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Euro style.

Link Shoes, the Euro company home to an eclectic line-up including Alex Moul and Marcus McBride, has called it quits. Mon dieu!

St Louis' Dan George had briefly ended his retirement from skateboarding to perform as a four-wheeled Ronald McDonald at the St Louis stop of Tony Hawk's Boom Boom Huck Jam. "As long as they didn't want me to be Grimace, I was down! said the former Midwest champ.

As we just go to press, rumors have Bob Burnquist completing the loop in an enclosed pipe--not in a Hot Wheels track but by pumping a flume trucked into his Vista farm. The natural is, to date, still unattained. That's that.

Jersey-bred shredder Pete Eldridge has joined the elite Hubba squadron along with Vancouver's smooth operator, Russ Milligan, Rumors circulating around the mag also indicate that Milligan is associated with a new board company coming out of San Francisco's Hunter's Point neighborhood. Hubba is causing quite a stir. Are other wheel company execs sweatin' bullets over Hubba's potential power?. Who's losing sleep? TV is playing mute regarding the latest addition to team Hubba. But isn't secrecy part of the modus operandi here? This is a company who refuses to divulge what they are doing to the extent that at a recent trade show Buffalo Boy even denied that they exist. Perhaps the cartels' ongoing search for the most resilient DD super shelf and wheel compounds demand black ops. Chris Shiner and Raggie Barnes were sighted in and around the Hubba compound, but they may have been there to just monitor the Pantera project.

Meanwhile, Hubba technological wizard Oliver Rowen stumbled into a bit of trouble at the Dallas Airport on his way to a friend's wedding Oliver tried to pass through airport security armed with a Lucky butane lighter. No dice; however, his father Russell had just made it through with the exact same lighter in his pocket. Frustrated by Dad's slick passage, Oliver spouted some smart-ass remarks towards security, pointing out that the elder Rowen had slid by their detectors. Both were corralled and questioned, and the authorities downloaded their vital stats. Don't snitch.
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Title Annotation:Trash
Date:Feb 1, 2004
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