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The Punisher: A Cultural Image of the 'Moral Wound'. Gruszczyk, Aleksandra Report Sep 1, 2019 13706
Response to "Dancing" from Jody Williams, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Cofounder of the Nobel Women's Initiative. Williams, Jody Brief article Nov 1, 2017 336
Netanyahu reads nothing Less than Victory. Biddle, Craig Mar 22, 2017 790
Photograph, Solomon Islands, 1944. Brown, Paula Jan 1, 2017 697
Girl at War: a Conversation with Sara Novic. Harrington, Kathleen Interview Jan 1, 2017 3716
Feet of the Messenger a Conversation with H.C. Palmer. McGuire, Thomas G. Interview Jan 1, 2017 5479
A Conversation with Bao Ninh. Tuon, Bunkong Interview Jan 1, 2017 2052
Preface. Meyer, Leisa; Visweswaran, Kamala Mar 22, 2016 3819
Suicide by War? Reed, Ishmael Jan 1, 2016 1069
Tongues, Tables, and Ears A Conversation with John Guzlowski. Purio, Sean Interview Jan 1, 2016 6224
Soldiers fighting alone: the wars of the market-security state. Porter, Patrick Report Sep 22, 2015 3788
Future wars: reshaping the ethics and norms of war: technology's forward march will require us to reconsider and even rewrite the rules of war. Rodhan, Nayef Al- Jun 22, 2015 1507
Preface: collaborating with the dead. Keplinger, David Biography Jan 1, 2015 724
My friend walks with me: a conversation with Jesse Goolsby. Lingle, Brandon Interview Jan 1, 2015 4381
Rendering war in Prismacolor: a conversation with Richard Johnson. Lingle, Brandon Interview Jan 1, 2015 4483
Signs. Schlack, Julie Wittes Jan 1, 2015 2818
Nong Chan Camp, 1980 (rice in her mouth). Schreiber, Larry Jan 1, 2015 1252
On patriotism & the language of GWOT. Schultz, Katey Jan 1, 2015 2811
The moral path to peace: self-restraint is the first step to avoiding war. Ryn, Claes G. Nov 1, 2014 4816
Is Afghanistan the new Flanders Field? Easterbrook, Gregg Sep 1, 2014 390
Battlefield Dharma: American Buddhists in American wars. Bosco, Robert M. Essay Jan 1, 2014 6213
TET, Seattle, February 1968. Willson, David A. Jan 1, 2014 3085
A bridge to nowhere. Arment, Jason Essay Jan 1, 2014 7098
The jacket. Defrank, Deborah Jan 1, 2014 1080
Scars. Peterson, Nolan Jan 1, 2014 1224
Klinic am Zurichberg. Levy, Marc Jan 1, 2014 2598
Sparta: a conversation with Roxana Robinson. Harrington, Kathleen Interview Jan 1, 2014 5537
The Long Walk: a conversation with Brian Castner. Hefti, Matthew Interview Jan 1, 2014 5780
The Book of Duels: a conversation with Michael Garriga. Goolsby, Jesse Interview Jan 1, 2014 5871
Left. Left. Left, right, left. Porcelain, 2012. 6.5' x 11' x 12". Pellicano, Giuseppe Jan 1, 2014 2976
Paradise in Zurita: an interview with Raul Zurita. Handal, Nathalie; Shook, David Interview Dec 22, 2013 3816
On war writing: a roundtable discussion. Discussion Dec 22, 2013 5442
The Cultural Costs of the 2003 US-Led Invasion of Iraq: A Conversation with Art Historian Nada Shabout. Nusair, Isis Mar 22, 2013 5750
Contemporary just war thinking: which is worse, to have friends or critics? Johnson, James Turner Report Mar 16, 2013 9535
Divisions within the ranks? The just war tradition and the use and abuse of history. O'Driscoll, Clan Report Mar 16, 2013 8861
Just war thinking as a social practice. Kelsay, John Report Mar 16, 2013 9831
From jus ad bellum to jus ad vim: recalibrating our understanding of the moral use of force. Brunstetter, Daniel; Braun, Megan Report Mar 16, 2013 9048
