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Eugenics. Umbreen Aslam Nov 1, 2021 373
Auto-eugenics in America. Gwynne Dyer Sep 14, 2021 830
Pro-abortion Professor offers lame defense of a veto of a bill in North Carolina that bans discrimination-based abortion. Andrusko, Dave Aug 1, 2021 580
America's Cross-Partisan Dalliance With Eugenics: A new book pulls the curtain back--but only partway. Magness, Phillip W. Jul 12, 2021 1321
Patenting Related to Human Genetic Engineering and Eugenics: An Analysis of European Patent Law and Normative Policies. Abid Hussein Khan May 15, 2021 6647
Abortion provider Marie Stopes International change name to hide links with eugenics. Dec 1, 2020 586
Abortion provider changes name over founder's views on eugenics; Marie Stopes also believed in sterilisation and was anti-abortion. By, Neil Shaw Nov 17, 2020 481
Eugenics and Ethnic Cleansing: The Values that Unite the US and Israel. Sep 20, 2020 1489
Justice Thomas's prophetic denunciation of Planned Parenthood's eugenic legacy. Andrusko, Dave Aug 1, 2020 827
US eugenics program tried to 'breed out' black people: study. Jul 25, 2020 382
The Guarded Gate: Bigotry, Eugenics, and the Law that Kept Two Generations of Jews, Italians, and Other European Immigrants Out of America. Levinson, Martin H. Jul 1, 2020 386
Eugenics in High School History: Failure to Confront the Past. Cargill, Thomas F. Jun 22, 2020 10023
Cutting Racist Ties. May 14, 2020 183
Dani Garavelli: Rapper raises lone voice against march of the 'new' eugenics. Feb 23, 2020 1185
Eugenics 2020: We all know how it ended last time around ... Tom Evans MY SHOUT the columnist who thinks human rights do matter. Tom Evans Feb 21, 2020 404
Lavery blasts Tories for controversial adviser pick; Sabisky'S EUGENICS VIEWS LEAD TO CALLS FOR SACK. JONATHAN WALKER Poltical editor @jonwalker121 Feb 18, 2020 428
Andrew Sabisky: what the former No. 10 adviser is alleged to have said about pregnancies, eugenics and race as he steps down. Feb 18, 2020 860
How the slaughter of 300,000 people with disabilities paved the way for the Holocaust of the Jews. Andrusko, Dave Jan 1, 2020 740
The Biopolitics of Feeling: Race, Sex, and Science in the Nineteenth Century. Kyla Schuller: Duke University Press, Durham and London: 2018, 296 pages. Photographs, excerpts, notes and index included. $61.04 hardcover, $21.55 paperback. Reviewed by Rosemary Onyango, Eastern Illinois University. Onyango, Rosemary Book review Jan 1, 2020 1884
Socio-Politico-Economic Darwinism To Eugenics. Oct 21, 2019 1372
Thursday's Television; Freeview. Sep 28, 2019 101
Thursday's Television; Freeview. Sep 28, 2019 101
Japan apologises to people forcibly sterilised under defunct eugenics law. Apr 24, 2019 680
Biopower, Disability and Capitalism: Neoliberal Eugenics and the Future of ART Regulation. Goodrow, Gabrielle Mar 22, 2019 9251
Infanticide, Eugenics, Euthanasia, and the Lord's Work: There is "outrageous" and there is "sickening"--what is happening on the abortion front is both. Singleton, Marilyn M. Mar 1, 2019 859
Mens sana in sano: incorporacion de la higiene mental en la salud publica en la primera mitad del siglo XX en Colombia. Gutierrez Avendano, Jairo Jan 1, 2019 11395
OPENING A DOOR TO EUGENICS: New ways of using your genetic data could bolster scientific racism and encourage discrimination. Comfort, Nathaniel Nov 1, 2018 2353
Opting for abortion to avoid birth defects is like Nazi eugenics - Pope Francis. Jun 17, 2018 485
Don't Abort Downs Babies: Abortion activists are actively trying to wipe out kids born with Down syndrome, arguing that the burden is not fair to either the child or the parents--eugenics again. Shaw, Lisa May 7, 2018 2065
Children with Down syndrome have the right to live even if you do not want them: An open letter to The Washington Post Editor Ruth Marcus. Lejeune, David G. May 1, 2018 803
Carrie Buck and the old eugenics, Alfie Evans and the new eugenics. Andrusko, Dave May 1, 2018 630
The Archivist. Oates, Joyce Carol Short story Mar 22, 2018 13096
