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Europe report.


I recently had the opportunity to attend the 2nd International Conference of Association Executives in Birmingham, England. The theme of the Conference was "Building Bridges Through Inter-cultural Communication".

Reports from representatives of the United Nations, European Commission, Soviet Union and others on the progress of the Eastern Community indicate that wider Europe is moving towards market economy and common unity. Countries of the world will group together and economic power rather than military power will be the guiding factor. It is felt that those powers will be Japan, USA, Europe, Soviet Union and China. It is also felt that the Soviet Union and China will not achieve superpower status until just this side of 2020. The Soviet must increase it's economic power. One drawback for that country will be military cuts and implications to military personnel. The Soviets urgently need goods and services, however, under the present system the only method they can possibly use for payment is barter.

Executives outside Europe wonder if they are to be faced with a new, integrated market with common standards or with a `fortress Europe' setting barriers to free trade.

We unite when we are threatened, and that's exactly where the world is heading - with unanimous concerns on environment, drugs and the economy. The European community will have the eyes of the world on it as it settles and implements such things as deregulations with respect to freedom of circulation of individuals from country to country (working as well as travel), national tax reforms and translation (English has been accepted as the major International language).

Because our world is getting smaller as a result of telecommunications, we must all restrain our views on the beliefs and morals of other nations. There will be no 'fortress' in the modern world as we are all interdependent. Understanding is the wellspring of happiness.
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Title Annotation:CIM news
Author:Milne, Joan L.
Publication:Canadian Manager
Date:Dec 22, 1989
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