of Fame status. Kuenster, John Feb 1, 2004 1311
Second baseman Mark Loretta finds a home in San Diego: former utility player hit .314 with 13 homers and 72 RBI as a starter for Padres in '03. Doyle, Al Feb 1, 2004 1112
Orlando Cepeda was much better known as a hitter than as a runner. Smith, David (American novelist) Brief Article Jan 1, 2004 240
Havana and Key West: Jose Mendez and the great scoreless streak of 1908. Skinner, David Jan 1, 2004 4323
Willard Brown, a forgotten ballplayer: he hit a milestone home run. Wilson, Walt Jan 1, 2004 715
Babe Ruth at Sing Sing Prison the story of the 620-foot home run. Gold, Robert Jan 1, 2004 3474
A major league adjustment: Hideki Matsui learning American culture and details of the game here. Davidoff, Ken Jan 1, 2004 1527
Should Sadaharu Oh be in Cooperstown? Albright, Jim Jan 1, 2004 5658
The .400 club. McCotter, Trent Jan 1, 2004 6305
Professional thieves vs. the constabulary. Rosciam, Chuck Jan 1, 2004 1882
Hometown heroes in the All-Star game. Newman, Leonard; Folmar, Esther Jan 1, 2004 2176
Baseball Digest's 2003 All-Star Rookie team: leading candidates for top first-year players include Angel Berroa, Hideki Matsui, Dontrelle Willis, Scott Podsednik and Rocco Baldelli. Vass, George Dec 1, 2003 4342
Hitting delight Aubrey Huff: Tampa Bay's offensive leader; Devil Rays slugger emerged as one of the American League's bright young batsmen with his productive 2003 season. Gaddis, Carter Dec 1, 2003 1213
How sweet it is: Garrett Anderson's swing places him among the hitting elite: since his first full year in 1996, Angels outfielder has averaged 187 hits, 41 doubles, 22 home runs, 100 RBI and a .297 BA per season. Antonen, Mel Dec 1, 2003 1003
Baseball's top comeback candidates for 2003: Kevin Brown, Bill Mueller, Javier Lopez and Keith Foulke are some top choices among players reviving their careers. Vass, George Nov 1, 2003 3735
Hard knocks put Marcus Giles on successful career path: Braves' second baseman has worked hard to become a starter, an All-Star, and one of the top players at his position. Stinson, Thomas Nov 1, 2003 1719
Baseball profile. Sorci, Rick Nov 1, 2003 521
Albert Pujols: quickly becoming baseball's biggest' star. McHale, Matt Oct 1, 2003 1559
Flops, failures and disappointments: World Series performances by some major leaguers were not on a par with their regular season accomplishments. Vass, George Oct 1, 2003 4251
Jays' Carlos Delgado, Vernon Wells destined to join majors' RBI elite? (Warm Up Tosses)(Cover Story). Kuenster, John Cover Story Sep 1, 2003 2376
Chipper Jones--baseball's best switch-hitter: Braves star believes the best is yet to come even though he has already earned MVP, All-Star and World Series honors. O'Brien, David Sep 1, 2003 1364
The naturals: teenage players whose innate baseball talents made them special; Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Mel Ott, Bob Feller and Robin Yount are some Hall of Famers whose careers started at an early age. Vass, George Aug 1, 2003 3343
Baseball's elite: to build the perfect major league player, special talents of the game's most gifted athletes would have to be compressed into one. Cole, Jason Jul 1, 2003 1647
Deficient defenders: many players have earned reputations as "good hit, no field" performers. Vass, George Jul 1, 2003 4173
All-Star surprises: players who were called for duty despite unimpressive statistics. Doyle, Al Jul 1, 2003 2343
American League: the Yankees again appear to be the team to beat in the East as do Minnesota in the Central and Oakland in the West while Anaheim and Chicago may battle for the wild card. (2003 Division Previews). Hoynes, Paul Apr 1, 2003 5978
National League: early calls have the Braves, Cardinals and Giants repeating as division champions with the Phillies, Astros and Diamondbacks challenging for the wild card playoff berth. (2003 Division Previews). Rutter, Joe Apr 1, 2003 6404
Catching a "second wind": star players look to rebound after having difficult seasons in 2002. Vass, George Apr 1, 2003 3072
Gary Carter and Eddie Murray: elected to Cooperstown. (Hall of Fame). Hohler, Bob Apr 1, 2003 1449
The ridiculous and the sublime: a decade of commenting on baseball; keynote speech to the ninth annual Nine spring training conference, March 16, 2002. (Articles). Crepeau, Richard Mar 22, 2003 8703
Smelling like a Rose. (Here Below). Masin, Herman L. Brief Article Mar 1, 2003 288
Major league prospects for 2003: some rookies who could make a crucial contribution to their big league clubs this season include pitcher Francisco Rodriguez, catcher Victor Martinez, first basemen Hee Seop Choi and Lyle Overbay and outfielders Joe Borchard and Hideki Matsui. (Baseball's Top Rated). Vass, George Mar 1, 2003 5121
Best ten-year performers. Nelson, Scott Jan 1, 2003 2416
Highest future value. Hanrahan, Tom Jan 1, 2003 2101
