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What assurance stands for. Jun 3, 2021 496
Whistle While You Work? A Cautionary Note. Boneck, Robin; Christensen, David; Calvasina, Gerald Apr 1, 2021 2070
ICAN Calls For Professionalism, Ethics. Jan 26, 2021 458
PICPA webinars discuss business ethics, fraud proofing. Dec 13, 2020 459
ANAN tasks accountants on fraud prevention, professional ethics. Nov 11, 2020 605
Covid-19 poses new ethical challenges for professional accountants. Nov 11, 2020 286
Craig Whyte and the dodgy accountant; CODE OF CONDUCT BREACHED Bean counter rapped by industry body for failing to return creditor funds. MARK MCGIVERN Chief Reporter Aug 10, 2020 685
THE ETHICS OF INCLUSION: The global conversations around race afford an opportunity for accounting and finance professionals to envision, implement, and model ethical workplace practices. Fanning, Linda Aug 1, 2020 1030
THE CURRENT STATE OF ETHICS EDUCATION IN ACCOUNTING PROGRAMS. Robinson, Cara; Elson, Raymond J.; Williams, Jan L. Jun 22, 2020 7155
Pressure to break the rules: Test your knowledge of how to properly respond to pressure from a superior or a client to break the rules of professional conduct. Huber, Marsha May 1, 2020 2144
ETHICS IN THE DIGITAL AGE: Help your organization to adopt new technology, promote ethical leadership, and avoid negative impacts on employees. Ratigan, Gerald Apr 1, 2020 1036
Codifying the Fundamental Principles of 'Professional Behavior': Strengthening Professionalism by Enhancing Moral Conduct. Mintz, Steven Mar 1, 2020 4522
INCREASE YOUR WHISTLEBLOWING IQ: Professionals have an ethical obligation to report misconduct, but whistleblowers must follow protocol to ensure that they're protected. Butcher, Daniel Jan 1, 2020 1017
Media accused of blatantly violating media ethics and right to privacy. Dec 11, 2019 437
AI ISNT NEUTRAL: As the use of AI increases, professionals need to be aware of algorithms' potential biases in order to overcome ethical challenges. Patelli, Lorenzo Dec 1, 2019 1046
From Intention to Action in Whistleblowing: Examining Ethical Leadership and Affective Commitment of Accountants in Indonesia. Cintya, Lia; Yustina, Andi Ina Sep 22, 2019 9024
Max Block Awards and Editorial Board Meeting. Sep 1, 2019 1022
IDENTIFYING COMMON JUDGMENT TRAPS AND BIASES: The most basic requisite of ethical conduct is being able to identify common judgment traps and your own biases, but that's often easier said than done. Butcher, Daniel Aug 1, 2019 1043
ADAPTING ACCOUNTING ETHICS TO NEW TECHNOLOGY: The IESBA has revised its code of ethics to clarify how ethical principles should be applied in today's tech-dominated business landscape. Butcher, Daniel Jul 1, 2019 1052
BEXLEY BOX COMPANY: A shipping box company has the opportunity to revitalize its economically deficient manufacturing plant, but these efforts result in the organization's controller contending with an ethical struggle. Weiss, Susan F. Jul 1, 2019 2359
CREDIBILITY IS PARAMOUNT: By demonstrating consistency, transparency, and accountability, accountants show colleagues, management, and regulators that they're credible and trustworthy. Lampton, Jolene May 1, 2019 1000
How the New Ethics Code Will Affect Your Standards: An Interview with Stavros Thomadakis, IESBA Chair. Interview May 1, 2019 2526
Karen A. Gries, CPA, Principal with CliftonLarsonAllen LLP, to Speak at The Knowledge Group's Ethics for Accountants: A Comprehensive Guide Live Webcast. Apr 12, 2019 610
The Knowledge Group Has Scheduled a Live Webcast on Ethics for Accountants: A Comprehensive Guide. Apr 4, 2019 347
MPs call for break-up of four leading accountants. Apr 3, 2019 294
AI: NEW RISKS AND REWARDS: Will reliance on AI increase accounting and financial fraud? Nickerson, Mark A. Apr 1, 2019 2152
Affiliates, confidentiality, and more: Find out how well you understand some of the most challenging ethical questions CPAs face today. Tysiac, Ken Apr 1, 2019 1397
