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EuroScreen Norway AS.

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EuroScreen Norway AS is dedicated to help its customers maximize their resources through the recycling and reconditioning of consumable wear parts such as screw press strainer baskets, contoured pressure screen cylinders, and screen rotors and foils.


Pulp and paper mills from around the world return their worn screen parts to Norway for reconditioning. Technicians use proprietary equipment to return the parts to original or modified specifications. Contour dimensions and slot size may be changed to match changing fiberline process requirements. A carbide based wear coating is applied to the wear surfaces to extend service life.


"We were able to return over 50 obsolete or worn parts to our process after the EuroScreen Norway reconditioning. Now we don't have to overuse screen baskets and rotors beyond their useful life" "The EuroScreen Norway carbide based coating nearly doubled my previous run life."

Euroscreen Norway AS


Tel: +47 35 05 00 02 (Norway)

Fax: +47 35 05 03 13

North America:

Tel: +1 262 695 8219 (USA)

Fax: +1 262 695 8307

Back in Production Saved from Scrap

With our exclusive EuroScreen Norway process, wedgewire screens can now be rebuilt. As a result mills enjoy 1 or 2 additional life-spans on each screen basket.

Normal wear causes reduced capacity. EuroScreen Norway repairs and reconditions each wire to the original contour restoring full capacity.


Paper Mills Worldwide

* Used Screens Regain Full Capacity

Even exceed original capacity without additional cost.

* Mill Operator Specifies Slot Opening

New high precision slot opening without additional cost. Slot opening may be increased or decreased according to customer's requirement.

* Mill Operator Specifies Contour Angle

Capacity and screening result can also be increased or decreased according to customer desire by adjusting the contour angle.

* Longer Life-span/Greater Durability

Life-span of rebuilt basket will be at least as long as a new basket, due to our superb carbide coating.

* Satisfaction Guaranteed

Excellent operating conditions and quality, the rebuilt screens are fully warranted for work, material and performance.

* Great Savings in Maintenance Expense

The rebuilding of wedgewire screens is approximately 40% less than the cost of a new screen basket.


phone: +1 262 695 8219

fax: +1 262 695 8307


phone: +47 35 05 83 33

fax: +47 35 05 03 13
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