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The Role of Nonstate Entities in Developing and Promoting International Humanitarian Law. Dormann, Knut May 1, 2018 6020
Situational leadership and personal effectiveness: managers in Indian Development Organizations. Mehta, Madhavi Apr 1, 2012 5300
Software and the state: free Microsoft for Russian NGOs. Suderman, Peter Brief article Feb 24, 2011 190
The Impact of Talibanization on the Education of IDP's in N. W. F. P. Pakistan. Akhtar, Sajjad Hayat Author abstract Jul 17, 2009 680
Canadian NGOs and grass roots leadership/ democracy in Ghana. Adu-Febiri, Francis Aug 1, 2007 1181
The challenge of community work in a global economy. Karger, Howard; Iyiani, Christian; Shannon, Pat Jun 1, 2007 5218
Institutions and activism around women and work at a time of change. Bailey, Janis; van Acker, Elizabeth Case study May 1, 2007 7839
Addressing the gaps--promise and performance, synthesis and purity, large-N and small-N: a response to Moore. Landman, Todd Jan 1, 2006 2343
What are NGOs doing in Africa? Rotimi Sankore replies to Action Aid's rejoinder in our last month's issue. Sankore, Rotimi Nov 1, 2005 906
NGOs: a tainted history; Firoze Manji and Carl O'Coill trace the history of the rise of NGOs in Africa, and confirm that "the evolution of the role of NGOs in development represents a continuity of the work of their precursors--the missionaries and voluntary organisations that cooperated in Europe's colonisation and control of Africa". Manji, Firoze; O'Coill, Carl Aug 1, 2005 3398
NGOs: pseudo governments or surrogates of Western powers? Michael Onyanyo reports on the new-found power of NGOs. "Their selective blindness to the injustices around them," he writes, "makes great learning on how institutions can deliberately marginalise some poor people while claiming to foster their very core agenda.". Onyanyo, Michael Aug 1, 2005 1353
Women's Socio-Economic Development in India: The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations. Razvi, Meena; Roth, Gene L. Abstract Mar 3, 2004 137
Too much help: since the mid-1970s, non-governmental organizations have gained huge influences in world affairs. They are consulted by governments as well as international organizations such as the United Nations, which has created associative status for them. Many do excellent work, but do we need them all? Sep 1, 2003 890
Too much of a good thing? (Foreign Policy & Defense). Jan 1, 2003 490
'What shall we do about Africa?' Real, lasting, positive and sustained development in Africa can only be created by Africans, of all classes, themselves. No one else has the motivation or the interest. (Viewpoint). Orakwue, Stella Mar 1, 2002 1366
About the African Women's Development and Communication Network (FEMNET). Jan 1, 2002 654
Community Economics or Nanny State? Secombe, Wally Mar 1, 2000 3978
Action on the FRONT LINES. Runyan, Curtis Nov 1, 1999 7194
The day the NGOs walked out. VanNijnatten, Debora L. Cover Story Mar 22, 1998 4413
Underdeveloping St. Louis: civic organizations fail to meet their own standards. Downs, Peter Feb 1, 1997 2971
A conversation about our public priorities. Yankelovich, Daniel Sep 22, 1994 4739

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