Cathy Allen, CPA, Founder / Managing Member with Audit Conduct LLC, to Speak at The Knowledge Group's Ethics for Accountants: A Comprehensive Guide Live Webcast. Mar 18, 2019 600
Emily Cummins, Underwriting Administration Specialist with Church Mutual Insurance Company, to Speak at The Knowledge Group's Ethics for Accountants Webcast. Mar 17, 2019 574
Confessions of an Accounting Critic. Ketz, J. Edward Mar 1, 2019 2450
Disclosure of Noncompliance with Laws and Regulations: What Whistleblower Protections Exist for CPAs? Allen, Catherine R.; Mair, David N. Mar 1, 2019 3016
Ethical Issues. Discussion Feb 1, 2019 2082
A new take on ethics and independence: A refreshed international code emphasizes 3 key objectives for professional accountants. Allen, Catherine R. Dec 1, 2018 2282
Ethical values will build trust in your profession. Oct 15, 2018 506
Business and Professional Ethics for Directors, Executives & Accountants, 8th Edition. Book review Aug 1, 2018 103
Love of money, gender, religiosity: The impact on ethical perceptions of future professional accountants. Nazaruddin, Ietje, Rezki, Budhi, Rahmanda, Yasya Jul 1, 2018 5719
The Role of the Accountancy Profession in Tackling Corruption in Romania. Malaescu, Ana Maria Essay Apr 1, 2018 4975
Preparing to work indirectly with the cannabis industry. Crisler, Michael W.; Ohanesian, Michael V. Mar 1, 2018 1602
Accounting in the Public Interest: An Historical Perspective on Professional Ethics. Mintz, Steven Mar 1, 2018 4485
Ethics Resources: IFAC and IESBA. Anders, Susan B. Mar 1, 2018 1437
Taxpayers' PS150m 'fed' accountants. Feb 13, 2018 127
Ethics rule would require CPAs to discuss suspected illegal acts with clients. Ridgeway, Heidi; Tapajna, Joseph J. Feb 1, 2018 1227
Ethics, interrupted. Barry, Joanne S. Column Sep 1, 2017 602
Reimagining ethics education. Mintz, Steven Sep 1, 2017 985
A trusting ethical culture needs truth: trust can't flourish without demonstrated transparency and truthful behavior. Verschoor, Curtis C. Report Aug 1, 2017 1083
What's your why? The art of leading is about asking "why?" and then listening and learning. Phillips, Mike Aug 1, 2017 1053
Applying the AICPA's professional standards to tax practice: best practices for minimizing risk and penalties. Rigos, James J. Mar 1, 2017 5167
AICPA proposal raises the ethical bar: incorporating international standards into the Code of Professional Conduct. Allen, Cathy; Snyder, Lisa Mar 1, 2017 4929
Is your company empowering whistleblowers? Taking steps to align the attitudes, perceived norms, and perceived controls within an organization can make all the difference in whistleblower actions. Brown, J. Owen; Hays, Jerry; Stuebs, Martin Jan 1, 2017 3205
Dealing with nonfilers. Jan 1, 2017 1726
The ethical state of the CPA profession: an interview with Tony Menendez and Steven Mintz. Interview Dec 1, 2016 3240
New global standard for disclosure of illegal acts: the IESBA expands its guidelines to address illegal activity in the interest of motivating more ethical behavior. Verschoor, Curtis C. Sep 1, 2016 989
16 satellite TV channels to be investigated for misleading ads: CPA. Aug 3, 2016 225
CPAs and conflicts of interest: a recap of recent AICPA guidance. Booker, Quinton; Booker, Kayla D. Aug 1, 2016 2697
Mechanisms for enhancing ethical behavior in the accounting profession. Ionescu, Luminita Essay Jul 1, 2016 2569
Conflict of interest at Midland Dairy: what happens when serving on the board of a state nonprofit leads to issues at work?. Snyder, Herbert W.; Emerson, Nancy Jul 1, 2016 2846
Filing amended and current returns in cases of past noncompliance: how not to make matters worse. Brackney, Megan L. May 1, 2016 1679
Making the right calls: there's no substitute for quality and integrity if management accountants want to maintain their credibility as critical business professionals. MacGregor, Jason; Stanley, Charles; Stuebs, Martin Apr 1, 2016 3176