Another look at Runs Created. Chimkin, Frank M. Jan 1, 2003 5288
Baseball Digest's 2002 All-Star rookie team: top first-year players in the majors last season include third baseman Eric Hinske of Toronto and pitcher Jason Jennings of Colorado. Vass, George Dec 1, 2002 3304
How Baseball Digest readers voted for Hall of Fame candidates. Dec 1, 2002 1160
ABCA/Rawlings player of the year. Brief Article Nov 1, 2002 188
Baseball Digest's all-star comeback team for 2002 season: some top performances by players returning to action after sub-par or injury-plagued seasons are those of Jose Rijo, John Smoltz, Nomar Garciaparra, Mike Lieberthal and Pedro Martinez. (Baseball Digest's). Vass, George Nov 1, 2002 2754
Cardinals' Albert Pujols shows no complacency in his play; National League Rookie of the Year in 2001 continues to produce as St. Louis' big gun in a powerful lineup. (Sophomore Jinx? ... Never Heard of It). Fialkov, Harvey Nov 1, 2002 1110
Last at-bat heroics: every hitter's post-season dream. Vass, George Oct 1, 2002 3489
Second baseman: Alfonso Soriano: an emerging talent for Yankees: young Dominican is on the brink of major league stardom as he continues to learn and excel in all facets of his game. Lucas, Ed; Post, Paul Oct 1, 2002 2200
Lance Berkman: Astros' star strives to perfect his versatility; groomed to be a switch-hitter since childhood, Houston outfielder ranks among the majors' top young batsmen. Johnson, Chuck Statistical Data Included Aug 1, 2002 2590
Roberto Alomar of the Mets: an all-around performer. (A Student of The Game). Quinn, T.J. Cover Story Jul 1, 2002 1790
For many players, it's a career-enhancing move; some major league players have improved their production after switching to a different defensive location. (Changing Positions). Vass, George Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2002 3417
In Seattle, Mike Cameron has found a home; mariners center fielder has become a fan favorite with his effusive personality and stellar all-around play. Carpenter, Les Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2002 1489
Johnny Damon's success feeds off his confidence; Red Sox center fielder has learned to deal with pressure during a career of high expectations. Hohler, Bob Jul 1, 2002 1345
Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio leading Houston with talent, experience and loyalty; Astros' veteran All-Stars let teammates know they're among friends. Etkin, Jack Jul 1, 2002 2483
Crucial questions face many contenders as 2002 season unfolds. (Warm Up Tosses). Kuenster, John May 1, 2002 1694
Punch and Judy: many major league hitters are successful without possessing home run power. Vass, George May 1, 2002 2981
Major league baseball's underrated players of 2001 season. Doyle, Al May 1, 2002 1530
Third basemen fill a crucial, but often overlooked role. (Warm Up Tosses). Kuenster, John Apr 1, 2002 1231
A baker's dozen: 13 major leaguers look to come back from disappointing seasons in 2001. Vass, George Apr 1, 2002 3290
Baseball profile. Sorci, Rick Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 471
Anaheim's Garret Anderson quietly put up big offensive numbers. (Productive Angel). Doyle, Al Mar 1, 2002 1495
Biggest batting gainers and losers for 2001: Desi Relaford and Bret Boone posted the highest improvement on their batting averages while Darin Erstad suffered the worst decline. Pickard, Chuck Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 801
Babe Ruth dethroned? Whither the Sultan of Swat? Costa, Gabe Jan 1, 2002 2571
In October 1911 W. Hanna described Honus Wagner's batting form in the New York Sun. Macht, Norman; Hanna, W. Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 131
Baseball digest's 2001 rookie all-star team. Vass, George Dec 1, 2001 6319
Ichiro mania: Seattle outfielder Suzuki makes it big in major leagues. Etkin, Jack Dec 1, 2001 2074
No ordinary rookie: Cardinals' Albert Pujols sparkled in his first major league season. Muskat, Carrie Dec 1, 2001 1296
Stan Musial: Hall of Famer won seven N.L. batting titles, three MVP Awards, collected 3,630 hits, 475 homers and batted .331 over 22 big league seasons. (BASEBALL'S PERFECT KNIGHT). Schlossberg, Dan Dec 1, 2001 1845
Baseball's Top COMEBACK, Players for 2001. VASS, GEORGE Nov 1, 2001 3029
Cardinals' Craig Paquette: A Utilityman With Power. DOYLE, AL Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 929
Ready for Battle: Royals' Mike Sweeney A Warrior on the Field. KAEGEL, DICK Nov 1, 2001 1364
Milwaukee's Richie Sexson--Big Man on A Mission. McMURRAY, JOHN Sep 1, 2001 1287
Head of Production. EDES, GORDON Statistical Data Included Aug 1, 2001 1732
Lost In The Crowd. SARGENT, JIM Aug 1, 2001 3965
Majors' Five-Tool Players Who Are They? ACEE, KEVIN Jun 1, 2001 1107

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