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Euro force could help to save money; VIEWPOINTS.

IT is often said that local authorities can save money by purchasing in bulk and sharing services.

There may not be that much money to be saved because of the extra transport costs, staff, warehousing, fuel and stock costs.

Where money can be saved however, is by shared services and bulk-buying by governments, particularly when it comes to the Navy. The British government wants to purchase a replacement for Trident and also wants new aircraft carriers but is short of money. It is rather like someone wants to buy a Rolls-Royce but has scarcely enough pennies to buy a bicycle.

It would make good sense to merge the British, French, Dutch, Portuguese and Belgium navies to become a combined Euro Atlantic Navy. This would allow internal economies of scale, bulk purchasing and the Euro Atlantic Navy could afford expensive kit, Trident and aircraft carriers.

If Texas, California and New York each had their own navies, armies and air forces, they would not count much on the world stage, but by having a USA federal army, navy and air force they are able to be the biggest bully in the world. Merging the British, French, Dutch, Belgium and Portuguese navies would not lead to a loss of sovereignty for the UK as our sovereignty currently lies in Washington. When the British Prime Minister meets the USA president and he says jump, the British Prime Minister only says "How High?". We would have a major share of control over a Euro Atlantic Navy. We could then become part of a big bully ourselves.

It would also be to the USA's advantage to have a strong ally in Western Europe instead of five weak, ineffective allies.

Ralph W Rees Penylan, Cardiff
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Aug 28, 2010
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