How social and digital media can be a #majorrisk. Ference, Sarah B.; Sterna, Stanley D. Mar 1, 2016 1430
Ethical dilemmas facing CPAs: three case studies: managing risk and resolving conflicts. Holl, Suzanne M. Mar 1, 2016 2140
Ethical behavior for management accountants. Verschoor, Curtis C. Jan 1, 2016 1638
The importance of gauging a client's tone at the top. Gartland, Daniel J. Dec 1, 2015 1470
The implementation of international codes of ethics among professional accountants: do national cultural differences matter? Branson, Leonard; Chen, Lisa; Anderson, Lindsey Report Jun 22, 2015 4423
The AICPA's new ethics code: a new approach to conflicts of interest. Rigos, James J. Feb 1, 2015 6139
Revised AICPA Code of Professional Conduct: analyzing the ethical responsibilities for members in public practice and members in business. Mintz, Steven M. Dec 1, 2014 6303
Twenty questions about the AICPA's new ethics codification: expanded conceptual approach for professionals in all forms of practice. Tribunella, Heidi; Tribunella, Thomas Nov 1, 2014 2114
Maintaining integrity and objectivity: avoiding subordination of judgment when threats exist. Mintz, Steven Oct 1, 2014 4042
Ethics made easier: how to use the revised AICPA Code of Professional Conduct. Goria, Ellen Jun 1, 2014 2155
Practical approaches to common conflicts of interest. Mathers, Robert A.; Schrock, Norma J. May 1, 2014 3590
Protecting client confidentiality when responding to a suspected illegal act. Eickemeyer, John H.; Love, Vincent J. Apr 1, 2014 3142
Seminar on ethical dilemmas for accountants. Jan 22, 2014 287
Blog Post by Dr. Steven Mintz Analyzes Accountants' Ethical Obligations in Business Whistleblowing Cases. Nov 27, 2013 361
Building a foundation of trust: personal trust is important to all of us. We desire to be trusted in our personal dealings, and we desire to be trusted in our professional interactions with people inside and outside our organizations. Knese, William F. Column Oct 1, 2013 613
Stand-alone college accounting ethics course and insight for accounting ethics modules. Chen, Mei-Lung; Chen, Ring D.; Chenoweth, Thomas Sep 22, 2013 5862
Audit ethics in international business. Hassani, Mohsen; Khodayari, Reza; Mehdizadeh, Soosan Report Aug 1, 2013 3977
User-friendly AICPA code of ethics of horizon: reformatted code offers easier navigation and broader guidance. Goria, Ellen Jun 1, 2013 1722
Take a cost-benefit approach to ethics. Atlas, Joshua May 1, 2013 1637
Reporting illegal acts externally: a conflict between confidentiality and the public interest. Pany, Kurt; Zhang, Jian Mar 1, 2013 3037
Guidance for CPAs performing nonattest services: revisions to Interpretation 101-3. Clark, Ronald L. Mar 1, 2013 2263
A discussion of American ethics: thinking differently about the cultural and psychological bases of fraud. Groves, Toby; Weirich, Thomas R. Report Dec 1, 2012 3748
Comparative negligence defense in tax return preparation malpractice actions. Soled, Jay A. Nov 1, 2012 2065
Evaluate your BV skills. Parker, Eddy Oct 1, 2012 568
Proposed global whistleblower standard presents challenges: the IESBA issued an exposure draft describing how professional accountants should respond when they discover unethical and/or illegal acts in the course of their duties. Intended to encourage accountants to blow the whistle on unethical companies or individuals, some of the changes may conflict with other ethical responsibilities. Verschoor, Curtis C. Oct 1, 2012 1595
Business & professional ethics for directors, executives & accountants, 6th ed. Book review Aug 1, 2012 233
Tickets please - but are they too hot to handle? With his eye on the Olympics, Henry Briggs, senior partner of the Birmingham office of Chartered Accountants Haines Watts, reckons that bribery has become something of a hot potato. Jun 28, 2012 1036
