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Ethos Water and H20 Africa Join Forces to Help Alleviate World Water Crisis.

Ethos Water, a brand dedicated to helping children get clean water, is driving support for its mission by collaborating with H20 Africa, a foundation focused on clean water initiatives. Later this month, H20 Africa's co-founder, Matt Damon, will appear in a national Ethos Water print advertising campaign encouraging consumers to get involved in raising awareness and funding for the world water crisis.

The campaign coincides with the expanded distribution of Ethos water into more than 40,000 convenience, grocery, mass and drug stores across the United States through the Pepsi-Cola bottling system. Since Starbucks acquired Ethos Water in 2005, the product has become available in more than 7,000 company-operated stores in the U.S. and Canada. Ethos water is packaged, distributed and marketed by Pepsi-Cola through the North American Coffee Partnership (NACP), a joint venture between Starbucks and Pepsi-Cola North America.

"As we make Ethos available more broadly, we're thrilled to collaborate with H20 Africa, which shares our commitment to the same mission," said Ahad Afridi, VP of waters at Pepsi-Cola North America. "This is a unique partnership where the Ethos Water brand, H20 Africa and Matt Damon join forces with the public to encourage millions of people to make a difference against the world water crisis."

"This is about two organizations, Ethos Water and H20 Africa, coming together to do something positive by creating awareness of the world water crisis," said Keith Quinn, co-founder of H20 Africa. "In addition, the donation by PepsiCo to H20 Africa allows us to implement safe water programs in Africa and improve the lives of many people." Earlier this year, PepsiCo made a US$2.5 million grant commitment to H20 Africa to help support clean water projects in Niger, Mali, Senegal and other African countries.

For each bottle of Ethos water sold, US$0.05 and C$0.10 is directed to the Ethos Water Fund, which is part of the Starbucks Foundation. To date, the Ethos Water Fund has generated a total of more than US$6.2 million in grant commitments benefiting an estimated 439,000 people in water-stressed countries. Ethos Water aims to contribute US$10 million by 2010 to non-governmental organizations implementing water, sanitation and hygiene education programs. Further details are available at

"More than 1 billion people around the world lack access to safe drinking water," said Peter Thum, founder of Ethos Water. "Anyone can get involved in the cause by purchasing our brand, donating to water-focused non-governmental organizations and sharing information with friends and family. These simple actions add up to make a significant impact."

Ethos Water is an avid supporter of World Water Day, a day of international action to help alleviate the world water crisis. On Saturday, March 22, Ethos Water will join forces with non-governmental organizations to host Walks for Water, which are inspired by the journey women and children in water-stressed countries make each day to obtain clean water for their families. Events will take place in Los Angeles, New York, Seattle and other communities across the U.S. For details about participation in local events or the Virtual Walk for Water, visit

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Date:Mar 15, 2008
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