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Why buy life insurance? Sep 30, 2020 385
Resolving Claim Disputes: Step 3 Research and Document the Interpretation - Part 2 of 3. Bill Wilson Oct 7, 2019 1222
Resolving Claim Disputes: Step 2?Other Policy Interpretation Doctrines. Bill Wilson Aug 5, 2019 1607
The Original Family Business. Wraight, Patrick Feb 18, 2019 1328
MEASURING PORTFOLIO RISK UNDER PARTIAL DEPENDENCE INFORMATION. Bernard, Carole; Denuit, Michel; Vanduffel, Steven Sep 1, 2018 9804
J.D. Power: Why Lemonade's Policy 2.0 Matters. Super, Tom Jul 16, 2018 421
J.D. Power: Why Lemonade's Policy 2.0 Matters. Super, Tom Jun 18, 2018 458
National Underwriter's 2015 Rogues Gallery. Bell, Allison; Hersch, Warren S.; Williams, Daniel D.; Morford, Nichole; Holbrook, Emily Editorial Dec 1, 2015 3797
The top 10 IUL myths and how to debunk them. McKnight, David C. Nov 1, 2015 3308
Exposed: 5 dangerous misconceptions about life settlements. Weinberger, Robin S.; Katz, Peter N. Oct 1, 2015 1485
Umbrella coverage, come rain or shine: explaining the concept of uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. Harris, Scott H. Aug 21, 2015 586
Peace of mind: how art-title insurance can protect you from unexpected lawsuits. Katz, Alan E. Dec 22, 2014 986
Issues of coverage under an insurance policy must be resolved via summary judgment or at trial. Brief article Sep 22, 2014 308
Ambiguous language in insurance policy is to be resolved in favor of insured. Weinberger, Alan M. Mar 22, 2014 617
A lump sum appraisal under an insurance policy that requires itemized appraisal award may be valid. Weinberger, Alan M. Mar 22, 2014 436
Deductibles vs. coinsurance in shallow-loss crop insurance. Sproul, Thomas W.; Zilberman, David; Cooper, Joseph C. Report Jul 1, 2013 2440
Insurance contract design when the insurer has private information on loss size. Lian, Qin; Schlesinger, Harris Report Dec 1, 2012 6149
The effects of Medicaid policy changes on adults' service use patterns in Kentucky and Idaho. Marton, James; Kenney, Genevieve M.; Pelletier, Jennifer E.; Talbert, Jeffery; Klein, Ariel Report Oct 1, 2012 9038
Insurance policy: House panel waters down naturopath mandate. Sanders, Bob Brief article Nov 4, 2011 319
Accounting for insurance contracts. Pounder, Bruce Nov 1, 2011 1283
How September 11 changed insurance. Wade, Jared Interview Oct 1, 2011 969
The role of the broker in today's life settlement market: a good life settlement broker often means the difference between a smooth transaction and one that drags on for months. When evaluating Life settlement brokers, here are some key things to consider. Dorsett, Russel Jul 1, 2011 1271
Evaluating policies after Japan's earthquake. Banister, John; Dominitz, Erica; Fleishman, Barry; Michael, Helen; Salisbury, Carl; Spangenberg, Car Jun 1, 2011 980
Le contrat d'assurance contemporain et la reification des parties. Belanger, Andre Feb 1, 2011 14062
Is life insurance going under? Thomas, Trevor Sep 27, 2010 1965
Hunkering down. Koco, Linda Mar 1, 2010 753
Full disclosure: policy design objectives. Feb 1, 2010 776
The new investing realism: with clients shunning risk and debt, life insurance shines. Davis, Jonathan Statistical data Nov 16, 2009 1333
Cigarette smoking: time to upgrade the underwriting. George, Hank Nov 2, 2009 738
Tweak the tweaks. Koco, Linda Sep 7, 2009 739
Optimal reinsurance arrangements under tail Risk measures. Bernard, Carole; Tian, Weidong Sep 1, 2009 6996
Camico news: new insurance service for large California firms. Brief article Aug 1, 2009 112
Ode to whole life. Bobo, Jack Viewpoint essay Mar 2, 2009 1028
Why term-to-perm settlements are on the rise. Koco, Linda Dec 1, 2008 1309
Economic crisis taking its toll on funding of settlement deals: some funders are backing out of contracts at the last minute. Brady, Matt Dec 1, 2008 738
Establishing spousal access trusts with variable universal life: one spouse can receive distributions from the trust during their lifetime. Zygman, Morry Dec 1, 2008 1265
Full disclosure universal life report. Blease, Roger L. Sep 29, 2008 13628
Proposed guideline could change ROP term. Megregian, Donna Jul 21, 2008 730
Pros and cons of new "synthetic" life settlements assessed. Brady, Matt Jun 30, 2008 788
For many aging breadwinners, SSDI is just another acronym: many don't even know this Social Security safety net exists. Bell, Allison Jun 16, 2008 775
VULs should take a page from the VA guarantees book. Visser, Dale; Hill, Tim May 19, 2008 841
Built-in GRAT exit strategies for self-financed premiums. Shuriah, Nerre May 12, 2008 1170
When to hold, when to fold. Hersch, Warren S. May 5, 2008 1471
The evolution of settlements: from Niche market to mainstream option. Willkomm, Scott Viewpoint essay May 5, 2008 1104
Experience versus new: a huge product issue. Koco, Linda May 5, 2008 677