IMA ethics code compares favorably to global code: the global IESBA code of Ethics for professional accountants sets forth guidance for all accountants and includes an informative portion specifically for accountants in business. While it contains many similarities to the IMA statement of ethical professional practice, some differences also exist. Verschoor, Curtis C. Mar 1, 2012 1476
New ethics guidance for CPAs in public practice and business: an examination of changes to the Code of Professional Conduct. Reinstein, Alan; Weirich, Thomas R. Mar 1, 2012 4717
Embracing ethics and morality: an analytic essay for the accounting profession. Stephens, William; Vance, Carol A.; Pettegrew, Loyd S. Essay Jan 1, 2012 4757
New laws: retires; status bill; ethics requirement. Nov 1, 2011 245
CalCPA's bill to implement 150 hours ethics requirement goes to governor's office. Oct 1, 2011 196
IMA and CMA in China: as China's economy continues its strong growth, the need for management accountants is increasing dramatically, especially professionals with skills in planning and analysis, internal controls and risk management, performance measurement, decision support, and ethics. Whitney, Dennis Sep 1, 2011 1184
Strengthening ethical awareness: IMA [R] has always believed that accountants and financial professionals should adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct, particularly as they are the guardians of an organization's finances and should be role models for honesty. McGuire, Brian L. Sep 1, 2011 715
Can ethics education impact whistleblowing? Shawver, Tara J. Jun 22, 2011 4108
An international business code of conduct: guidelines for sustainable global competitiveness. Wilhelm, Jana; Wilhelm, Paul G. Jun 1, 2011 5266
Improving the Code of Professional Conduct: revised structure, wording will make ethics standards more consistent. Allen, Catherine Jun 1, 2011 2381
The keys to integrity and a sense of well-being for accounting professionals. Metzger, Lawrence Mar 1, 2011 2301
150 hours: committees study issues as requirement draws closer. Allen, Bruce C.; Tindel, Jeannie Dec 1, 2010 739
Changing legitimacy narratives about professional ethics and independence in the 1930's journal of accountancy. Roberts, Diane H. Report Dec 1, 2010 10763
Tax practice management: CPA conflicts of interest. Holub, Steven F.; Green, Mary Cathryn; Parker, Kenneth M. Sep 1, 2010 1290
A revised code of conduct for the new law. Barry, Joanne S. Sep 1, 2010 1187
Rally to our standards: management accountants will always be on the front line fighting corruption in business. Charles Tilley reports on how CIMA is helping the war effort. Tilley, Charles Sep 1, 2010 524
Sandra B. Richtermeyer: accounting profession advocate. Williams, Kathy Personal account Aug 1, 2010 2705
IFRS would escalate ethical challenges for accountants. Verschoor, Curtis C. Jul 1, 2010 1421
When accountants blow the whistle: a brief overview of federal and state protections. Marshall, David J.; Filoromo, Michael A., III May 1, 2010 2920
From the special issue editors: fair value measurements and reporting developments, and the continued movement toward International Financial Reporting Standards. Casabona, Patrick A.; Gornik-Tomaszewski, Sylwia Mar 22, 2010 3144
Acting rightly. Brausch, John M. Feb 1, 2010 1081
The gatekeepers' tools. Hurtt, David; Robinson, Michael; Stuebs, Martin Jan 1, 2010 3274
Exploring the ethics of accounting. Ionescu, Luminita Report Jan 1, 2010 1756
Accounting and regulation and ethics, oh my! Kranacher, Mary-Jo Nov 1, 2009 704
The AICPA Professional Ethics Executive Committee (PEEC) released exposure drafts of revisions to guidance regarding the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct (the Code). Oct 1, 2009 386
100 advancing the profession for another 100 years. Doon, Loretta Jul 1, 2009 2818
