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Eugenics in Education: Apologetics for Oppression.

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For many people an esoteric educational topic is eugenics. This brief text analysis will provide a textual as well as contextual analysis of Dr. Ann Gibson Winfield's book (2007) Eugenics and Education in America: Institutionalized Racism and the Implications of History, Ideology, and Memory. Winfield objectively critiques eugenic apologetics. This text analysis will assess how well Winfield's book accomplishes the following: (1) discussion of the scientism-or pseudo-nature of eugenics, (2) description of the compositional and structural eugenic-laden inequities that pervade education, (3) discussion of eugenic labels used in the past within education, and (4) discussion of eugenic labels presently used within education.

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Author:Hartlep, Nicholas D.
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Article Type:Report
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Nov 10, 2008
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