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Europe can Sue Bulgaria for Lack of Access to 112 Emergency Number for Deaf People.

Bulgaria is seriously violating European legislation due to the lack of access for people with hearing impairment to 112. This was said as a warning by Benoit Vivien of the European emergency NGO in an interview with the Bulgarian National Radio on Saturday.

When asked about the measures that could be taken at European level in such cases as well as when the telephone was stopped, Vivien specified that there is legislation at European level stating that every European citizen should be able to reach emergency help

"If the system stops, as it happens in Bulgaria, it means that your country does not comply with EU law at the moment, so the European Commission must intervene to make Bulgaria respect European laws and if it does not work , can start a lawsuit against Bulgaria in the EU Court, also Bulgaria does not comply with a specific European directive that people with hearing impairment should also be able to contact emergency services, "Benoit Vivien said.

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Publication:Sofia News Agency
Geographic Code:4EXBU
Date:Oct 14, 2017
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