Associations between the religious beliefs and ethical-reasoning abilities of future accounting professionals. Ho, Yi-Hui Report Jun 1, 2009 2021
Practical and ethical considerations in fraud examination. Wells, Joseph T. Jun 1, 2009 1922
Accountant confidentiality: the duty to remain silent vs. the duty to speak. Werner, Charles A. Report Jun 1, 2009 5118
Losing our moral and ethical compass. Grumet, Louis Column May 1, 2009 587
Help for solving CPAs' ethical dilemmas. Leibowitz, Martin A.; Reinstein, Alan Apr 1, 2009 2686
Assessing elements of corporate governance: a suggested approach. Ostrosky, Joyce A.; Leinicke, Linda M.; Digenan, John; Rexroad, W. Max Feb 1, 2009 2554
Whistle blowing, legal and professional responsibilities of the certified management accountant: to maintain and broaden public confidence, accounting professionals should perform all professional responsibilities with the highest sense of integrity--but what happens when a CMA's integrity is challenged? Atkinson, Anthony A. Feb 1, 2009 2026
Ethical lessons for accountants. Buckhoff, Thomas A.; Wilson, LeVon E. Nov 1, 2008 2365
Help is on its way: you have your audience's full attention. Jul 1, 2008 752
A global standard for professional ethics: cross-border business concerns. Allen, Catherine; Bunting, Robert May 1, 2008 3352
New SMAs are available. Brief article Mar 1, 2008 226
Educating accountants in corruption pervasive societies: a focus on Nigeria. Idialu, Jeremiah Uwaifo; Oghuma, Richard Iyere Report Dec 1, 2007 3959
Do CPAs' ethical responsibilities end at death? Eickemeyer, John H.; Woehlke, James A. Nov 1, 2007 671
Going downhill fast: Danielle Cohen shares the true story of a CIMA member who contacted the institute's ethics helpline for advice, His problem stemmed from allowing what seemed, on the face of it, a minor issue to snowball into a job-threatening situation. Cohen, Danielle Personal account Nov 1, 2007 791
Disciplinary committee. Nov 1, 2007 489
The coming convergence: global accounting standards: International Accounting Standards convergence is quietly moving forward and practitioners should begin to prepare for the inevitable. Interview Jul 1, 2007 2335
IFAC committee proposes guidance for achieving ethical behavior. Verschoor, Curtis C. Dec 1, 2006 1222
Which side of the line? Brower, William Column Nov 1, 2006 524
Tax section's strategic plan. Hoops, Jeffrey R. Nov 1, 2006 1132
IFAC wants comments on ethics proposal. Brief article Oct 1, 2006 144
IAESB publishes ethics education paper, proposes IT guidance for professional accountants. Williams, Kathy Sep 1, 2006 327
We don't have ethics here ... or do we? Hurt, Robert L. Mar 1, 2006 1163
A new CPD policy and code of ethics show our will to preserve CIMA's "qualification of choice" status. Christison, Ian Nov 1, 2005 494
Incorporating professional ethics throughout an accounting curriculum. Mantzke, Katrina; Carnes, Gregory; Tolhurst, William Sep 1, 2005 2784
Values and ethics for CPAs in a changing world. C. Thorp, J. Hall Aug 1, 2005 872
A firm vindicated; a profession enhanced. Melancon, Barry C. President's Page Jul 1, 2005 600
Improving professional ethics: the case of the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy. VanZante, Neal R. May 1, 2005 2155
More talk, more action: a changing role for corporate boards and CPAs. Kroll, Karen M. May 1, 2005 3169
Self-interest vs. concern for others: what's the impact on management accountants' ethical decisions? Shaub, Michael K.; Collins, Frank; Holzmann, Oscar; Lowensohn, Suzanne H. Mar 1, 2005 2989
Renewing a great profession: esteemed professions initiate change - for their own good, for the public good and for the sake of the future. Bunting, Robert L. Jan 1, 2005 3444
Teaching CPAs about serving the public interest. Mastracchio, Nicholas J., Jr. Jan 1, 2005 1328
CPA ethics challenge. Colson, Robert H. Sep 1, 2004 755