Flashes of War: a conversation with Katey Schultz. Pipes, Candice L. Interview Jan 1, 2013 3907
Stories matter: a conversation with Alex Kershaw. Bowie, Thomas G., Jr. Interview Jan 1, 2013 5110
David Abrams interviewed by David Lawrence. Lawrence, David Interview Jan 1, 2013 4565
Dan O'Brien interviewed by M. K. Sukach. Sukach, M.K. Interview Jan 1, 2013 4234
Life during wartime. Murphy-Gill, Meghan Nov 1, 2012 437
Editor's note. Simon, Daniel Editorial Nov 1, 2012 814
Must liberalism be violent? A reflection on the work of Stanley Hauerwas. Carter, Stephen L. Sep 22, 2012 10323
Morbid Curiosity: The Richard Harris Collection. Merriman, Ben Jun 22, 2012 1581
Internal and external borders: a conversation with Raja Shehadeh. Karim, Persis M. Interview May 1, 2012 3231
Ben Fountain interviewed by David Lawrence. Lawrence, David Interview Jan 1, 2012 4014
Paul Fussell: a remembrance. Ehrhart, W.D. In memoriam Jan 1, 2012 2066
Beyond Vom Kriege: the character and conduct of modern war. Hooker, Richard D., Jr. Reprint Dec 22, 2011 6225
Ending war. Rodin, David Essay Sep 22, 2011 3874
The strategy of graceful decline. Lucas, George R., Jr. Critical essay Jun 22, 2011 4084
What war is good for. Mar 22, 2011 517
Mysterious and Powerful Forces. Delpech, Therese Excerpt Mar 22, 2011 695
The Medieval Pacifist: during the Anglo-French conflicts that characterised the 14th century, the Oxford theologian John Wyclif challenged the 'un-Christian' pursuit of war and wealth. Yet, just like anti-war protesters today, Wyclif had little influence on Parliament or the king. Cox, Rory Aug 1, 2010 2086
Measuring military might. Jun 22, 2010 373
The betrayal that is unjust war. Bryjak, George J. Viewpoint essay Apr 16, 2010 1151
It's all Greek to me: bringing Athens to Africa. Hanson, Victor Davis; Madar, Chase Viewpoint essay Nov 1, 2009 904
A taxonomy of Jihad. Zaidi, Manzar Essay Jun 22, 2009 6294
Ethical competence in international relations. Frost, Mervyn Essay Jun 22, 2009 4085
Moral responsibilities and the conflicting demands of jus post bellum. Evans, Mark Essay Jun 22, 2009 7822
The poet on the poem: on "Conscientious Objector Discharge". Marchant, Fred May 1, 2009 889
New wine in old wineskins--twenty-first century ethical challenges for the just war tradition. Demy, Timothy J. Report Mar 22, 2009 9684
Moral responsibility in a time of war. Felice, William F. Report Sep 22, 2008 10529
Greek perspectives on the justness and merits of the Trojan War. Roisman, Joseph Critical essay Sep 22, 2008 6232
The influence of just war perspectives: implications for U.S. Central Command. Rauert, Tyler Essay Jul 1, 2008 4471
TV Networks Remain Mum on 'NYT' Pentagon/Media 'Propaganda' Story -- Critics Keep Firing. Strupp, Joe Apr 30, 2008 1084
The moral equality of combatants. Ceulemans, Carl Essay Dec 22, 2007 5554
Antiwar support at different drummer: veterans organize GI coffeehouse outside military base cafe. Huet-Vaughn, Emiliano Jun 8, 2007 1388
Regulating the conduct of warfare: Jacques Forster reviews the challenges facing international humanitarian law in contemporary conflicts. Forster, Jacques Mar 1, 2007 3402
The nature of negotiation. Waskow, Arthur Mar 1, 2007 1484
'Consistent life ethic' is inconsistent. Ruether, Rosemary Radford Nov 17, 2006 2835
IRAQ - The Costs To USA. Oct 2, 2006 281
Respect for rules lost far up the line. Editorial Jun 30, 2006 419
