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From Human Grading to Machine Grading: Automatic Diagnosis of e-Book Text Marking Skills in Precision Education. Yang, Albert C.M.; Chen, Irene Y.L.; Flanagan, Brendan; Ogata, Hiroaki Report Jan 1, 2021 7668
"Sir! It works!" The Dyslexie Font. King, Stephen Jun 22, 2018 1398
Levels in the library: The stories of two 1st graders demonstrate why students need spaces where they can choose what, when, and how they read. Rumberger, Alyson May 1, 2018 2309
The Clinical and Classroom Utility of the Inventory of Reading Occupations: An Assessment Tool of Children's Reading Participation. Grajo, Lenin; Candler, Catherine; Bowyer, Patricia; Schultz, Sally; Thomson, Jenny Report Mar 22, 2018 4853
TUTORS CAN IMPROVE STUDENTS' READING SKILLS. Nelson-Royes, Andrea M. Mar 22, 2018 3361
"Do I have to leave?" Beyond linear text: struggling readers' motivation with an innovative musical program. Bennett, Susan V.; Calderone, Cynthia; Dedrick, Robert F.; Gunn, AnnMarie Alberton Report Jun 22, 2015 5240
Using hierarchical linear modelling to examine factors predicting English language students' reading achievement. Fung, Karen; ElAtia, Samira Report Jun 22, 2015 7263
Using additional literacy time and variety of reading programs. Camahalan, Faye Marsha G.; Wyraz, Amanda Report Mar 22, 2015 4828
Road to the code: examining the necessity and sufficiency of program components. Schmitz, Stephanie L.; Loy, Sedona Report Dec 22, 2014 9653
Impact of a universal prevention strategy on reading and behavioral outcomes. Fruth, Jason D. Report Sep 22, 2014 4896
Taiwanese college students' reading practices and profiles in both print-and internet-based formats. Chen, Su-Yen; Fang, Sheng-Ping Report Sep 22, 2014 6141
Is scientifically based reading instruction effective for students with below-average IQs? Allor, Jill H.; Mathes, Patricia G.; Roberts, J. Kyle; Cheatham, Jennifer P.; Otaiba, Stephanie Al Report Mar 22, 2014 10636
"Am I a good reader?" A friendly way to evaluate Students perceptions' of themselves as a reader. Wangsgard, Nichole Mar 22, 2014 2555
The BaRK (Building Reading Confidence for Kids) canine assisted reading program: one child's experience. Fisher, Barbara; Cozens, Merle Report Feb 1, 2014 4386
The right to read. Moss, Kary Jan 1, 2014 10753
Examining the results of a brief experimental analysis and reading fluency intervention with a middle school student. Lewis-Lancaster, Amity; Reisener, Carmen Report Dec 22, 2013 4469
Meaning construction in early oral reading. Leger, Paul David; Cameron, Catherine Ann Report Oct 1, 2013 8902
WPAs, writing programs and the common reading experience. Benz, Brad; Comer, Denise; Juergensmeyer, Erik; Lowry, Margaret Report Sep 22, 2013 8425
The effect of the juvenile fiction on the reading skills of junior high school students. Turkyilmaz, Mustafa Sep 22, 2013 5160
Effect of reading ability and internet experience on keyword-based image search. Lei, Pei-Lan; Lin, Sunny S.J.; Sun, Chuen-Tsai Report Apr 1, 2013 7138
De la lecture a la resolution de problemes: des habiletes specifiques a developper. Voyer, Dominic; Beaudoin, Isabelle; Goulet, Marie-Pier Report Oct 1, 2012 8260
Reading Mastery. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Report Jul 1, 2012 470
Effects of Glosses on Vocabulary Gain and Retention among Tertiary Level EFL Learners. Azari, Foroogh; Abdullah, Faiz Sathi; Heng, Chan Swee; Hoon, Tan Bee Report Jul 1, 2012 415
Using word identification fluency to monitor first-grade reading development. Zumeta, Rebecca O.; Compton, Donald L.; Fuchs, Lynn S. Report Jan 1, 2012 11013
How Prepared Are Students for College Level Reading? Applying a Lexile[R]-Based Approach. Issues & Answers. REL 2010-No. 094. Wilkins, Chuck; Hartman, Jenifer; Howland, Noelle; Sharma, Nitin Report Nov 1, 2010 331
