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Europe needs kick like SAFC.

IT'S the whole of Europe and Britain that needs a kick up the backside, not just the footballers in Sunderland AFC. The banking crisis was the last straw, and the present mess could drag on for years.

The recession that started in the Thirties could have lasted until 1950 if Hitler hadn't 'shook the bag up' and got things moving again. History isn't immutable. The events that cost the lives of 80 million people in two world wars were avoidable.

Europe in 1914 was a Pandora's Box just waiting to be prised open. Britain's involvement in both wars was the idiotic result of obligations first made to Belgium a century earlier at the Congress of Vienna in 1814. The next stupid obligation was given to Poland in 1919 at the Treaty of Versailles. At the time most people throughout Britain or Europe would have found spelling 'democracy' difficult let alone comprehend it.

Chamberlain's declaration of war on Nazi Germany prompted a respected historian to later conclude that the second World War in Europe was the last battle of the Great War.

Sovereignty, supreme power, rests with the people. Power-centred Western governments are subordinate to the people, but it's a lesson neither they nor their populations understand.

That's why democracy is a joke and why we need an inviolable written constitution.

JOHN CRESSWELL, Fenton Close, Chester-le-Street.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
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Date:Apr 9, 2013
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