The bitter necessity of force: Canadian debate highlights the paradox of 'peacekeeping' in Afghanistan. Gibson, Isabel Apr 28, 2006 962
How many more? Brief article Apr 14, 2006 172
Can a war against terror be just? Or, what is just war good for? Bell, Daniel M., Jr. Mar 22, 2006 5299
'Soft pacifism' or cheap patriotism? Feb 24, 2006 779
A soldier's magnificat: up against the contradiction between his prayers and his duties. Casteel, Joshua Oct 21, 2005 1533
A surgeon's touch. Zinn, Howard Sep 1, 2005 1398
Fruitful. Schlumpf, Heidi Brief Article Aug 1, 2005 168
Victory in Europe sixty years on. Dooley, David May 1, 2005 955
Truth, death, and journalism: we kill journalists, don't we? Niman, Michael I. May 1, 2005 1606
Freedom's war. Ryan, Matthew; Scanlon, Christopher Apr 1, 2005 1828
The shame deficit: no tax cuts during wartime. Collins, Chuck Apr 1, 2005 722
Give 'just peacemaking' a chance, Christian ethicists say. Feb 4, 2005 350
Poverty goes beyond the material; resignation is not the message of Jesus' words. Cooperman, Jeannette Feb 4, 2005 864
Bishops called to speak out against Iraq war. Laffin, Art Dec 24, 2004 688
Preemption and just war: considering the case of Iraq. Wester, Franklin Eric Dec 22, 2004 9186
Media cozies up to the government; nationalism has replaced professionalism in our press. McCarthy, Colman Dec 10, 2004 650
War deserves a midlife crisis. Martinez, Demetria Column Dec 10, 2004 505
When war must be the answer. Schall, James V. Dec 1, 2004 5842
Why I work to change the world. Lee, Norm Column Nov 1, 2004 813
"An unjust and evil thing": Tolstoy's condemnation of war in his early fiction". Gamache, Ray Critical essay Sep 22, 2004 6818
Dos Passos's Three Soldiers: a case study. Stolz, Claudia Matherly Critical essay Sep 22, 2004 4539
American mythology: every culture needs a scapegoat. Hilfiker, David Sep 1, 2004 709
E-mail from hell: words of wisdom for a devil-in-training. Forest, Jim Sep 1, 2004 2282
The moral case against the Iraq War: viewed in the light of our own ideals, the right to life is so fundamental that killing the innocent to advance any purpose, however worthy, is wrong. Savoy, Paul May 31, 2004 3626
'Hidden wounds': on killing in combat: society has a moral obligation to reassure those who kill in war that what they did was right and necessary. This is especially so in politically ambiguous wars like Vietnam. Grossman, Dave Aug 1, 2003 2631
Lies, damned lies, and duplicity. (Viewpoint). Doyle, Dennis Jul 18, 2003 995
What UN principles? A U.S. debate on Iraq. Gordenker, Leon Jul 1, 2003 2671
Why we fight: all Americans worthy of the name support our troops and pray for their success--but what are we seeking to win in Iraq? (Cover Story: Iraq War). Grigg, William Norman Apr 21, 2003 3597
Patriotism is not the highest calling; Christians are obliged to set their country right when it is in the wrong. (Viewpoint). Welch, Michael Apr 18, 2003 1024
When all the Earth is holy ground. (Perspectives). Morrison, Patricia Lynn Column Apr 18, 2003 811
The war against Iraq. (The Immorality Of). Mar 22, 2003 1413
`We must oppose this war'. (Iraq). King, Martin Luther, Jr. Mar 1, 2003 860
Iraq: Courageous Mandela speaks for the world! (For the Record). Mar 1, 2003 767
Report on a visit to Iraq. (Iraq). Tangiora, Pauline Mar 1, 2003 532
