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Ethylene-acrylic (AEM) specialty elastomer compounds introduced.

This provider of high quality, custom mixed rubber compounds has introduced a line of Vamac ethylene-acrylic (AEM) specialty elastomer compounds. Vamac is a registered trademark of DuPont-Dow Elastomers, LLC. The Vamac compounds are part of the company's series of specialty elastomer compounds (SECs), which are said to be ideal for a variety of both automotive and non-automotive transportation applications.

The Vamac compounds are designed for use in parts having contact with engine oil or air at temperatures up to 170[degrees]C. Typical uses are as suspension and steering system components. For example, the Vamac compounds are commonly used in oscillation dampers, which often need resistance to heat generated by catalytic converters. Other uses for Vamac compounds are said to include oil coolant hoses in turbocharged engines, seals for valve covers and oil suction hoses.

Choosing one of the company's ready-to-go compounds is said to get customers to the right compound more quickly than with competitors. All of the company's specialty elastomer compounds are said to be designed for processability, handling, stability and consistency, without ever compromising quality.

To maintain the broadest line of specialty products, the company has a cross-licensing agreement with Gummiwerk Kraiburg GmbH of Germany. Kraiburg is said to be one of the recognized leaders in Europe for specialty elastomer compounds, according to the company.

This provider of high quality, custom mixed rubber compounds is located in an ISO 9001: 2000 facility. The company is said to provide high-quality, custom mixed rubber compounds to the automotive, electrical, architectural, appliance and printing roll industries. The company is said to offer custom and proprietary solutions using black and color compounded rubber products.

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Date:Dec 22, 2004
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