How Prepared Are Students for College Level Reading? Applying a Lexile[R]-Based Approach. Summary. Issues & Answers. REL 2010-No. 094. Wilkins, Chuck; Hartman, Jenifer; Howland, Noelle; Sharma, Nitin Report Nov 1, 2010 264
Reading Framework for the 2011 National Assessment of Educational Progress. Report Sep 1, 2010 314
Preparing college students with moderate learning disabilities with the tools for higher level success. Cowden, Peter A. Report Jun 1, 2010 1835
An Evaluation of Factors Influencing Reading Literacy across Italian 4th Grade Students. Alivernini, Fabio; Manganelli, Sara; Vinci, Emanuela; Di Leo, Ines Author abstract May 1, 2010 175
Some Gaps in the Current Studies of Reading in Second/Foreign Language Learning. Fazeli, Seyed Hossein Report Apr 1, 2010 172
The real-world reading and writing U.S. children need. Duke, Nell K. Report Feb 1, 2010 2682
What Works Clearinghouse Quick Review of the Report "Evaluation of Experience Corps: Student Reading Outcomes". Report Feb 1, 2010 336
Differential effects of male and female reading tutors based on boys' gendered views of reading. Sokal, Laura; Thiem, Cassandra; Crampton, Amanda; Katz, Herb Report Oct 1, 2009 8254
Survey of Middle Grades Reading Issues. Humphrey, Jack W. Report Sep 1, 2009 276
Achievement Gap Patterns of Grade 8 American Indian and Alaska Native Students in Reading and Math. Issues & Answers. REL 2009-No. 073. Nelson, Steven; Greenough, Richard; Sage, Nicole Author abstract Jul 1, 2009 518
Achievement Gaps: How Black and White Students in Public Schools Perform on the National Assessment of Educational Progress. Highlights. NCES 2009-495. Report Jul 1, 2009 143
Achievement Gaps: How Black and White Students in Public Schools Perform in Mathematics and Reading on the National Assessment of Educational Progress. Statistical Analysis Report. NCES 2009-455. Vanneman, Alan; Hamilton, Linda; Anderson, Janet Baldwin; Rahman, Taslima Report Jul 1, 2009 462
The presence of the U.S. father as an enhancement for his children's reading achievement: masculine influence or a second parent? Mackey, Bonnie W.; Mackey, Wade C. Report Jun 22, 2009 4058
Reading achievement of incarcerated youth in three regions. Harris, Pamela J.; Baltodano, Heather M.; Bal, Aydin; Jolivette, Kristine; Malcahy, Candace Report Jun 1, 2009 9127
Slipping through the cracks: why too many adolescents still struggle to read. Whithear, Joanne L. Report Jun 1, 2009 8234
Cognitively Based Assessment of, for, and as Learning: A Framework for Assessing Reading Competency. Research Report. ETS RR-09-26. O'Reilly, Tenaha; Sheehan, Kathleen M. Report Jun 1, 2009 240
NAEP trend assessments. Brief article May 8, 2009 291
Using read-alouds with culturally sensitive children's books: a strategy that can lead to tolerance and improved reading skills. Morgan, Hani Report Mar 22, 2009 2697
End of intervention Reading Recovery[R] decisions and subsequent achievement. Gapp, Susan C.; Zalud, Garreth; Pietrzak, Dale Report Mar 22, 2009 3748
Basic Reading Skills and the Literacy of America's Least Literate Adults: Results from the 2003 National Assessment of Adult Literacy (NAAL) Supplemental Studies. NCES 2009-481. Baer, Justin; Kutner, Mark; Sabatini, John; White, Sheida Author abstract Feb 1, 2009 426
The effects of cuento therapy on reading achievement and psychological outcomes of Mexican-American students. Ramirez, Sylvia Z.; Jain, Sachin; Flores-Torres, Leila L.; Perez, Roxanna; Carlson, Ralph Report Feb 1, 2009 6600
Rethinking pathways to print literacy: a multiliteracies perspective. Yelland, Nicola; Lee, Libby; O'Rourke, Maureen; Harrison, Cathie Report Feb 1, 2009 1989