Opinions clash on just war: Christian opposition to attack on Iraq is widespread, but not universal. (Nation). Feuerherd, Joe Feb 7, 2003 1126
Don't call it war--it's mass horror: we need to hear of real misery of armed conflict. (Viewpoint). Bryjak, George J. Feb 7, 2003 1097
The new killing fields: human catastrophe looms in Iraq: the human cost, the myths of war, the road to hell, and the left and anti-imperialism--a three-way exchange. (on the eve of war). Ewins, Tristan Feb 1, 2003 2603
As Vatican calls for peace, diplomat plans defense of `preventive war'. (Paths To Peace). Allen, John L., Jr. Jan 31, 2003 934
World opinion resists U.S. rush to war. (Editorials). Editorial Jan 31, 2003 638
Conservatives dissent, but with a spin. (Editorials). Editorial Jan 31, 2003 698
An African-American appeal for peace. (Articles). Mosley, Walter Jan 27, 2003 2834
Traitorous book. (Letters). Conroy, Charles A. Letter to the Editor Jan 10, 2003 234
Life under "peace": a Solidarity activist writes from the West Bank. Newman, Shira Jan 1, 2003 3514
Prophetic leadership. (From The Editor). Wallis, Jim Editorial Jan 1, 2003 1442
`Patriotism is not enough'; Christian conscience in time of war. Gomes, Peter J. Column Jan 1, 2003 2543
The mirror of wars. Editorial Dec 1, 2002 696
Blood for oil. (Comment). Vidal, Gore Brief Article Oct 28, 2002 401
Fighting terrorism with democracy. (Articles). Rorty, Richard Oct 21, 2002 1696
War plans and pitfalls: the arrangements are in place. What's missing is any sense they could go awry. (Articles). Klare, Michael T. Statistical Data Included Oct 21, 2002 2346
United States today needs patriotism, not nationalism. (Viewpoint). Hufford, Larry Oct 18, 2002 888
A greener Germany. (Comment). Hockenos, Paul Brief Article Oct 14, 2002 705
100 ethicists oppose attack on Iraq. (Nation). O'Neill, Patrick Brief Article Oct 11, 2002 681
Bishop: war with Iraq `illegal, immoral, unwise'. (World). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Oct 11, 2002 159
Speak out as U.S. steamrolls into war. Brief Article Oct 4, 2002 501
The road to Babylon: searching for targets in Iraq. (Essay). Lapham, Lewis H. Oct 1, 2002 4588
Hail to Fredonia! The Bush administration adopts a Marxist (brothers') approach to war-making in Iraq. (margin notes). Clarke, Kevin Brief Article Oct 1, 2002 739
Under which god? U.S. policy toward Iraq reveals what deity we follow. (Viewpoint). Harak, G. Simon Sep 6, 2002 677
Macbeth in Mesopotamia. Hitchens, Christopher Brief Article Aug 19, 2002 1042
A shaky premise for waging new war. (Editorials). Brief Article Aug 16, 2002 990
Cardinal urges scrutiny of U.S. war policies. (Nation). Donovan, Gill Brief Article May 17, 2002 239
All war is not created equal: another YA novelist responds to 9/11. Gottesfeld, Jeff May 1, 2002 2047
Presbyterians and war: Among the various views of war held by Christians, most Presbyterians believe war can be justified in extreme cases. Klempa, William Apr 1, 2002 1524
Beyond September: Imagining Jesus calmly confronting the Taliban helps us realize the sheer audacity of Jesus' earthly mission. (VOX Populi). Diffey, Norman Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 972
Religious express concern over expanding war. (Nation). Gill, Donovan Brief Article Mar 15, 2002 242
LETTER FROM GROUND ZERO : Disarmament Wars. SCHELL, JONATHAN Brief Article Feb 25, 2002 1103
Shocked and Horrified. (War for Oil). Mosqueda, Larry Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2002 2542