Is Genetic Counseling a Form of Eugenics?/Asesoramiento genetico: ?una practica que estimula la eugenesia?/Assessoria genetica: uma pratica que estimula a eugenia? Bernal, Ricardo Miguel Luque; Bejarano, Roberto Jose Buitrago Jan 1, 2018 7302
Editing the human genome brings us one step closer to consumer eugenics. Aug 9, 2017 702
The left's dirty little secret. Uhlmann, Michael M. Book review Jun 22, 2017 1873
Gene editing and the rise of designer babies. Melillo, Tara R. May 1, 2017 14463
From biopolitics to bioeconomies: the ART of (re-)producing white futures in Mexico's surrogacy market. Schurr, Carolin Essay Apr 1, 2017 10545
The Economic Eugenicism of John Maynard Keynes. Magness, Phillip W.; Hernandez, Sean J. Essay Mar 22, 2017 8275
Will IVG Lead To Embryo Farming And Eugenics? Jan 13, 2017 618
We cannot remain silent as unborn babies with Down syndrome are aborted. Velasquez, Leticia Oct 1, 2016 680
Eugenics warning. Stern, Alexandra Minna Sep 22, 2016 561
Dream or nightmare? The impact of American eugenics, past and present. Ummel, Deborah Essay Sep 1, 2016 3412
Eugenics-has non-invasive prenatal testing for down syndrome brought us full-circle? Saunders, Peter Sep 1, 2016 1236
Progressive eugenics. Harwood, Matthew Book review May 1, 2016 1777
Eugenics within the context of current developments in genetic technology: deficiencies in focus/Eugenia no contexto do atual desenvolvimento das tecnologias geneticas: as deficiencias em foco/Eugenesia en el contexto del actual desarrollo de las tecnologias geneticas: las discapacidades en foco. de Moura, Simone Moreira; Crochik, Jose Leon Apr 1, 2016 5478
The history of eugenics. Kevles, Daniel J. Essay Mar 22, 2016 2330
'Consumer eugenics' fear over editing genes. Feb 2, 2016 280
"Backdoor to eugenics"? The risks of prenatal diagnosis for poor, black women. Asbury, Bret D. Sep 22, 2015 11782
The 'Science' of eugenics: America's moral detour. Singleton, Marilyn M. Dec 22, 2014 3850
Racist origins of eugenics and its expression in modern environmentalism. Hopkins, Frances Jul 1, 2014 2605
Tragicom Studios Movie Explores Link Between the Technology Industry and the Rise in Autism with Futuristic Eugenics Thriller, "Mindblinders". Jun 30, 2014 548
The most endangered species in England. Kondrich, Kurt Jun 1, 2014 428
Planned parenthood's Sanger (Eugenics) award goes to Nancy Pelosi; Grandinetti avid planned parenthood supporter. Parlato, Frank Apr 1, 2014 847
Eugenesia y discriminacion en Colombia: el papel de la medicina y la psiquiatria en la politica inmigratoria a principios del siglo xx. Carrizosa Moog, Jaime Mar 1, 2014 4893
Interwar eugenics in Britain: Part 3: perceptions of poverty. Mason, Heather Mar 1, 2014 5099
Interwar eugenics in Britain: Part 2: perceptions of the family. Mason, Heather Feb 1, 2014 4145
Interwar eugenics in Britain: Part 1. Mason, Heather Jan 1, 2014 5925
Boris Johnson Deploys 'Economic Eugenics' to Rally Tory Right Wing. Nov 28, 2013 702
Form healthcare to holocaust: in the 1880s, Germany initiated government provision of healthcare. It was not long before doctors stopped serving patients and began serving the state--to the death. Tennant, Michael Nov 5, 2012 3460
Bringing Eugenics back. Brief article Oct 1, 2012 134
Liberal sins. Reeb, Richard Sep 22, 2012 569
Nazi salute to eugenics. Mar 8, 2012 329
Jewish Eugenics. Lynn, Richard Dec 22, 2011 1198
Eugenesia. Un analisis historico y una posible propuesta. Villela Cortes, Fabiola; Linares Salgado, Jorge E. Nov 1, 2011 5791
The Problem of Violence in Sheri S. Tepper's Feminist Utopia, The Gate to Women's Country. Maxwell, Anne (Australian professor) Essay Nov 1, 2011 8630
Eugenics, genetics, and the minority group model of disabilities: implications for social work advocacy. O'Brien, Gerald V. Report Oct 1, 2011 5535
"Community, identity, stability": the scientific society and the future of religion in Aldous Huxley's: Brave New World. Congdon, Brad Critical essay Sep 1, 2011 9533
A well-oiled machine: Alberta's Eugenics program, 1928-1972. Grekul, Jana Jun 22, 2011 4367