Teaching with visual texts. Asha, Jennifer Report Feb 1, 2009 2553
Estimating reading growth using intermittent CBM progress monitoring. Jenkins, Joseph R.; Graff, J. Jason; Miglioretti, Diana L. Report Jan 1, 2009 7574
Response to early reading intervention: examining higher and lower responders. Vaughn, Sharon; Wanzek, Jeanne; Murray, Christy S.; Scammacca, Nancy; Linan-Thompson, Sylvia; Woodru Report Jan 1, 2009 9843
Improving Reading Achievement Through Increased Motivation, Specific Skill Enhancement, and Practice Time for Elementary Students. Ecklund, Britt K.; Lamon, Kathryn M. Report Dec 1, 2008 501
Teacher Read-Alouds at 2nd Grade, with and without Student Companion Texts: Unexpected Findings. Kaplan, Julie Sobel; Tracey, Diane H. Report Nov 30, 2008 312
The efficacy of a supplemental multisensory reading program for first-grade students. Scheffel, Debora L.; Shaw, Jack C.; Shaw, Rose Report Sep 22, 2008 4961
Examining Differential Item Functioning in Reading Assessments for Students with Disabilities. CRESST Report 744. Abedi, Jamal; Leon, Seth; Kao, Jenny C. Report Sep 1, 2008 279
Examining Differential Distractor Functioning in Reading Assessments for Students with Disabilities. CRESST Report 743. Abedi, Jamal; Leon, Seth; Kao, Jenny C. Report Sep 1, 2008 280
SAT scores. Brief article Aug 29, 2008 182
Effects of adding multisensory components to a supplemental reading program on the decoding skills of treatment resisters. Campbell, Monica L.; Helf, Shawnna; Cooke, Nancy L. Report Aug 1, 2008 8445
Clearing the confusion: response-to-intervention as a set of principles. Barnes, Aaron C.; Harlacher, Jason E. Report Aug 1, 2008 5617
The Reading First controversy: promises and perils of federal leadership. Barbash, Shepard Jun 22, 2008 3918
Reading instruction with gifted and talented readers: a series of unfortunate events or a sequence of auspicious results? Wood, Patricia F. Report Jun 22, 2008 5973
Using Multilevel Modeling for Change to Assess Early Children's Reading Growth over Time. Liu, Xing; O'Connell, Ann A. Report May 15, 2008 369
Can those tweens and teens read yet? Christie, Kathy May 1, 2008 1423
National Indian Education Study, 2007. Part I: Performance of American Indian and Alaska Native Students at Grades 4 and 8 on NAEP 2007 Reading and Mathematics Assessments. NCES 2008-457. Moran, R.; Rampey, B. D.; Dion, G.; Donahue, P. Report May 1, 2008 403
A Description of Foundation Skills Interventions for Struggling Middle-Grade Readers in Four Urban Northeast and Islands Region School Districts. Issues & Answers. REL 2008-No. 042. Zorfass, Judith; Urbano, Carole Author abstract Feb 1, 2008 261
The relationship between verve and the academic achievement of African American students in reading and mathematics in an urban middle school. Carter, Norvella P.; Hawkins, Torrance N.; Natesan, Prathiba Report Jan 1, 2008 7616
Rapid naming and phonological processing as predictors of reading and spelling. Christo, Catherine; Davis, Jack Report Jan 1, 2008 6196
Increase Reading Fluency of 4th and 5th Grade Students with Learning Disabilities Using Readers' Theatre. Mountford, Kathy A. Report Dec 14, 2007 296
To Read or Not to Read: A Question of National Consequence. Research Report #47. Report Nov 1, 2007 362
To Read or Not To Read: A Question of National Consequence. Executive Summary. Research Report #47. Author abstract Nov 1, 2007 223
Are girls better readers than boys? Which boys? Which girls? White, Bozena Oct 1, 2007 8875
How much growth can we expect? A conditional analysis of R-CBM growth Rates by level of performance. Silberglitt, Benjamin; Hintze, John M. Table Sep 22, 2007 6429
