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Euphrates River Valley settlement; the Carchemish sector in the third millennium BC.


Euphrates River Valley settlement; the Carchemish sector in the third millennium BC.

Ed. by Edgar Peltenburg.

Oxbow Books


285 pages




It was densely populated in its time, about 5,000 years ago, but it is archeologically inaccessible. Carchemish was one of the great capital cities of the ancient Near East, but most of our information about it comes from rescue excavations (conducted upon the building of new dams) which revealed ceremonial monuments, mortuary evidence, fortified settlements and temples as well as material in Carchemish hinterlands, pastoral nomads, ranked societies and state formation. The 18 papers here include overviews of regional dimensions, including evidence of geopolitics and social-cultural identity, settlements of the middle Euphrates and Sajur River basins, including evidence from mounds about Bronze age life and on rulers from terraces, and material culture in its broader context, including the evidence from metal artifacts, sealing practices, ceramics, luxury wares and the place of fruit stands in Bronze Age cultural life. Distributed in North America by The David Brown Book Co.

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