Our roots run deep by D. Paul Regan, CPA. Aug 1, 2004 723
Professional responsibilities: due care. Colson, Robert H. Jul 1, 2004 762
Improving professional ethics: steps for implementing change. Romal, Jane B.; Hibschweiler, Arlene M. Jun 1, 2004 3246
CPAs' responsibilities: article IV objectivity and independence. Colson, Robert H. Jun 1, 2004 809
IFAC issues laundering update. Brief Article May 1, 2004 80
Independence standards--putting it all together. Korn, Arthur May 1, 2004 1393
CPA independence, present and future. Colson, Robert H. Apr 1, 2004 778
On CPAs and the public interest. Colson, Robert H. Feb 1, 2004 807
Everyone is throwing bones to accountants ... doesn't that make you mad? Bhansali, Chandra Jan 1, 2004 406
A crucial test for new CPAs: ethics at the gateway to the profession. Burke, Jacqueline A.; D'Aquila, Jill Cover Story Jan 1, 2004 2368
Young CPAs remain undaunted by scandals. Hermanson, Heather M.; Hill, Mary C.; Ivancevich, Susan H. Jan 1, 2004 1203
CPA responsibilities. Colson, Robert H. Brief Article Jan 1, 2004 807
CPA group turns up the heat on peers. Heffes, Ellen M. Dec 1, 2003 534
AICPA seeks member input for ethics vote. Brief Article Oct 1, 2003 96
It's a matter of integrity. Schreiber, William L. Oct 1, 2003 795
Personal values of accounting alumni: an empirical examination of differences by gender and age. Giacomino, Don E.; Eaton, Tim V. Sep 22, 2003 3898
Gatekeepers and transition. Colson, Robert H. Editorial Sep 1, 2003 838
Official releases: SOP 03-1 ... ethics interpretations and rulings. Sep 1, 2003 16327
Ethics, gen Y style. Weiss, Earl J. Sep 1, 2003 1217
Member initiatives: local activities. Sep 1, 2003 430
AICPA conducts member referendum on enhanced disciplinary measures. Sep 1, 2003 861
Renew your pledge: CPAs can respond to turmoil with a renewed commitment to ethical standards. Eakin, Curt Aug 1, 2003 852
IFAC proposes ethics changes. Brief Article Aug 1, 2003 210
AICPA looks to strengthen disciplinary process. (AICPA News). Brief Article Jul 1, 2003 127
Get in line: CPAs face new set of CBA regs. (Cover Story). Ascierto, Jerry Jul 1, 2003 2138
Fulfill your larger role as top strategic advisor. Hamilton, Brian Jun 1, 2003 1078
Research examines effects of corporate accounting scandals on CPA brand. Jun 1, 2003 721
Good times, bad times. (Survey Says). Brief Article May 1, 2003 108
Do the right thing: balancing client wants, public's needs. Ascierto, Jerry Cover Story May 1, 2003 2262
How is your reputation faring? Surveys indicate booth good and bad news for CPAs. (From the CEO). Waters, Susan B. May 1, 2003 1531
Looking back, moving forward. (A Message from the Chair). May 1, 2003 602
Image ads, research builds CPA image. (Members Only). May 1, 2003 939
Disciplinary actions. Brief Article May 1, 2003 282
Partners in crime: Enron and WorldCom couldn't have happened without the help of accountants, bankers, and lawyers. After a decade of lax regulation and laissez-faire court decisions, these secondary actors are facing harsher scrutiny. Sidener, Steven O. Apr 1, 2003 2520
Association for Integrity in Accounting enters the discussion of accounting reforms. (News & Views). Williams, Paul F. Apr 1, 2003 1402
Accountants hold ground. (Survey Says). Brief Article Mar 1, 2003 116
A valuable Reminder. (From The CEO). Waters, Susan Mar 1, 2003 696
Attorneys talk about representing accountants in the era of Enron and other corporate scandals. (News & Views). Dwares, David R.; McGuane, Melissa M. Mar 1, 2003 1197
Ethical accounting practices and the pressures on CPAS. (News & Views). Einborn, Walter M. Mar 1, 2003 715
Reviving the profession: The glass is half full. (Guest Editorial). Wolitzer, Philip Editorial Mar 1, 2003 795
Period of adjustment: CPAs are finding ways to put auditing and consulting on different sides of the conflict-of-interest dividing line. Banham, Russ Feb 1, 2003 3856
