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Etihad Ulema moot reject changes in blasphemy laws.

BUNER -- The Etihad Ulema Conference was organized by Etihad Jamiat Ulema Buner at Swari on Sunday unanimously resolved to say big no to changes in blasphemy laws adding Ulema of different ideologies were united over the ideology of last Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) under the banner of Tehreek Khatmi Nabuwat and there was no space for changes in this law and changing the death penalty into life imprisonment will never accepted rather will resisted with great sacrifices more than the Ulema and Muslims of this country were rendered in the recent past.

Those addressed the conference included district president of Etihad Jamiat Ulema Buner Maulana Mehmood, known religious scholar Maulana Mohammad Sharif, Dr.Atta-u-Rehman KP chief of Etihad Ulema, Mufti Imtiaz chief of KP Tehreek Khatm Nabuwat, Maulana Fazal Wahab Buner district chief of Ishaat Wal Sunnah,Maulana Saleemullah chief of Buner district JUI-F and Maulana Abdul Rahmeem chief of Buner district Ahl Hadeith while minister religious affairs Haji Habib-u-Rehman Khan, Jamaat Islami Buner district Aamir Mohammad Hanif and Naib Amir Ghulam Musatafa Khan attended as good will gesture.

The speakers highlighted importance of unity among Ulema and accused the British rulers for division among Ulema during rule in sub continent. They argued actually the British were behind creation of the Qadyaniat with the aim to divide the dogmatic unity of Muslims.

They added the Ulema of that era were sacrificed in thousands for protection the ideology of last prophet with Mohammad Peace be upon him and latter on when the Britishers remains tried to support the Qadyaniat the Ulema and Muslims of this Islamic state of Pakistan were rendered great sacrifices and now the chapter of Qadyaniat was closed as they were declared non Muslims and any attempt to give them leniency will never accepted rather tough resistance will showed and warned the government of dire consequences over this issue.

They posed unity among ranks over this important issue and asked the Muslims to forge unity among ranks for bringing Islamic revolution through vote in the country so as to grab power and enforce the true shariah laws in the country which was brought into being on the name of Islam.

DBA election: The Malgari Wakilan and Islamic Lawyers major organizations supported candidate Shahberos Khan Advocate became President of Buner Bar Association, bagged 52 votes out of total coasted 91 votes while this alliance nominated penal for rest of slots were already declared winner unopposed as the slot of voice president won by Haroon-u-Rashed Advocate, general secretary by Sahib Zada Advocate, joint secretary by Fiaz Ahmed Khan Advocate, finance secretary by Ali Mohammad Khan Advocate and librarian by Abdul Salam.

The People's lawyers and Watan pal lawyer's forums were also supported this penal by induction Fiaz Ahmed Khan as their joint nominee. The elections board chairman Sultanazeb Khan Advocate with members Ali Sher Khan Advocate and Mohammad Tariq Khan Advocate announced the result after holding the elections in the bar room wherein the bar members cleared for costing vote take active part in voting from 10 AM to 2 PM.

The contesting candidate for the president ship Mutabar Khan Advocate who was backed by rest of the associations in his brief speech branded the process part of democracy adding winning and losing the elections was side by side and congratulated the winners and extended all out support in their struggle for protection, safeguarding rights of the bar members. The elected president Shahberos Khan Advocate in his brief speech extended thanks to all of colleagues and assured bar and bench relationship will be developed based on merit and respect and the bar and bench working relationship will be continued for speedy disposal of cases to ensue justice.
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Publication:Frontier Post (Peshawar, Pakistan)
Date:Mar 28, 2017
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