Why life insurance works in a turbulent market: hint: people see new value via the secondary market. Sherman, Adam Apr 21, 2008 722
Underwriting for settlements has challenges. Brady, Matt Mar 17, 2008 724
Due diligence is a crucial part of any life settlement transaction. Brady, Matt Mar 10, 2008 706
Another media flap over LTC insurance. Thomas, Trevor Mar 3, 2008 933
Are you overinsured? Some policies may not offer much additional benefit. Holmes, Tamara E. Mar 1, 2008 578
Rethinking portable group life benefits: insurers should be cautious about requests for higher benefit amounts and waived age-reduction schedules. Ghilardi, John; Muncil, Carol Mar 1, 2008 521
Common insurance mistakes. Mar 1, 2008 772
There's no place like home for health care. Holtzman, Eric Feb 11, 2008 1152
Appendix J: A.M. Best report ("life settlement securitization"). Jan 1, 2008 28749
Settling a life policy that's held in a trust: more work is involved, but the sale price won't be affected. Brady, Matt Dec 3, 2007 1209
Change it up. Koco, Linda Dec 3, 2007 789
Commentary: what is the right price of health insurance? A rejoinder. Marquis, M. Susan; Buntin, Melinda Beeuwkes; Escarce, Jose J.; Kapur, Kanika Dec 1, 2007 1032
Premium financing: a tool to pay life insurance premiums. Tuttle, Matthew Sep 1, 2007 946
Use term life with ROP to create executive bonus plans. Dollar, Stuart Jul 2, 2007 1015
Trust-owned life insurance: policy review and funding techniques. McGorry, Mark W.; Lassar, Stephen D. Feb 1, 2007 3891
The fine print of insurance coverage: given the challenging market for obtaining catastrophic insurance, lenders need to protect themselves when issuing a mortgage for a borrower in a hurricane-prone area. It's critical to review the policy forms supplied by borrowers to be sure they include a standard mortgage clause. Wright, Heather A.; Shugrue, John D.; Smuckler, Gary S. Feb 1, 2007 2391
Q&A: life insurance policy guarantees. Friedman, Douglas I. Sep 25, 2006 1055
Pet insurance: a good idea? Do plenty of research before choosing a company to make sure that it will fit the needs of you and your cat. Easterly, Susan Jan 1, 2006 890
LTC insurance affordability. Panko, Ron Brief Article Nov 1, 2005 177
Firms still arrange some viatical deals. Tuckey, Steve Sep 19, 2005 499
Selling LTC insurance to the young at heart. Wane, John; Anderson, Lenny Sep 19, 2005 1796
Why 'cash LTC' policies? Thomas, Trevor Sep 19, 2005 629
Prudential Life to begin offering insurance coverage for Japanese bone marrow donors. Brief Article May 23, 2005 175
Consider more than price: many people view term life insurance as a commodity, but agents serve their clients best by considering factors other than cost. Madden, Mike Dec 1, 2004 783
Serving the middle market can be challenging: the need is there, but the bucks may not be. Hersch, Warren S. Nov 8, 2004 1066
Pushing the envelope. Bobo, Jack Aug 9, 2004 840
Tort reform needs creative alternatives: injured get 40%. Silverman, Jennifer Jul 15, 2004 398
Zero dollars and only fashion sense. (Dyke Drama). Fisher, Michele Nov 1, 2002 1427
How to evaluate an insurance policy. May 1, 2001 659
Making the Right Financial "Move". Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 657
Multiple Choice Tests Underwriters. Cain, Gary Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 708
Protecting against cancellation. Weiss, Stephen J. Column Jan 1, 1999 822
Insurable interest, options to convert, and demand for upper limits in optimum property insurance. Garratt, Rod; Marshall, John M. Jun 1, 1996 7896
Insurance buyer: beware. Webster, George D. Jul 1, 1995 1317
Alternative insurance products: co-insurance and blanket policies. Walton, Dorothy Mar 1, 1994 895
Medicare supplements: plugging the gap: new federal rules on Medigap insurance make choosing the best policy easier. Weinstein, Grace W. Jul 1, 1993 1524
A second look at Single European policies. Hutchin, James W. May 1, 1993 2366
Watch for dangers of liability deductible. Schecher, Richard Feb 24, 1993 663
Checkup on health insurance choices. Pamphlet Dec 1, 1992 5723
Life insurance sense and nonsense. Daily, Glenn S. Sep 1, 1992 4514
A comparison of term insurance rates to protection-related charges in universal life insurance. Corbett, Richard B.; Nelson, Jack M. Sep 1, 1992 2055
Pension max strategy isn't for everyone: taking your maximum pension payout and tacking on a life insurance policy may be a big--and irrevocable--mistake. Rowland, Mary Sep 1, 1992 567
State and federal regulators in 'footrace' to finish state guaranty fund system 'overly burdensome.' Johnson, Tom Aug 1, 1991 1786
The purchase of insurance by a risk-neutral firm for a risk-averse agent. Parry, Mark E.; Parry, Arthur E. Mar 1, 1991 6700
A process for selecting a life insurance contract. Puelz, Robert Mar 1, 1991 2750
Evaluating your property insurance. Robitaille, Frank G. Nov 1, 1990 1366

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