Eugenics and Leilani Muir. Bowal, Peter; Pecson, Kelsey May 1, 2011 1552
Sterilizing the unfit. Shea, John B. Feb 1, 2011 712
A not-so-new eugenics: Harris and Savulescu on human enhancement. Sparrow, Robert Jan 1, 2011 9431
Sanitizing, caring and civilizing: the medical discourse for schools in the State of Parana (1920-1937)/Higienizar, cuidar e civilizar: o discurso medico para a escola paranaense (1920-1937)/Higiene, cuidar y civilizar: el discurso medico para la escuela paranaense (1920-1937). Larocca, Liliana Muller; Marques, Vera Regina Beltrao Oct 1, 2010 6490
Future Human Evolution: Eugenics in the Twenty-First Century. Matare, H.F. Sep 22, 2010 1942
Engineering oblivion: eugenics, the remaking of man and unmaking of morality: eugenicists placed such a premium on human physical perfection that there was no consideration of the methods used to achieve it, nor the consequences of the ideal. Duke, Selwyn Aug 30, 2010 2637
Sanitizing, caring and civilizing: the medical discourse for schools in the State of Parana (1920-1937)/Higienizar, cuidar e civilizar: o discurso medico para a escola paranaense (1920-1937)/Higiene, cuidar y civilizar: el discurso medico para la escuela paranaense (1920-1937). Larocca, Liliana Muller; Marques, Vera Regina Beltrao Jul 1, 2010 6485
It's not eugenics to prevent blighted lives. May 1, 2010 846
Foucault, genocide, criminology, and eugenics: reflections on the work of Freddy Prestol Castillo. Echols, Kyle Mar 22, 2010 7647
Population policy and eugenic theory: implications of China's ratification of the United Nations convention on the rights of persons with disabilities. Petersen, Carole J. Report Mar 1, 2010 10083
The unwelcome cohort: when the sentencing judge invades your bedroom. Bux, Elizabeth M. Feb 1, 2010 11504
To what extent was the relationship between feminists and the eugenics movement a 'marriage of convenience' in the interwar years? Makepeace, Clare Report Nov 1, 2009 7529
What has Darwin wrought? West, John G. May 1, 2009 2944
Finding Hy-Brazil: Eugenics and Modernism in the Pacific. Carson, Susan Critical essay May 1, 2009 4577
In darkest Indianapolis: a poor midwestern family is demonized by eugenicists and glorified by radicals. Walker, Jesse Mar 1, 2009 1058
Advancing civil rights, the next generation: the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 and beyond. Tan, Morse Hyun-Myung Jan 1, 2009 20819
Eugenics in Education: Apologetics for Oppression. Hartlep, Nicholas D. Report Nov 10, 2008 175
Mary Antin's Progressive science: eugenics, evolution, and the environment. Jirousek, Lori Critical essay Sep 22, 2008 9172
Perils of degeneration: reform, the savage immigrant, and the survival of the unfit. Bender, Daniel E. Essay Sep 22, 2008 12441
Sterilization in Alberta, 1928 to 1972: gender matters. Grekul, Jana Report Aug 1, 2008 8524
Of gay sheep and human eugenics. May 1, 2007 420
Liberal eugenics & human nature against Habermas. Fenton, Elizabeth Nov 1, 2006 5698
Designing babies: a eugenics race with China? The rapid pace of genetic research, the author argues, guarantees that we will see genetically manufactured babies before the end of the century. Swedin, Eric G. May 1, 2006 2244
The price of science without moral constraints: German and American medicine before DNA and today. Pollack, Robert E. Mar 22, 2006 4872
The debate over liberal eugenics. Agar, Nicholas; Brock, Dan W.; Lauritzen, Paul; Prusak, Bernard G. Letter to the editor Mar 1, 2006 2475
Eugenics and population control in Canada. Shea, John Mar 1, 2006 1692
Rethinking "liberal eugenics": reflections and questions on Habermas on bioethics. Prusak, Bernard G. Nov 1, 2005 10316
Engaging the past: Charles M. Goethe, American Eugenics, and Sacramento State University. Platt, Tony Jun 22, 2005 7656
Abortion: The Ultimate Weapon in the War against Female Fertility. Interview Jun 1, 2005 1341
Where are you going, my little one? Fetal reduction. Laurence, Lianne Nov 1, 2004 824
Preaching Eugenics: Religious Leaders and the American Eugenics Movement. Aug 1, 2004 1386
