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Evaluation of the effectiveness of tutoring in a preclinical laboratory course.

The purpose of the study is to evaluate the effectiveness of tutoring in a first year dental hygiene pre-clinical laboratory course. Tutoring was offered to students enrolled in the course. Dental hygiene students are expected to meet rigorous clinical performance criteria and developing these clinical skills is a critical component of dental hygiene education.

The tutoring program was evaluated using a nineteen question survey instrument which students anonymously filled out on Blackboard. Approval for the study was obtained from the university's Human Subjects Institutional Review Board. The study population consisted of the classes of 2007-2010 with a total of one hundred and forty-eight students.

Approximately two-thirds (sixty) of the students responding to the survey took part in tutoring sessions. The majority of the tutoring was conducted by faculty with some sessions utilizing peer tutors.

Results of the survey found that a majority of the students participating in tutoring felt that the extra practice and the desire to feel more confident with the instruments were the major reasons for attending tutoring. The survey results found that a majority of the students felt that they were able to adapt the instruments to the typodont better after participating in tutoring. Ninety percent of the students responding to the survey felt that the tutoring helped them feel better prepared for clinic. Greater than sixty percent responding felt that tutoring was more effective than the actual laboratory session and that the peer tutor was as beneficial as a faculty tutor.

* Holly C. Rice, RDH, MEd and Alan E. Levine, PhD, MEd

The University of Texas Dental Branch at Houston

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Title Annotation:CLL Poster Sessions
Author:Rice, Holly C.; Levine, Alan E.
Publication:Journal of Dental Hygiene
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Date:Sep 22, 2010
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