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Netanyahu reads nothing Less than Victory. Biddle, Craig Mar 22, 2017 790
Battlefield Dharma: American Buddhists in American wars. Bosco, Robert M. Essay Jan 1, 2014 6213
Ending war. Rodin, David Essay Sep 22, 2011 3874
The strategy of graceful decline. Lucas, George R., Jr. Critical essay Jun 22, 2011 4084
The Medieval Pacifist: during the Anglo-French conflicts that characterised the 14th century, the Oxford theologian John Wyclif challenged the 'un-Christian' pursuit of war and wealth. Yet, just like anti-war protesters today, Wyclif had little influence on Parliament or the king. Cox, Rory Aug 1, 2010 2086
Reading Stephen Crane's "War Is Kind" to My Husband. Dubrow, Jehanne Poem Jun 22, 2009 196
Axis of Evil. Snodgrass, W.D. Poem May 1, 2009 288
Directions. Rossi, David Poem Dec 22, 2008 131
Call to War. Steinlauf, Zev Poem Jul 1, 2008 124
The gender of terror: war as (im)moral institution in Kleist's Hermannsschlacht and Penthesilea. Krimmer, Elisabeth Critical essay Jan 1, 2008 9445
The moral equality of combatants. Ceulemans, Carl Essay Dec 22, 2007 5554
The Field of Mars as a Meadow. Stewart, Susan (American poet) Poem Sep 1, 2007 856
Horace: An Imitation. Hass, Robert Poem Sep 1, 2007 342
The nature of negotiation. Waskow, Arthur Mar 1, 2007 1484
'Consistent life ethic' is inconsistent. Ruether, Rosemary Radford Nov 17, 2006 2835
IRAQ - The Costs To USA. Oct 2, 2006 281
Respect for rules lost far up the line. Editorial Jun 30, 2006 419
The bitter necessity of force: Canadian debate highlights the paradox of 'peacekeeping' in Afghanistan. Gibson, Isabel Apr 28, 2006 962
How many more? Brief article Apr 14, 2006 172
Can a war against terror be just? Or, what is just war good for? Bell, Daniel M., Jr. Mar 22, 2006 5299
'Soft pacifism' or cheap patriotism? Feb 24, 2006 779
A surgeon's touch. Zinn, Howard Sep 1, 2005 1398
Fruitful. Schlumpf, Heidi Brief Article Aug 1, 2005 168
Victory in Europe sixty years on. Dooley, David May 1, 2005 955
Freedom's war. Ryan, Matthew; Scanlon, Christopher Apr 1, 2005 1828
The shame deficit: no tax cuts during wartime. Collins, Chuck Apr 1, 2005 722
Give 'just peacemaking' a chance, Christian ethicists say. Feb 4, 2005 350
Poverty goes beyond the material; resignation is not the message of Jesus' words. Cooperman, Jeannette Feb 4, 2005 864
Bishops called to speak out against Iraq war. Laffin, Art Dec 24, 2004 688
Preemption and just war: considering the case of Iraq. Wester, Franklin Eric Dec 22, 2004 9186
War deserves a midlife crisis. Martinez, Demetria Column Dec 10, 2004 505
When war must be the answer. Schall, James V. Dec 1, 2004 5842
Why I work to change the world. Lee, Norm Column Nov 1, 2004 813
"An unjust and evil thing": Tolstoy's condemnation of war in his early fiction". Gamache, Ray Critical essay Sep 22, 2004 6818
Dos Passos's Three Soldiers: a case study. Stolz, Claudia Matherly Critical essay Sep 22, 2004 4539
American mythology: every culture needs a scapegoat. Hilfiker, David Sep 1, 2004 709
E-mail from hell: words of wisdom for a devil-in-training. Forest, Jim Sep 1, 2004 2282
The moral case against the Iraq War: viewed in the light of our own ideals, the right to life is so fundamental that killing the innocent to advance any purpose, however worthy, is wrong. Savoy, Paul May 31, 2004 3626
Rome, U.S.: differing worldviews: Bush, pope diverge on views of power, war, international law. Allen, John L., Jr. Cover Story Jan 16, 2004 1630
'Hidden wounds': on killing in combat: society has a moral obligation to reassure those who kill in war that what they did was right and necessary. This is especially so in politically ambiguous wars like Vietnam. Grossman, Dave Aug 1, 2003 2631
Lies, damned lies, and duplicity. (Viewpoint). Doyle, Dennis Jul 18, 2003 995
What UN principles? A U.S. debate on Iraq. Gordenker, Leon Jul 1, 2003 2671
Why we fight: all Americans worthy of the name support our troops and pray for their success--but what are we seeking to win in Iraq? (Cover Story: Iraq War). Grigg, William Norman Apr 21, 2003 3597
Patriotism is not the highest calling; Christians are obliged to set their country right when it is in the wrong. (Viewpoint). Welch, Michael Apr 18, 2003 1024
When all the Earth is holy ground. (Perspectives). Morrison, Patricia Lynn Column Apr 18, 2003 811
The war against Iraq. (The Immorality Of). Mar 22, 2003 1413
Report on a visit to Iraq. (Iraq). Tangiora, Pauline Mar 1, 2003 532
The United Nations and the Ivory Coast. (Human Rights Watch). Cisse, Soumahila Jul 1, 2002 1458
Catholic peace fellowship reborn. (News: signs of the times). Schorn, Joel Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 195
All war is not created equal: another YA novelist responds to 9/11. Gottesfeld, Jeff May 1, 2002 2047
Commentary & Reply. Bonadonna, Reed R.; Prior, William J.; Noonan, Michael P. Letter to the Editor Dec 22, 2000 6404
The Bombs of August. Zinn, Howard Aug 1, 2000 1781
Genocide: this time we are to blame. Brief Article Jun 1, 1999 819
Answering for the past, shaping the future: in memory of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Huber, Wolfgang Jul 1, 1995 6208
The beast in the shadows behind religion. Haught, James A. Jun 22, 1993 779
When the hysteria subsides. Kelly, Kathy Column May 1, 1993 1065
Desert Storm revisited: bombs, hatred for Iraq. Schroth, Raymond A. Feb 5, 1993 1554

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