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Eugene street sealing scheduled for this week.

Byline: Christian Wihtol The Register-Guard

Eugene is going big on slurry seal this week.

Slurry seal - an asphalt emulsion mixed with sand - is slapped onto aging asphalt pavements to keep out water and prolong pavement life.

The city is applying slurry seal to 16 streets.

Streets being subjected to slurry are closed to all traffic for up to eight hours.

Scheduled for treatment on Tuesday are Fourth Avenue west of Wallis Street, Fifth Avenue east of Wallis Street, 14th Avenue from Acorn Park to Buck Street, 20th Avenue from City View to McKinley streets, Buck Street cul de sac, Mc Kinley Street south of 19th Avenue and Soloman Loop.

Scheduled for treatment on Wednesday or Thursday are: Breezewood Avenue, Chaucer Way, Greiner Street, Josh Street, Pam Street, Shelton Avenue, Stansby Way, Strathmore Place, and Sunrise Boulevard south of Broadview Street.

Blackline Inc. of Portland submitted the low bid of $169,000 to do the work. The job calls for 12,000 pounds of crack-sealing material and 58,000 square yards of slurry sealing.

Funding comes from the city's capital road fund.

Filling cracks and sealing street surfaces prevents water from seeping through splits in the pavement and eroding the gravel road base that the pavement sits on. Slurry sealing also protects the pavement from oxidation, which leads to brittleness and cracking. And it improves the surface for driving and skid resistance, city officials said.

Typically, slurry seal is used only on local streets that don't carry much traffic, the city said.

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Date:Aug 4, 2014
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