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European Banking Giant Brings Video to the Trading Floor Using Starlight Networks Software.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 9, 1997--

Paribas' State-of-the-Art Trading Facility in London Expected to

Raise the Standards for Traders Around the World

Starlight Networks, the world leader in broadband MPEG1 and MPEG2 video networking solutions for corporate intranets, announced today that Paribas, an international investment bank, is implementing StarCast and StarWorks software in a move to provide real-time video-based news and information directly to the desktops of more than 500 traders at the Bank's new trading floors in London. The new trading facility, which opened August 1, houses state-of-the-art equipment, including an ATM backbone and 155Mbps capacity to the desktop. Starlight technology will deliver multiple video streams, both live and stored, to every trader on the floor.

"Nowhere is time and quality of information more critical than in the financial industry, especially on the trading floor, which makes streaming real-time video to the desktop a very compelling strategic advantage," said Tanya Candia, vice president of marketing at Starlight Networks. "We're excited to partner with Paribas, a leader in its field, to help create a trading floor unlike any other in the world. This will be a perfect showcase for Starlight technology and for Paribas' remarkable vision."

Starlight technology is being rolled out initially in Paribas' London trading floor, with New York and Far East locations expected to follow in due course. Starlight's StarCast software will deliver live multicast MPEG video and its StarWorks software will deliver managed video-on-demand -- all over Paribas' existing network, which includes over 1500 Compaq NT desktops in the London building alone. Starlight technology will enable traders to instantly monitor changes in the market, as well as receive live feeds from external news sources.

"This technology will enable us to have unified content production, distribution, and management across all Paribas operations," said a Paribas spokesman. "Starlight Networks is a key part of this team. We were particularly impressed with the company's proven leadership, high integration and scalability, and extensive bandwidth management capabilities, which fit perfectly with the requirements and complexities of our global, mission-critical environment."

About StarWorks(TM)

StarWorks is a mission-critical networking software that enables hundreds of users to share streaming mixed media (video, audio, text, graphics, etc.) over Ethernet, FDDI, ATM, and other local area networks. StarWorks integrates live and stored media content on LANs, guarantees high-quality delivery, and ensures peaceful co-existence of video/audio streams with other network applications. StarWorks supports Microsoft Windows NT and UNIX-based platforms, including Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, and Pentium servers with Windows NT or Lynx Realtime OS.

About StarCast(TM)

StarCast is an end-to-end solution for multicasting live and stored video in real-time to thousands of desktops across the enterprise. StarCast is ideal for applications like real-time news delivery and analyst briefings, remote monitoring and surveillance systems, as well as distance learning and corporate communications. StarCast supports networking standards such as IP Multicast over Ethernet and ATM, video compression standards such as MPEG-1, and multimedia standards such as Microsoft ActiveMovie. StarCast can also be deployed to take advantage of high-speed satellite delivery to distribute time-sensitive video across an organization. StarCast supports Microsoft Windows NT BackOffice platforms and Windows 95.

About Paribas

Paribas is an international investment bank with 10,000 employees in 60 countries. It focuses on six core businesses organized on a worldwide basis. The businesses are: advisory services, asset management, corporate banking, equity, fixed income and securities services. Paribas generates more than three-quarters of its revenues outside of France. It is a member of Groupe Paribas, which owns more than $25 billion in funds and shareholders' equity.

About Starlight Networks

Starlight Networks is the worldwide leader in broadband MPEG1 and MPEG2 video networking solutions for enterprise environments, providing cost-effective, scalable solutions for the delivery, storage and management of streaming data types across enterprise networks and intranets. With more than 400 customers around the world, Starlight enables companies to significantly increase productivity and reduce costs by bringing critical information -- audio, video, images, graphics, and/or text -- directly to users' desktops, without interrupting network traffic or straining bandwidth resources. Starlight is the only vendor delivering comprehensive video-on-demand and IP multicasting solutions to significantly increase productivity on enterprise networks. Starlight's family of products include StarWorks and StarCast.

Starlight Networks is located at 205 Ravendale Drive, Mountain View, CA 94043. Phone: 415/967-2774. Fax: 415/967/0686. WWW: -0-

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Date:Sep 9, 1997
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