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Etymology of sexual terms.

Sex is often discussed in the allegedly more respectable terminology derived from classical languages, but sometimes Anglo-Saxon "four-letter words" are boldly employed. Seldom do we think of where these words came from. Can you state the terms derived as follows? Some are of debatable origin, but I do not include those (such as pimp) "of unknown origin". Extra points for virtue if any or all are unfamiliar to you!

1. to arouse activity (Greek)

2. sheath (Latin)

3. pencil (Latin)

4. arousal by pain (Greek)

5. something sweet (English)

6. queer (English)

7. bodice (French)

8. prostitute (French)

9. pinup (English)

10. prestigiously pretty date (English)

11. limit to sexual function (Latin)

12. join together (Latin)

13. swelling (French)

14. prostitute (Old Norse, Old English)

15. flow of seed (Greek)

16. key into lock (English)

17. elaborately bent (English)

18. carrying excitement (Greek)

19. concealed gay (English)

20. attraction to the aged (Greek)

21. flirtatious glancer (Roman)

22. striptease artist (Greek)

23. writing of harlots (Greek)

24. disturbance of the phallus (Latin)

25. going together (Latin)

Answers can be found in Answers and Solutions at the end of the issue.


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