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Remote Advocacy: A Silver Lining on the New Abnormal. Patrick, Wendy L. Jul 1, 2020 854
Too Few Trials, Too Many Tribulations: The ICC's Terrible Year and Where to Go from Here. Evenson, Elizabeth Mar 22, 2020 6749
The Path Forward for the International Criminal Court: Questions Searching for Answers. Buchwald, Todd F. Mar 22, 2020 6501
The Trump Administration and Immigration Judges: Decreased Judicial Independence or Increased Efficiency? Cuic, Aleksandar Mar 22, 2019 3740
The Current Minefield for Immigration Practitioners: Protecting the Rights of Clients in the Trump Era. Scott, Lisa; Miezin, Aleksandra; Taba, Jessica; Witz, Jacob Mar 22, 2019 4166
With N.C.'s help, Moldova's legal system is in the making. Cresenzo, Bill Nov 1, 2018 952
Impeachment a tale of eroding checks, balances. Steelman, David C. Apr 13, 2018 745
ABA issues opinion on web research, adjudicative facts. Olson, Kris Dec 21, 2017 1787
The effect of legislation on Fourth Amendment protection. Kerr, Orin S. May 1, 2017 23797
In the jury box. Mortiz, Gwen Editorial Sep 5, 2016 798
"The life of the law has not been logic; it has been experience". Abadin, Ramon A. President's page Jan 1, 2016 601
Judicial comparativism and judicial diplomacy. Law, David S. Mar 1, 2015 9982
Judicial comparativism and judicial diplomacy. Law, David S. Mar 1, 2015 36603
Judicial comparativism and judicial diplomacy. Law, David S. Mar 1, 2015 7561
A nonagenarian discusses life as a senior circuit judge. Aldisert, Ruggero J. Sep 22, 2013 10037
Discussion on the untold secrets of Eagle Street. Discussion Jun 22, 2013 15128
North Dakota distinctives. VandeWalle, Gerald W. Jun 22, 2013 3084
Algorithms and speech. Benjamin, Stuart Minor May 1, 2013 25577
Localist statutory interpretation. Leib, Ethan J. Mar 1, 2013 17610
Past legislatures have undermined the courts. Baird, Jon Jan 11, 2013 932
Cardozo at 100. Kaufman, Andrew L. Sep 22, 2012 1861
R v. Sinclair: balancing individual rights and societal interests outside of section 1 of the Charter. MacDonnell, Vanessa A. Sep 22, 2012 11890
Mining treasures: a decade of Hugh R. Jones Memorial Lectures at Albany Law School. Kaye, Judith S. Jan 1, 2012 5752
Judge Bernard S. Meyer: first merit appointee to the New York Court of Appeals. Johnson, Vincent R. Dec 22, 2011 36488
Decision-making at the Second Circuit: Judges Barrington D. Parker, Jr. and Robert D. Sack. Shifton, Christina L. Dec 22, 2011 7148
The Supreme Court of Japan: commentary on the recent work of scholars in the United States. Fujita, Tokiyasu Sep 1, 2011 8801
The Japanese Constitution as law and the legitimacy of the Supreme Court's constitutional decisions: a response to Matsui. Martin, Craig Sep 1, 2011 15013
Judicialization of politics and the Japanese Supreme Court. Matsudaira, Tokujin Sep 1, 2011 4250
"Chosakan": research judges toiling at the stone fortress. Kamiya, Masako Sep 1, 2011 13321
Introduction to Chief Justice Marsha Ternus. Speech Jun 22, 2011 4309
Introduction to Chief Justice Margaret H. Marshall. Marshall, Margaret Hilary Jun 22, 2011 7529
Making our democracy work: the Yale lectures. Breyer, Stephen G. Jun 1, 2011 11536
Lost in translation: social realties, Insite, and the law in legal education. Richards, Tim May 26, 2011 2408
Measuring the effects of specialization with circuit split resolutions. Hansford, Eric May 1, 2011 13113
"A watchdog for the good of the order": the Ninth Circuit's en banc coordinator. Wasby, Stephen L. Mar 22, 2011 23227
Dissent & vindication in the departments: an empirical study. Lewis, Caitlain Devereaux Jan 1, 2011 1621
The First Department: an empirical study of the court at the heart of New York City. Vigars, Jessica R. Jan 1, 2011 6121
Quality in numbers? The dynamics of decision-making in the Second Department. Ostrander, Kristopher Jan 1, 2011 7001
An empirical study of dissent at the Supreme Court, Appellate Division, Third Department. Stevens, Christopher J. Jan 1, 2011 9428