Standing up for what we stand for: the Institute's new chairman urges CPAs to live by their core values. Ezzell, William F. Feb 1, 2003 1969
Through the eyes of an auditor: trust and verify. (Publisher's Column). Jan 1, 2003 626
Should the accounting profession take a step backward? (Personal Viewpoint). Smigla, John E. Jan 1, 2003 924
Financial reporting at a crossroads. (Commentary). Sutton, Michael H. Editorial Dec 1, 2002 4750
IMA opens free Ethics Hotline. (News). Williams, Kathy Brief Article Nov 1, 2002 210
Facing an ethical dilemma? We can help. (Ethics Resources). Brief Article Nov 1, 2002 90
The right stuff: CFOs, auditors & audit committees reexamine their relationships. Ross, Sharon Oct 1, 2002 1947
Small businesses still trust CPAs. (Commentary). Shannon, Jim Brief Article Sep 2, 2002 574
Steering the accounting profession past the ethical icebergs. (Publisher's Column). Grumet, Louis Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 936
Should Shakespeare now read "first we kill all the accountants"? Goldman, Paul Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 710
Disclosing insurance commissions: CPAs should follow the requirements of rule 503 of the code of conduct. Alexander, Neil Sep 1, 2002 971
An ethics quiz: the rules are there. These case studies look at some of them. Raspante, John F. Aug 1, 2002 3430
ACEs high: the media loves complaining about the amount of cash that many charities seem to be throwing away on internal bureaucracy, but how concerned should we really be about the huge apparent variations in administrative spending across the sector? Rob Paton analyses the results of a recent CIMA-funded research project to find the answer. (Accounting Charities). Paton, Rob Jul 1, 2002 1160
A misunderstanding. (Readers' Input). Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 117
Little did I know. (From the Chair). George, David L. Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 739
The effects of corporate ownership on public accountants' professionalism and ethics. Shafer, William E.; Lowe, D. Jordan; Fogarty, Timothy J. Jun 1, 2002 8136
Behavioral Implications of Information Systems on Disclosure Fraud. Schwartz, Steven T.; Wallin, David E. Jan 1, 2002 10763
New AICPA independence rules address ethics issues. Allen, Catherine Nov 1, 2001 1233
Protecting online privacy. (The CPA Consultant). King, Chula G. Nov 1, 2001 1838
Disciplinary actions. Oct 1, 2001 394
disciplinary actions. Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 367
Exposure Draft Issued on Modernized Independence Rules. Brief Article May 1, 2001 172
Auditing Firms' Fraud Risk Assessment Practices. Shelton, Sandra Waller; Whittington, O. Ray; Landsittel, David Statistical Data Included Mar 1, 2001 6889
The engagement team approach to independence. Allen, Catherine Feb 1, 2001 2795
ETHICS AS A VALUE-ADDED SERVICE. Calhoun, Charles H.; Wolitzer, Philip Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 792
Client record retention and tax workpapers. Holub, Steven F. Sep 1, 2000 1258
Test your knowledge of professional ethics. Gitstein, Jason P. Oct 1, 1999 1123
Comptroller General addresses CPAs on accountability, retirement security. Jul 1, 1999 1280
Test your knowledge of professional ethics. Glynn, Michael P. Jul 1, 1999 879
Ethics keeps up with new world order. Feb 1, 1999 375
CPA sanctioned on concurring review. Baliga, Wayne Dec 1, 1998 662
Revised ethics on confidentiality and low-balling. Mar 1, 1998 378
Jack Frost: confidant or con man? Haman, John; Hankins, Jeff Sep 1, 1997 3532
IFAC proposes ethics upgrade. Brief Article Jun 1, 1997 358
Ethics - a hallmark of a profession. Shapiro, Leslie S. May 1, 1997 1317
Accountants and the attorney-client privilege. Segal, Mark A. Apr 1, 1997 2407
Litigation services: standards and ethics. Hepp, Gerald W. Apr 1, 1997 3700