Pre-screening pregnancies leads to eugenics. Brief Article Jun 1, 2004 130
How to be an organism. Ho, Mae-Wan Column Dec 22, 2003 1526
Danish professor speaks out in favour of eugenics. Brief Article Sep 29, 2003 129
Pioneer's big lie. Lombardo, Paul A. Jun 22, 2003 8347
Breeding a better America. (Society). Jun 22, 2003 498
The advent of the genetic quotient. Benichou, Gregory Column Sep 22, 2002 3525
Can democracy survive the disgust of man for man? From social Darwinism to eugenics. Roucloux, Joel Column Sep 22, 2002 2313
Nature, norms and democracy. Scubla, Lucien Column Sep 22, 2002 3900
Race, poverty and disability: three strikes and you're out! Or are you? Block, Pamela; Balcazar, Fabricio E.; Keys, Christopher B. Sep 22, 2002 3007
The Pioneer Fund and the scientific study of human differences. Rushton, J. Philippe Sep 22, 2002 22512
Beyond cloning: the larger agenda of human engineering. (Introduction). Bell, Dick Jul 1, 2002 1773
The science and politics of genetically modified humans: will new genetic technologies be carefully controlled for their benefits--or will they inadvertently destroy civil society? Say hello to the post-human ideology. Hayes, Richard Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 967
The new eugenics: it used to be forced sterilization, and the experiments of Dr. Mengele. Now it's genetic technology and the free market. The people who dream of creating a superior race are back. Dorsey, Michael Jul 1, 2002 1430
What human genetic modification means for women: supporters of the new eugenics want it framed as an issue of "choice." But feminists know we can support abortion rights and still oppose eugenics. (The Risks of the Rush). Levine, Judith Jul 1, 2002 2630
The genome as a commons: through all the trials and tribulations of human history, what binds us in the end is our common humanity. (The Risks of the Rush). Darnovsky, Marcy Jul 1, 2002 2356
Return of eugenics? (BTM). Brief Article May 1, 2002 214
It merits thinking about. Laurence, Lianne Brief Article May 1, 2002 850
"The American breed": Nazi eugenics and the origins of the Pioneer Fund. Lombardo, Paul A. Mar 22, 2002 26981
Eugenicists disproved. Hunter, Ian Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 857
Eugenic Danger or Genetic Promise: A Revolution for the Millennium. AMES, DAVID A. Sep 22, 2001 5878
Eugenics Past and Present. BERSON, MICHAEL J.; CRUZ, BARBARA Sep 1, 2001 5153
Population Control Today--and Tomorrow? Saint Margaret Sanger. Kasun, Jacqueline R. Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 388
Introduction Francis Galton, `Kantsaywhere' and `The Donoghues of Dunno Weir'. (Utopian Texts). Claeys, Gregory Mar 22, 2001 1029
The Eugenic College of Kantsaywhere. Galton, Francis Excerpt Mar 22, 2001 9529
The Donoghues of Dunno Weir. Galton, Francis Excerpt Mar 22, 2001 10661
Waste and Whiteness: Zora Neale Hurston and the Politics of Eugenics. Jackson, Chuck Dec 22, 2000 14627
Gene Warfare. Shelden, Randall G. Jun 22, 2000 2481
Yin and yang: the eugenic policies of the United States and China: is the analysis that black and white? Rodgers, Gail Sep 22, 1999 14860
Social Darwinism revisited. Jones, Leslie Aug 1, 1998 1870
Sterilization victims urged to come forward. Whyatt, Sabrina Aug 1, 1998 685
Bill 26 reflections (attempt to limit claims of compensation for sterilization). Dickson, Gary Aug 1, 1998 908
Patent pending. Rifkin, Jeremy May 1, 1998 2169
Are we an endangered species? Gideonse, Ted May 27, 1997 1821
Eugenics and Utopia: sexual selection from Galton to Morris. Parrinder, Patrick Mar 22, 1997 5745
Technology and choice. Editorial Mar 1, 1994 530
Eugenics. Asimov, Isaac Reference Source Jan 1, 1994 196
Whither the genome project? Sinsheimer, Robert Louis Jul 1, 1990 815
The argument for unlimited procreative liberty: a feminist critique. Ryan, Maura A. Jul 1, 1990 6810
Biomedicine and technocratic power. Finkelstein, Joanne L. Jul 1, 1990 3457

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