Coping strategies in reading: multi-readers in the Norwegian general education system. Vik, Astrid Kristin; Fellenius, Kerstin Report Sep 1, 2007 5587
An experimental analysis of two error correction procedures used to improve the textual behavior of a student with autism. Fabrizio, Michael A.; Pahl, Sara Jun 22, 2007 6197
Reading, why not? Literacy skills in children with motor and speech impairments. Ferreira, Janna; Ronnberg, Jerker; Gustafson, Stefan; Wengelin, Asa Report Jun 22, 2007 11393
Improving Reading Comprehension through Application and Transfer of Reading Strategies. Pesa, Nicole; Somers, Sarah Author abstract May 1, 2007 380
Developing your reading-aloud skills. Braxton, Barbara Apr 1, 2007 1725
The aggregation of single-case results using hierarchical linear models. Van den Noortgate, Wim; Onghena, Patrick Mar 22, 2007 6578
Examining the relationships between reading achievement and tutoring duration and content for gifted culturally and linguistically diverse students from low-income backgrounds. Kitano, Margie K.; Lewis, Rena B. Mar 22, 2007 8994
Poor reading skills signal psychiatric problems in teens. Splete, Heidi Mar 1, 2007 426
Indiana Reading Assessment--Kindergarten. Technical Report. Report Feb 1, 2007 313
Time to read: advancing reading achievement after school. Little, Catherine A.; Hines, Ashley H. Sep 22, 2006 7474
Focus Group Reactions to Three Definitions of Reading (As Originally Developed in Support of NARAP Goal 1). Cline, Frederick; Johnstone, Christopher; King, Teresa Author abstract Jul 1, 2006 408
Reading attitudes and instructional methodology: how might achievement become affected? Roberts, Michael S.; Wilson, Janell D. Jun 22, 2006 2634
Hands-on reading. Silverman, Fran May 1, 2006 584
High school reading skills: solutions for educators and policymakers to begin addressing students' college readiness. Ferguson, Richard L. May 1, 2006 655
Defining Reading Proficiency for Accessible Large-Scale Assessments: Some Guiding Principles and Issues. Author abstract Feb 17, 2006 443
The 'textual shift': examining the reading process with print, visual and multimodal texts. Walsh, Maureen Feb 1, 2006 5492
A Descriptive Study of the Relationship between Language Reading Proficiency and the Age at Which Music Lessons Are Begun. Zimmermann, Lynne S. Author abstract Jan 1, 2006 243
Changing Emphasis: Rethinking Turkey's Early Literacy Instruction. Sahin, Ismet Author abstract Jan 1, 2006 242
The effect of perceived improvement in reading on the social behavior of a second grader. Ashcroft, Laura; Ashcroft, Richard Dec 22, 2005 5163
The effects of a parent-child paired reading program on reading abilities, phonological awareness and self-concept of at-risk pupils (1). Cadieux, Alain; Boudreault, Paul Dec 22, 2005 6654
International outcomes of learning in mathematics literacy and problem solving: PISA 2003 results from the U.S. perspective. Lemke, Mariann; Sen, Anindita; Pahlke, Erin; Partelow, Lisette; Miller, David; Williams, Trevor; Kas Nov 1, 2005 1195
Indiana Reading Assessment--Grade 1. Technical Report. Report Jun 30, 2005 340
Factors affecting inner-city boys' reading: are male teachers the answer? Sokal, Laura; Katz, Herb; Adkins, Matthew; Grills, Tannis; Stewart, Crystal; Priddle, Greg; Sych-Yer Jun 22, 2005 8869
Beyond research: improving how we improve reading. Gable, Karla Jun 22, 2004 2982
Intermediate Decoding Skills. NetNews. Volume 4, Number 4. Abstract Mar 1, 2004 295
Report assesses Grade 4 reading skills. Brief Article Oct 1, 2003 189
Assessment issues and recommendations. (Literacy Links). Asselin, Marlene Jun 1, 2003 1038
High Achievement in Reading in San Diego City Schools. No. 710. Rode, Ronald G.; And Others Author abstract Mar 12, 1996 295

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