Do the right thing. Brief Article Feb 1, 1997 388
IFAC revises ethics code. Brief Article Oct 1, 1996 448
Tax practitioners face heightened litigation and traps for the unwary. Ferguson, Carol B. Aug 1, 1996 703
New PFP guidance combined with other statements. Brief Article May 1, 1996 233
Perceptions of sole practitioners on ethics training in the profession. Eynon, Gail; Hill, Nancy Thorley; Stevens, Kevin T. Apr 1, 1996 1191
Florida court favors Amex employee in holding-out case. Feb 1, 1996 660
The public interest must come first. Transcript Feb 1, 1996 1142
Emphasis on the CPA designation is in the public interest. Melancon, Barry C. Brief Article Jan 1, 1996 324
NASBA issues guidance on non-CPA ownership. Brief Article Nov 1, 1995 361
Texas State Board sues American Express. Brief Article Nov 1, 1995 201
Ethical issues for the tax practitioner. West, Thomas J.; Clevenger, Novella N. Nov 1, 1995 1072
The tax practitioner's guide to Circular 230. Willey, Susan L. Nov 1, 1995 4631
Comments sought on EDs concerning environmental remediation, mortgage loans and ethics. Sep 1, 1995 513
New Era and ethics enforcement. Aug 1, 1995 755
Texas adopts rules on CPA designation; AICPA to seek broad resolution. Friedman, Selma Jul 1, 1995 2058
Only the client is entitled to accountant's reports. Baliga, Wayne Brief Article Jul 1, 1995 371
Doing the right thing: case studies give tips on how CPAs can remain within ethical boundaries. Pearson, Michael A. Jun 1, 1995 2661
California court rules on accounting services advertising. Baliga, Wayne Brief Article Apr 1, 1995 367
A fourth level of reporting is needed. Mayberry, Robert Apr 1, 1995 874
Test your knowledge of professional ethics. Coffey, Susan S. Mar 1, 1995 793
Blowing the whistle: accountants in industry. Chiasson, Michael; Johnson, Gene H.; Byington, J. Ralph Feb 1, 1995 2380
A question of ethics. Handler, Lawrence D. Oct 1, 1994 1522
Independence. Sep 1, 1994 582
Public accounting - no longer a profession? Mason, Eli Jul 1, 1994 3030
Ethical reasoning in confidentiality decisions. Adams, Barbara L.; Malone, Fannie L.; James, Woodrow, Jr. Jul 1, 1994 1399
Test your knowledge of professional ethics. Coffey, Susan S. Jun 1, 1994 842
Why ethics are good for business. Interview May 1, 1994 763
Ethics in Business Research Fund grants $150,000 to five projects. Brief Article Mar 1, 1994 290
Dealing with shades of gray: the realistic possibility standard. Kelliher, Charles Dec 1, 1993 3446
Spouses and dependent persons. Coffey, Susan S. Dec 1, 1993 677
First center to study accounting ethics opens. Oct 1, 1993 483
Test your knowledge of professional ethics. Jan 1, 1993 727
Ethics rulings. Brief Article Sep 1, 1992 464
The revised AICPA Code of Professional Conduct: current considerations. Beets, S. Douglas Apr 1, 1992 2922
Characteristics of a professional accountant. Sager, William H. Column Jan 1, 1992 683
The "A" word in Texas. Fulcher, William L. Aug 1, 1991 2597
Can a CPA sell computer products and still give unbiased advice? A growing number of consultants seek ways to maintain professional standards. Wixson, John A. Jul 1, 1991 1521
The FTC's restraints on the ethical practices of accountants. Sager, William C. column Jun 1, 1991 1172
The 3 faces of liability. Hanson, Randall K.; Gillett, John W. Cover Story Jun 1, 1991 3000
The bottom line on ethics; a fresh perspective on a worthwhile subject. Axline, Larry L. Dec 1, 1990 2117
NSPA's national legislative policy - a five 'E' program. Sager, William H. May 1, 1990 1483
Ethics and professionalism: the CPA in industry. Cohen, Jeffrey R.; Turner, Robert M. Apr 1, 1990 4688
The future of financial planning in the accounting profession. Barr, Dorothea column Feb 1, 1990 780
The high cost of unaccountable accounting; it's time to put the "independent" back in "independent audit." Martel, Ned Jan 1, 1990 956

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