An empirical study of the vindicated dissents of the New York Appellate Division, Fourth Department, from 2000 to 2010. Gross, Daniel Jan 1, 2011 9354
Judicial takings, judicial speech, and doctrinal acceptance of the model of the judge as political actor. Marshall, William P. Jan 1, 2011 16133
Was Bork right about judges? Griffith, Thomas B. Jan 1, 2011 5057
Reading Reinhardt: the work of constructing legal virtue (exempla iustitiae). Resnik, Judith Dec 1, 2010 16520
Effective appellate advocacy before the Federal Circuit: a former law clerk's perspective. Hughey, Rachel Clark Sep 22, 2010 20129
The judiciary and the academy: a fraught relationship. Posner, Richard A. Jul 1, 2010 3550
Doing the business: judges, academics, and intellectuals. Hutchinson, Allan C. Jul 1, 2010 5816
Understanding the behaviour of international courts: an examination of decision-making at the ad hoc international criminal tribunals. Jodoin, Sebastien Jun 22, 2010 16992
A bigger and better market-participant exception? Examining Justice Souter's revison of the market-participant exception to the dormant commerce clause in Department of Revenue of Kentucky v. Davis. Slepnikoff, Lisa M. Jun 22, 2010 15543
Preserving judicial independence. Campbell, James M. President's page Apr 1, 2010 654
Toward the Lippman Court: flux and transition at New York's Court of Appeals. Bonventre, Vincent Martin Mar 22, 2010 14406
Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman: a new era. Laroche, Matthew J. Mar 22, 2010 13877
The independent jurist: an analysis of judge Robert S. Smith's dissenting opinions. Mancuso, Peter A. Mar 22, 2010 27190
The pert perpender: associate Judge Eugene F. Pigott, Jr.'s journey from Buffalo to Rochester and Albany. Loefke, Benjamin L. Mar 22, 2010 12575
A public conversation on constitutionalism and the judiciary between Professor James Allan and the Hon. Michael Kirby AC CMG. Discussion Dec 1, 2009 14993
Judicial character (and does it matter). Horwitz, Paul Sep 22, 2009 30679
Written and oral persuasion in the United States courts: a district judge's perspective on their history, function, and future. Kravitz, Mark R. Sep 22, 2009 10652
The ways of a judge and on appeal. Lipez, Kermit V. Sep 22, 2009 6364
Comments on the White, Caufield, and Tarr articles. Benton, Duane Jun 22, 2009 3193
We have met the special interests, and we are they. Dimino, Michael R. Jun 22, 2009 5713
The essentials and expendables of the Missouri plan: the 2009 Earl F. Nelson Lecture. O'Connor, Sandra Day Jun 22, 2009 8215
Using judicial performance evaluations to supplement inappropriate voter cues and enhance judicial legitimacy. White, Penny J. Jun 22, 2009 14749
Measuring meta-doctrine: an empirical assessment of judicial minimalism in the Supreme Court. Anderson, Robert, IV Jun 22, 2009 16363
Is the New York State Court of Appeals still "friendless?" An empirical study of amicus curiae participation. Laroche, Matthew Jun 22, 2009 18714
Probing the effects of judicial specialization. Baum, Lawrence Apr 1, 2009 7579
A response to Professors George and Guthrie, remaking the United States Supreme Court in the Courts' of Appeals image. Boudin, Michael Apr 1, 2009 680
A response to Professor Ramseyer, predicting court outcomes through political preferences. Boudin, Michael Apr 1, 2009 1015
No warrant for radical change: a response to Professors George and Guthrie. Chemerinsky, Erwin Apr 1, 2009 4202
Do judges think? Comments on several papers presented at the Duke Law Journal's conference on measuring judges and justice. Henry, Robert Apr 1, 2009 8722
A response to Professor Knight, are empiricists asking the right questions about judicial decisionmaking? Powell, H. Jefferson Apr 1, 2009 1700
On doctors and judges. Richman, Barak Apr 1, 2009 4210
Autocrat of the armchair. Levi, David F. Apr 1, 2009 7170
Opening remarks. Mar 22, 2009 13688
DIFC courts implements world class systems. Mar 17, 2009 341