Green Party USA Condemns the Bombing of Afghanistan. (War for Oil). Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 787
Canadian Greens Oppose the Military Option. (War for Oil). Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 802
Ethics and the new war. Ignatieff, Michael Dec 22, 2001 4303
Erosion of civil liberties called a `Faustian bargain'. (Nation). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Dec 21, 2001 243
Conflicted over war. (Columns). Macy, Gary Brief Article Dec 14, 2001 469
Conditions outlined for U.S. military operation. (Vatican). Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 381
A just cause, not a just war. (It Seems to Me). Zinn, Howard Dec 1, 2001 2934
When Hollywood wages war: the myth of peace-loving American innocents triumphing over evildoers has long been a staple of Hollywood movies. But in the current war, Patrick McCormick warns, such simplistic movie plots provide false comfort and lead us astray. (culture in context). McCormick, Patrick Dec 1, 2001 1352
World is weary of war, Iran president says. (Nation). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Nov 23, 2001 259
Pacifism remains a worthy alternative. (Opinion). McCarthy, Colman Brief Article Nov 16, 2001 1005
Author of Dead Man Walking says war, capital punishment linked. (Nation). O'Neill, Patrick Nov 9, 2001 1158
A letter to my grandson, Felix. (Viewpoint). Meyer, Karl Brief Article Nov 2, 2001 1199
Kant wrote. (When words don't fail). Danto, Arthur Coleman Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 490
The ethics of war. O'NEILL, PATRICK Oct 5, 2001 2265
Kerrey regrets war's unruliness but not war itself. McCARTHY, COLMAN Brief Article May 11, 2001 665
Is There Any Such Thing as a GOOD WAR? STRADA, MICHAEL J. Statistical Data Included Mar 1, 2001 3660
40 years ago ... HUMANISM AND PEACE. Pauling, Linus Mar 1, 2001 1556
The Vietnam War, 25 Years Later. Black, Anthony Jul 1, 2000 1181
Humanitarian Intervention: A Forum - David Rieff. Rieff, David Brief Article May 8, 2000 784
Down the River in Colombia. Mitchell, Chip Apr 1, 2000 2064
Depleted uranium -- made in USA. Berrigan, Philip Feb 25, 2000 1459
Just War? Moral Soldiers? CALHOUN, LAURIE Jan 1, 2000 10407
FORCE and the Value of War Stories. Bates, Milton J. Jan 1, 2000 2524
The Arms Code of Conduct. GS Dec 22, 1999 386
Like a rolling stone. Brief Article Oct 1, 1999 156
The Moral Dilemmas of Doing Good. SENSENIG, PEARL Jul 1, 1999 2243
The war in Yugoslavia (Vatican). Brief Article Jun 1, 1999 641
War gods roar again, appear unstoppable: jet streaks so close she could see pilot. King-Irani, Laurie Cover Story Feb 27, 1998 1217
'Just war' applied anew to 'genocide,' civil war. Jones, Arthur Cover Story May 16, 1997 818
Noble Canadians. Apr 1, 1995 153
Gumbleton: push just peace, not just war. Jul 30, 1993 634
Vietnam shadows. Rabe, David Jul 1, 1993 916
What war? Falk, Richard Editorial Feb 3, 1992 1035
Casualties of war. editorial Apr 1, 1991 1377
Wham, bam, thanks Saddam; sorry for the mess we left behind. Boo, Katherine Apr 1, 1991 2600
Computing, research, and war: if knowledge is power, where is responsibility? Beusmans, Jack; Wieckert, Karen Aug 1, 1989 6389
Retreat From Doomsday: The Obsolescence of Major War. Maynes, Charles William Book Review May 1, 1989 1374

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