A response to Professor Primus. Markman, Stephen J. Jan 1, 2009 4401
Tax Court may not disregard findings of a special trial judge. Beavers, James Nov 1, 2008 1132
Roundtable explores the ins and outs of federal practice. Pudlow, Jan Aug 1, 2008 1375
Inspirational Florida Bar humanitarians. Angones, Francisco R. President's page Feb 1, 2008 896
Concurrence, Posner-style: ten ways to look at the concurring opinions of Judge Richard A. Posner. Blomquist, Robert F. Jan 1, 2008 32120
Judicial reasoning about pregnancy and choice. Kaposy, Chris; Downie, Jocelyn Jan 1, 2008 10008
Court panel rejects commissions for evaluating judges: opponents fear government created evaluation panels could become politicized. Killian, Mark D. Aug 1, 2007 955
The newer textualism: Justice Alito's statutory interpretation. Davis, Elliott M. Jun 22, 2007 9018
Should we have lay justices? Vermeule, Adrian Apr 1, 2007 20908
Independent judicial research in the Daubert age. Cheng, Edward K. Mar 1, 2007 23227
Bar must address lawyers' perception of judges: the worst that could happen is if the profession 'becomes a lukewarm torch-bearer' for an independent judiciary. Davis, Theresa E. Mar 1, 2007 705
The incredible shrinking docket. Chemerinsky, Erwin Mar 1, 2007 1784
The public must be involved in any judicial evaluation plan: court panel hears how other states do it. Blankenship, Gary Discussion Feb 15, 2007 1733
Beyond quality: first principles in judicial selection and their application to a commission-based selection system. Jackson, Jeffrey D. Jan 1, 2007 15979
On the validity and vitality of Arizona's judicial merit selection system: past, present, and future. Harrison, Mark I.; Greene, Sara S.; Swisher, Keith; Grabel, Meghan H. Jan 1, 2007 10395
Reflections on appellate courts: an appellate advocate's thoughts for judges. Ross, Mary Massaron Sep 22, 2006 6391
eBAY v. MerceXchange as a sign of things to come: is the Supreme Court still reluctant to hear patent cases? Huang, Peter O. Sep 22, 2006 2166
Foreign law and opinion in state courts. DeLaquil, Mark Wendell Jun 22, 2006 5493
How not to be Chief Justice: the apprenticeship of William H. Rehnquist. Greenhouse, Linda Jun 1, 2006 3293
Reflections on the role of appellate courts: a view from the Supreme Court. Breyer, Stephen G. Mar 22, 2006 3478
No court is an island. Katzmann, Robert A. Mar 22, 2006 3067
Building an appellate system worthy of a great nation. Shepard, Randall T. Mar 22, 2006 3861
Agenda for this year. Bookman, Alan B. President's Page Jul 1, 2005 857
Raining on the parade of horribles: of slippery slopes, faux slopes, and Justice Scalia's dissent in Lawrence v. Texas. Sternglantz, Ruth E. Jan 1, 2005 10756
Lawrence v. Texas and judicial hubris. Lund, Nelson; McGinnis, John O. Jun 1, 2004 28670
Hugh R. Jones lecture at Albany Law School. Levine, Howard A. Sep 22, 2003 13778
Reply: the institutional dimension of statutory and constitutional interpretation. Posner, Richard A. Feb 1, 2003 8938
Interpretive theory in its infancy: a reply to Posner. Sunstein, Cass R.; Vermeule, Adrian Feb 1, 2003 2814
Preferences and rational choice: new perspectives and legal implications. Adler, Matthew D.; Finkelstein, Claire; Huang, Peter H. Jan 1, 2003 3564
The use that the future makes of the past: John Marshall's greatness and its lessons for today's Supreme Court Justices. Balkin, Jack M. Mar 1, 2002 6635
A judge for all seasons. Newmyer, R. Kent Mar 1, 2002 12162
John Marshall: remarks of October 6, 2000. Rehnquist, William H. Mar 1, 2002 2662
Study examines judges' decision-making patterns. (News & Trends). Porter, Rebecca Oct 1, 2001 713
The Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods in United States courts. Harjani, Sunil R. Sep 22, 2000 14213
That sick chicken won't hunt: the limits of a judicially enforced non-delegation doctrine. Lovell, George I. Mar 22, 2000 16143
Medium rare scrutiny. Paulsen, Michael Stokes Dec 22, 1998 2447

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